April 6, 2020
How to add widgets in WordPress | WordPress for beginners

How to add widgets in WordPress | WordPress for beginners

Hi, in the previous video, we explained what
widgets are. Now, in this screencast, I am going to show
you how to publish, change or remove a widget in the WordPress back end. You can find your widgets through the widget
menu page – obviously – but also through the customizer. Let’s first go to the widget menu page, by clicking the Appearance menu item. Here, you’ll find an overview of the widgets
and the widget areas that are available for your theme. Widget areas are the areas where you can
place widgets. In our case, that’s a footer menu. Let’s move from back end to front end to
see what it looks like. Let’s move down to the footer menu. Now, let’s go back and let’s try to add
a new widget. For example, the search widget over here. This one. Now, to insert a new widget,
drag it from the left side into a widget area on the right. You can see empty blocks appear as soon as
you hover above the footer menu. Drop your widget. And the widget is immediately saved! If we switch back to the front end of the
website and move to the bottom of the page, our search widget is shown here. Now, let’s say you want to change a widget. Let’s go back to the back end. Click the widget you want to change. For example… It folds open with options that you can fill
in, select or change. For example, let’s add a title to the search
widget. Let’s call it “Search”. Then, click save and you’re done. If we switch back to the front end, we see that the widget now has indeed a title:
“Search”. Of course, you can also remove widgets. Click the widget you want to get rid off. In this case, we are going to delete the search
widget. Click delete and you’re done. And you can also remove widgets by dragging them
out of the widget area and dropping them at the left, like this. You can also manage your widgets,
through the Customizer over here, the same spot where you can
change the look and feel of your theme. This way, you can check how your change looks
before you publish the changes. To access the widgets in the Customizer, select
“widgets” in the left sidebar. Now, let’s add a new one here. Click “add a widget” and then select the widget you would like to add. And again, I would like to add the search widget. The widget now opens in the sidebar and you can
also check how it looks over here. Here it is. You can modify the widget to your likings
directly in the sidebar or by clicking the pencil icon. Let’s add the title “What are you
looking for?” to see how it looks. If you’re satisfied, click “publish”. And if you’re not… change it again, and then hit “publish”. Now, to remove a widget: Click it. Click “remove”. And “publish”. That’s it! Not that difficult, right? As I’ve said before, different themes come
with different widget options and different widget areas. Now, I’m going to change the theme to show you
what I mean. Let’s go back to themes, and activate this one. Then go to Widgets. Well, this theme offers more widget
options and more widget areas. And of course, it’s up to you to find out
what fits your site. We haven’t discussed plugins so far, but
they can provide you with more widget options as well. Take our Local SEO plugin for example. This plugin is meant for people who own a
small local business, like a bakery or a painting company. It’s not useful for our example site Everydayimtravelling,
since that is not a local business. But I’ve installed it anyway, just to show
you the extra widgets that come with it. As you can see here, these widgets help you
to enhance your contact page. Because people searching for stores nearby
want to find directions – a map and a route -, opening hours and contact details – like
an address, phone number or email address. Again, it’s up to you to find out what fits
your site. So, go and explore!

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