April 8, 2020
How To Add Products To Your Webshop

How To Add Products To Your Webshop

Hi there, it’s Anna from SimpleSite. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to add products to your SimpleSite webshop. Remember to subscribe to stay updated on new SimpleSite tutorials. Let’s get started. Start by going to SimpleSite and logging into your website editor. So you’ve activated your webshop and now you want to start selling products. So in order to do that, you have to add products to your online store. Let’s go and do that. Go to “pages”, then press “online store” and “manage”, and this will automatically direct you to your product section. When I created my online store
I had to already add one product and you can see that right here. So I can either edit or delete that but in this case I’m going to add more products. There are two ways of doing that either by selecting “create product” and adding an individual product, or you can create a product subgroup. Or a main product group. So this will become visible on the online store as having a product group in which you can place several categories. But in this case I’m just selling cupcakes, so I just want to have all the cupcakes separately visible on my webshop. So I’m gonna create a product and edit the text. And as you can see, there are several
different options here, whether or not the delivery or the sizing, how many items you have. But the most important thing is having great visual pictures. Because that is what makes your product sell. So you can add up to three pictures. So you can have pictures from different
angles and colors. I’m just adding two for now. And once you’re done with the
description you press “save” And you can see that the product has been added. Now you want to change the design of the webshop, because for every product it can be a bit different on how you want to display your items. Now it’s listed but you can also choose a gallery with the pictures next to each other, either in three or four images. So for my cupcakes I’m going
to choose three images. And then when I go back to the site editor, I can see in the online store that the images are now next to each other. So that is a great way of selling your products. I hope this tutorial was helpful but if you have any more questions feel free to contact us. And make sure you are always up to date by subscribing to our Channel.

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