March 30, 2020

How To Add Landing Page To Facebook In 3 Clicks (2019)

Hey guys, Harsh here and today we are going
to learn something very interesting especially if you are into e-mail marketing or if you
understand the importance of having an email list. This video is just for you. Well in
this video, what we will learn is how you can add a landing page, squeeze page, webinar
page or any kind of page on your Facebook page. now the chances are you might be having
an active Facebook page so why not use your Facebook page to get more email subscriber
and today I will be showing to show you how easy it is to add the squeeze page to your
Facebook with just few clicks. So for this I will be using this service called Leadpages
which I have started using couple of months back and this application is amazing and it
will let you create landing pages with zero technical skill. I am not a designer and I
am not a coder but what I need, I need a system like this where I can simply replace images,
replace texts and I can publish my landing pages. So I have the link in the description,
you can click on that and go to Leadpages to learn more about it. So once you have purchased
any of their license, I am using their two year enterprise license which costed me about
1000$ but it’s totally worth it. So once you are inside your dashboard, you
will see something like this. Now these are the free squeeze pages that you can use, you
can pick any squeeze pages, make any kind of changes and then publish it on your blog
or your Facebook page or anywhere you like. So I will show you exactly how I will be adding
landing page on my Facebook page. so the first thing is I need to pick the right squeeze
page, so there are so many options and you can countdown timer, promotional squeeze page,
they have webinar squeeze page, what I am offering here is a simple e-book, so what
I will be selecting is ‘enterprise lead generation page’. click on that and this will directly
lead you to the page where you can start editing everything, it integrates seamlessly with
all the popular email marketing software like AWeber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, you name it
and they are integrated exactly. Plus Leadpages offers much more then that but we will not
get into too much detail of that so let me show you how it works. So this is the page,
what I need to do, I just need to change images, change text. so like this I can quickly go
ahead and change all the pages, all the texts on this page, I can add my logo over here,
that was quick and that’s it, the next thing I want to do is give a page name, so let’s
call it SML FB, SML is for Shoutmeloud, let’s just call it that and then click on save and
that’s it. So I have already created one page exactly like this. This is the page,
I have already saved it and this is a readymade page, so when somebody will click on ‘download
now’, they will be seeing a pop-up like this and that’s it. So what I need to do, I need
to click on publish and this is where all the magic happens. So Leadpages will let you
add landing pages to anywhere, even on WordPress, even on static websites, even on your BlogSpot
blog. you can add Leadpages anywhere, so I will select Facebook, click on add to Facebook
page and I will select Shoutmeloud from the list and that’s it, click at page tab and
we will also see, so here we are, now our lead page is live, our landing page is live
on the Facebook and you can see how beautiful it looks and it’s a prominent tab, so you
can click on it and that’s it. They can directly download the name, the e-book right
here, they just need to register, so this makes it very easy, so this is a very basic
example I have taken. You can feel free to play with, they have numerous templates, numerous
designs that you can use and you can add them quickly to your Facebook page or even to your
WordPress blog. Well, this is about Leadpages, if you have
any question about adding landing page or squeeze page to your Facebook, do let me know.
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