April 8, 2020

How to add Google Analytics to your Shopify Store

(upbeat music) – [Sinikka] Hi everyone
and welcome to this video! I’m Sinikka from MeasureSchool.com and today I’m going to show you how you can add Google Analytics tracking to your Shopify store. Before we get started, you’ll need a Google Analytics account
and a Shopify store that is set up already,
because I’m not going to show you how to set
it up in this video, ’cause I’m sure you’ll be able
to figure it out yourself. So, that’s it and let’s get started! First you’ll need to head over to your Google Analytics account, and then head over to the Admin
panel in the navigation bar, and go to Tracking Info
and then on Tracking Code. And here you’ll find your
website tracking code, it’s this one here, that you have to copy. And then go back to your
Shopify store to the backend, and then click on Online
Store in your navigation bar, and then click on Preferences, and now you already see Google Analytics. This is the place where
you have to paste the code that you’ve just copied, so let’s do that. And then click on Save. And now you can already
see your account ID and it should be the same as this one, so that seems right. And now we can actually
test if your tracking works with the Google
Analytics Real Time feature, so let’s just do that. You have to go to Real Time in your Google Analytics navigation bar and then go to Overview. At the moment there are zero people or zero active users on your site, so let’s just go to our site and visit it. And now there should be one
user showing up in a second. Right now. So that’s all looking good
and it’s all working fine. That’s basically it, my quick tutorial on how to install Google
Analytics tracking on your Shopify store. I hope this was helpful to someone of you. Thank you for watching
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