April 4, 2020

How to Add and manage eCommerce store coupon code With MoreCustomersApp

Hello friends Welcome to the youtube channel of MoreCustomersApp today in this video I will show you now you can add the coupon and do the coupon management with the application itself basically in eCommerce or online shopping store working with the coupon boost traffic to your store and encouraging this first-time visit of the website here you can add the promotional code as well as the voucher codes so I just show you how you can do that with the application login to the MoreCustomersApplication Go in the setting section there you can see coupon management as of now i have not added any of the coupons so this is blank if i want to one i just added from here is something for your contact like if this is the Christmas season so if i am giving it the coupon of the Christmas so i will just mention it over here coupon code is something which your customers will be applied in the website so you can keep it like that so if i am selecting senta 100 as my coupon code discount type there you can mention three types of discount you can give a percentage discount you can give the amount discount and you can give the discount like free delivery so here i selecting amount discount now amount discount if i want to give ad the giving the discount of rupees 100 a minimum amount of the order should be rupees 500 ok category here i can select all the category if i want like suppose if the coupon code will be an applicable particular category or on all the category so here i am selecting the all the category and done so here you can see which the coupon code will be applicable are nuclease, bangle, rings, pedals and started of your coupon code you can mention by your self whichever date you want to start the coupon code and suppose if i coupon code for the whole month maximum coupon reduction limit means how many of the customers avail this facility and how many times can be coupon used suppose i am heading the coupon can be use 25 times just remember you have to enable this then the only coupon will be see here you can see Christmas codes and coupon is active now if i want to share it, someone so i can just click on this button and share with the WhatsApp hike or Gmail whichever they i want to share the coupons now you can see the reflex on the website how the customers can use it just go on to your website here i sign in as customers so here if i am selecting any of the products suppose if i am selecting in this buy now here i have to select above one ok so here you can see my cart i am having one this if your have shared the coupon code with your customers will be having your coupon code here in the feel mention it over here SENTA 100 this was a coupon code in just apply. so now just see this subtotal is 950 but if i apply the code here you can see coupon discount SENTA100 it is been availed and the amount payable is 850 so this how coupon code works for the customers and this will increase the traffic to your website as well if you giving your existing offers in to the customers in same way, if i want to add more Coupon to the for the website create a coupon for a scheduled time i can do it as well same just mention the coupon over here coupon code also you can mention . discount type percentage discount if you giving you have to mention this discount percentage and minimum amount and the maximum amount will be ok if you can give the free delivery so the minimum amount of card should be mention and what category and then again you can receive suppose if i mention in here category i can just pedals and done ok and start did i can just schedule it if i am doing at the other days maximum deduction if i am keep it 25 and just save it now if you don’t want this to for the particular periods so you can just tearn of the radio button and update so the coupon code will not be good this is how the coupon management works hope you like this video and if you any quarry you can mention it below comment section Thank you so much, friends have a nice day

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