April 4, 2020

How TINDER will BOOST your SEO | For Beginners

So we’re gonna be taking the example of
creating a killer Tinder profile online and see if you could use the same
strategies in your SEO. Have you ever wondered what the heck you’re doing when
it comes to SEO? Are you any good at making a dating profile? Are you really
confused right now? If you are, stick around till the end. I
promise it’ll all make sense. Hi everyone, I’m Zarrar and this is Awkwardly Explained. Where we take the extensive information we know about digital
marketing and brand building – and turn it into fun and easy to follow video
tutorials. Today, I’m gonna go over three SEO tips you can apply to your website
that may also help you with your Tinder Game. oh wait you serious. Before we get
started, please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon
for notifications. So you’re all probably wondering what I’m talking about. The
truth is this SEO isn’t very complicated. There’s principles you can apply
that you may already be doing with other areas in your life. So we’re gonna be
taking the example of creating a killer Tinder profile online and see if you
could use the same strategies in your SEO. You ready? All right. Let’s get to it.
Tip number one. Remove anything that slows down your site. So if you’re making
a slick Tinder profile here, what would that mean? Well, let’s see – hmmm what could
I do? Oh I know, remove any and all images of
your ex. Are you breaking up with me? We don’t want your future loved ones
thinking you’re still hung up on the ex. do you? Exactly. Photoshop them out. Delete
them. Burn their pictures. Do whatever you need to do just get them off your
gallery … ASAP. Well now you might be asking, okay
so are that’s all fine and dandy, but how do I take that concept and apply to my
clunky website? Well I’m glad you asked. Coincidently, images here are also a
good place to start. But mainly you want to optimize and reduce the size of your
images large images slow down a website like a jacked-up jock in a study group.
No Jerry. I don’t lift bro. Can we get back to particle physics, please? Another
reason your website might be slow is because you have a lot of code in there.
That might be unnecessary condensed and stuffy code is a big no-no. Iff you’re not
good at programming then get a good developer to go through your website and
help with this. I’ll list one more reason here for slow speeds and then we’ll move
on. Too many plugins. If you’re using a site like WordPress for example, your
site might have installed a bunch of plugins and you might be using like 20%
of them. Do not adhere and see which ones you really
need. As for the others, wave goodbye like Apple did with innovation after
Steve Jobs. Tip two. Backlinking. Alright, so, earlier we talked about how for Tinder,
what you got to get rid of right off the bat for any chance of success but now
let’s talk about what you should include in those pics of yours. It’s always
important to have some photos of yourself – of course – but what you should
do for added strategy is sprinkle in a few images of you and your wide circle of
multicultural progressive and forward-thinking friends. Okay, maybe you
don’t have to be all of those, but you get the point. Make sure you put up some
pics of you and your friends. This subconsciously tells the person, hey,
you’re not some loner creep looking for a quickie. It humanizes you in a way and
maybe even makes you look popular. So after the bathroom mirror selfies, make
sure to add some pics of you and your cool friends having a nice wholesome
time at the local park. Okay, so how does it relate to SEO? Alright I’ll tell you –
stop twisting my arm. With SEO, a lot of your strategy is gonna be based on how
many friends you can make online. And by friends, I mean links. A good backlinking
strategy with high-quality sites is one of the most important ways to gain some
good traction on search engines. In fact, this is probably the most important part
of your strategy. Overall, some different ways to get backlinks involved guest
posting, scouring the internet for broken links, yielding internal links, spying on
your competitors, and a lot more. I’ll get into much more detail in a different
episode on how to do some of this effectively so make sure you subscribe,
guys.Tip number three. Meta tags and descriptions. You know we’ve been talking
so much about the right pics on Tinder we forgot about something that’s
probably just as important your Tinder bio. A good Tinder bio can be the
difference between a Netflix and chill’ or a Netflix and cry-yourself-to-sleep-every -night because nobody will like you except for your mother who only wants
the best for you but she really feels that you should lower your standard just
make a good tender buyer alright guys for SEO that’s like the golden rule
always make sure you have good title tags that include the keywords you’re
trying to rank for a title tag is displayed on your search engine results
pages as a clickable headline now hair you want to strategize your primary and
secondary keywords for your primary keywords first and then your secondary
and then your brand name also try and keep it under 60 characters or most
likely won’t display there’s a bunch more little ways you can optimize your
title tags here but we’ll get into it and more death in a later
episode for you guys in the meantime make sure you’re keeping an eye out on
all your title tags alright that’s it for today don’t forget to Like comment
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it’s so much tip number three meta tag in the description homie alright no
let’s do it again yeah where’s a goodbye

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