April 5, 2020
How the trump campaign can help you grow your business – growth hacking – J.R. Fisher

How the trump campaign can help you grow your business – growth hacking – J.R. Fisher

how the Trump campaign can help you grow
your business now no matter what you think of Donald Trump he won the
election the question is how could he win this election when everybody said he
couldn’t win the election in this video I’m gonna show you growth hacking that
Donald Trump used in his campaign and how you can use some of the same
principles to help you grow your business and we’re starting right now hey guys J.R. Fisher here and if you’re
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in that VIP group in this video we’re gonna talk about Donald Trump now I
don’t care what your politics are he makes no difference to me well what do
you think about the way he ran his election put your comments below do you
think he did a good job you think he did a bad job
he won we know that and he got a lot of attention but the question is how did he
do it let’s examine that in this particular video now also if you’re new
to this channel I’ve been selling online since 2009 and I’ve sold millions of
dollars of both physical and digital products and on this channel what I do
is I share with you all of those things that I’ve learned over the years so then
you can start run and grow online business now let’s check out this
campaign at Donald Trump right now I’m sure by now you know the news because
he’s been in office for a few years but Donald Trump won the 2016 election
against Hillary Clinton now he’s now the 45th President of the
United States but the question is how did he do it
what growth hacking did he do that you can learn from that you can apply in
your business now I’m gonna remain totally neutral about you know by
political leanings and I really don’t have much because I don’t really think
that levers in office is really gonna affect me much most of what’s gonna come
in my life at almost everything is to become in my life is not based on some
politician and I want you to understand your future is not based on some
politician either it’s based on what you do every single day that that effort
that you put forth every single day will have more effect in your life than
anything else you can do okay so it really doesn’t matter which way you lean
on this political thing but the question is how did Donald Trump use growth
hacking to actually win this election because he obviously did something that
worked out pretty well for him he came from nowhere he had no background
whatsoever of politics but he did exhibit that entrepreneurial spirit and
he used growth hacking to win this election yeah most successful businesses
used growth hacking growth hacking is a strategy most commonly used by startups
to get going real fast so to sum it up growth hacking basically is setting up a
strategy you decide what your main goals are going to be you decide what shelves
you’re gonna use whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or web pages or whatever and
then you go out and test to all those there is several different things once
you figure out the things that work you double down on those things and you
spend more time and more money just on those items and drop everything else and
that’s basically what growth hacking is in a nutshell companies like air B&B
PayPal Dropbox they’ve all used the same strategy to grow their business
extremely fast and it’s been very successful for all now I’m gonna talk
about politics and how this growth hacking was used but these same ideas
you can apply to your business and get the same results now the first thing I
want to talk about is having a specific target and identifying your audience the
problem that most businesses have is that they go after everybody they say
hey I want a big audience so I want to sell to everybody and the thing is if
you don’t take a side if you don’t make a stand if you don’t have some type of
meaning to your business you’re basically speaking to nobody if you
speak to everybody so what you need to do is focus on a smaller group of people
that are more passionate or that have more need for whatever your product or
services that’s exactly what Donald Trump did to tap into that audience out
there that is sick and tired of the kind of politicians we had before
who doesn’t like politicians who is for the working man and the blue-collar
worker that he knew exactly the audience he was going after when he got started
initially Donald Trump’s target was Republicans he went after Republicans
now keep in mind Donald Trump used to be a Democrat but he decided he wanted to
be the nominee for the Republicans so he had to go after Republicans he didn’t
care the Democrats liked him or loved hayden made no difference to it he knew
what it started was his target was to get the nomination which is the first
step and then in order to do that you’re gonna have to get the Republicans to
like you and that’s when he would have to now the next step is really studying
your target and knowing your audience now here’s what he knew about
Republicans and I’m not talking about people in office I’m talking about
people who identify as Republicans he knew that those people don’t trust
politicians he knew it that was the biggest thing he knew they didn’t trust
politicians so instead of going out there and saying you know I don’t have
any experience but I think I could do the job he immediately would bring that
up and even say I don’t have experience and that’s why I can do the job because
I’m not your common politician the person you can’t trust I’m somebody you
can trust so he was tapping in to that need they had that pain point they had
that they don’t trust any politicians whether Democrats or Republicans so he
immediately said I’m not a politician I’m gonna go to DC and I’m gonna drain
the small the next thing is to define your message and find your value
proposition what was this value proposition well his value proposition
was I’m not part of the establishment I’m not an establishment person you can
vote for me you could trust me because I’m not part of them so instead of
trying to make himself liked by all the politicians no matter which party it was
he said I’m not part of either one of them I’m there to clean all this up he
really defined his proposition to the audience and that made him even more
likable to that audience that’s going to be voting for Trump
did something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my lifetime before and he
didn’t try to be loved by everyone and you know it’s so funny over the years as
I’ve listened to politicians where there’s Democrat or Republican or
independence they all sound the same it’s really hard to distinguish what
they really want to do and what they’re going to do and Trump came right out and
he said what he wanted to do what he was going to do so he really
tried to separate himself from all the other paths now in doing so he got a lot
of resistance he got a lot of people who didn’t like it and that just made the
people who did like him thank you even more they’re like well those are my
opponents out there those are the people I don’t like them if they don’t like
this guy he’s the guy for me that’s the way he what about next thing you need to
do is define your metrics your KPIs your KPIs is basically your key performance
indicators so a key performance indicator is you need to get a certain
percentage you need to set what that percentage is when you need to get a
certain dollar or whatever it is and he determined upfront what percentages he
need so he could go after that and set all of his KPIs and hit him on a regular
basis so one of the KPIs that donald set up was how many Republicans would vote
for him if he was on the ticket his whole goal was to have the highest
number of Republicans that would vote for him if he was on the ticket so that
was his KPI now check out this graphic right here this is amazing there’s
nowhere in here that anybody is even close to him he’s a twenty seven point
seven percent of the Republicans that were polled on this said they would vote
for him and as you can see below that the next one is unsure that’s not even a
candidate at the time of this poll below that they had Scott Walker which was at
fifteen percent which is less than half then they had Ben Carson at seven point
eight Jeb Bush at six point eight Marco Rubio at five point four Rand Paul at
three point nine Ted Cruz was at three point seven Rick Perry three point three
and the rest of them can’t even I mean they don’t even go up to two percent
it’s ridiculous so he was just crushing it when they asked these people who were
going to vote for president who would you vote for he crushed it this was his
KPI that was most concerned about because he knew
if he could get this then he can get the nomination now he was smart technology
wise I wouldn’t have never guessed this because he’s an older man but technology
wise he was on top of us he defined his channels what channels was he gonna use
to get his message out to the people and certainly we all know he’s famous for
his tweets so those tweets go out all the time but he figured out SEO he
figured out social media he figured out Facebook Ads
he knew what he was doing to get the message across and he was going after
those people who were Republicans and for those people who were undecided yet
because that’s where you’re gonna win an election with all of undecided people
now Trump actually selected four different channels that he was going to
use he decided on social media now under that umbrella of social media there’s a
lot of social media platforms of course Twitter is the one that he use the most
it was a most successful way on top of that he did PR public relations okay he
was all over public relations and how people thought about him and he didn’t
care that some people didn’t like it didn’t matter to him he just needed a
good base of people that did like him that did support him he also did offline
marketing what’s offline marketing this is unheard of for anybody do this he
went out and did conventions he did these huge rallies all around the
country and he would get people all stirred up and they were all excited and
he filled stadiums with people so that they can see him and they could hear his
message and then they went out and talked about it and that spread and then
the last thing he did was video marketing he did a lot of videos folks
there was a lot of sound bites that Donald Trump did and those video
marketing sound bites he had went all over Facebook so he kind of combined all
of these channels together to make for one successful campaign that that is
exactly what you need to do with your business also now the next thing he did
was be testing what say be testing he would
take a platform such as Twitter and he would put a bunch of positive stuff on
there about how he was going to help the economy in business and all that and
then he would put a lot of negative stuff on there about immigrants about
you know trade wars with china whatever it was he went in both directions to see
which one’s work best for him obviously i think some of those negative ones
working really well for him so you’ve got to kind of think about this in your
business too you want to push away from things that you don’t like and you want
to support things you do like in doing that you’re gonna have some people just
like you he has people who just like him but also you’re really gonna build up
that loyalty that people that already do like you now look at your data analytics
here’s the funny thing when he did some negative stuff he really got a lot of
press out of that all the reporters would jump on it all of his opponents
would jump on it and they would talk about the negative things that Trump was
saying about the country about immigrants about China about Iran and as
they did that they were giving him free advertising he knew exactly what he was
doing he knew if he said something controversial that people were gonna
print it they were gonna talk about it he was gonna be on the news shows over
and over again their thought was that would tear him down she knew in the back
of his mind that would actually build up his audience once he figured out what
really worked he doubled down on it every time he got caught saying
something that was controversial and then say oh my god she’s gotta apologize
for that one he would do just the opposite and he would come out stronger
because he knew that that’s gonna make the news he’s famous for some of his
tweets I’ve got a couple of them right here one of them said he was talking
about Mexicans he says they’re bringing drugs they’re bringing crime they’re
rapists that was actually one of tweets amazing right okay what do the
other tweets he says and you’re not gonna believe this cuz I just looked at
myself and I thought wow he didn’t say this but here’s what he said you know it
really doesn’t matter what the media right as long as you’ve got a young and
beautiful piece of ass that’s what he actually said about his wife so that’s
that’s a pretty out-there tweet but he did it he doubled down on it amazing the
Trump also had to optimize his channels in other words once he figured out which
ones were working better for him than others
don’t try to in your business I see so many businesses do this though they’ll
be on like 20 different channels and trying to do all these things and they
don’t really do any of them that well you want to figure out which ones maybe
the best response for your time and really focus on those and that’s exactly
what he did and obviously Twitter was working really well for him now what
happened next was really pretty amazing his PR campaign worked so well that he
won the Republican primaries with 45% which is amazing because his next
closest contender was Ted Cruz and he had 25 percent let’s not forget the wall
the wall he said he’s gonna build a wall which he’s actually started construction
and there’s been a lot of controversy a lot of court cases and all that but he
was gonna build a wall between the u.s. and Mexico and have Mexico pay for it
that’s a pretty controversial thing but understand what we can learn from this
election what we can learn from his campaign is that you can apply a lot of
these tactics to your business and that’s all he really did he’s a business
guy and he knew what would work and he knew being controversial wouldn’t really
help him out and that’s kind of what you have to do in business too now in my
trainings I’m not overly controversial but I’m not the guy who’s gonna say hey
you could work four hours a week and get rich you can’t do it and you know I talk
about that all the time I’m like it’s a lot of hard work you got to spend a lot
of time I’m doing this video right now and I’m filming for hours today to do
this video it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of work and it doesn’t mean
that you can only you know have to work like two years and then you’ll never
gonna have to work again I mean I’ve been doing this ten years and at this
point I’m still working hard and that’s the way it is it doesn’t mean I can’t
take some time off when I want can I certainly do that but what it does mean
and what it does speak to is those people out there that understand when I
say you got to do hard work they’re a little bit more believing about my
message those people who you know want to work four hours a week and make a
million dollars a year hear my message and they go away they don’t want to buy
my stuff because they know that I’m gonna actually ask them to work but it
builds that trust and that loyalty with the people who do know that that’s a
true message so growth hacking can you use it in your business yeah you can use
it as a matter of fact I want to know which parts of this and you’re gonna use
in your business put your comments below if you had questions about this video or
how Donald Trump use all this put your questions below hopefully we won’t get
too many political things down there but we make and if we do that’s okay you
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