April 10, 2020
How Square Works

How Square Works

You probably know Square as the little white
reader that lets you accept payments anywhere. But there’s so much more Square can do to
help you work smarter and save time. It all starts with our Point of Sale app. The Point of Sale app is simple, powerful
and highly customizable. It works in all kinds of setups, including
Square’s beautiful hardware, but right now, we’re going to focus on the apps. First off, you can name and organize your products and you can take pictures of them for faster checkout and less employee training. Which means you or your employees can easily
take a payment for, say, a pizza. Just tap the item, add some toppings, then bingo – you’re ready for them to swipe, dip or tap. A tip window pops up, customers can then sign
and you’re all set. It works perfectly, whether you’re selling
clothes, coffee or cradles. But the point of sale app does more than just
take orders. It lets you add employees so they can clock in and out, and give them secure permissions to keep control of what they can see and do. You can also create and manage your customer
directory, right in the app. You can keep a card on file for regulars,
which is great for recurring charges. And through digital receipts, your customers
can send you feedback directly, which shows up right in your Dashboard. What’s your Dashboard you ask? Dashboard is a free resource from Square that’s
built to help you make better business decisions. When you open it up, you’ll see this main
page with high level metrics, and then you can click to see your sales summary,
best selling items, and over here, a comparison to previous performance. With real time information, you can keep track
of your business constantly… ..from anywhere. You can access your Dashboard with the mobile
app, whether you’re at another location, or a beach vacation. You can manage multiple locations all from
the same app. You can click here to see sales from different
locations and see which employees have sold what. You can also integrate 3rd party software
seamlessly through Square Dashboard. You can sync with apps for bookkeeping, tax
prep, e-commerce and more. All to help you save time, work smarter and
make more. With the Point of Sale and Dashboard apps,
it’s easy to get started, train employees, and manage items, inventory and locations
– all through your Square account. Learn more about what else Square can do for
your business at Square.com today.

18 thoughts on “How Square Works

  1. how can you accept a personal check payments
    does square axxept chime banking and debit cards to link as a open vank account to accrpt deposits

  2. Покажу, как можно выводuть раз в день до 90 дол. на свою банковскую карту. Посмотрите вuдео у меня канале

  3. How does Square work to settle fraudulent activity for people who are victimized by people using this insecure system to make fraudulent charges without forcing the victim to sign up for Square to get some "customer code" just to be able to talk to an actual human being?

    Square, to me, is contributing to the advocacy of fraudulent activities and needs to be more productive, and human, in resolving issues without needing the victims to be jumped into their little gang just to get some customer code in order to do so.

    Square needs to change the way it operates or people need to start going to prison for being accessories to commit fraud.

    Square shouldn't be worth the amount of money that it is. This system isn't to be trusted.

    Until Square creates a way to communicate with victims of fraud without violating more of their freedoms then I will just have to conclude that Square is an evil company and that banks who don't investigate Square transactions more in depth than they currently are doing, are also in partnership with Square for allowing such frequent activities to be processed. This puts the victims in situations where they have to be bothered by lots of hassles just because the banks and Square are working together to not investigate enough to prevent, very obvious, fraudulent charges from being reflected in bank statements.

    Square is a CROOKED company presently. Evil. So are these banks as well who let shady transactions be fully processed without being stopped in its tracks had these transactions been simply looked at.

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Square, along with cooperating banks who trust Square transactions so easily, show this to be a definite FACT.


  4. I have not been able to figure out how to select a specific client/customer, then take a payment from them. I am able to do the process by going through checkout, or by choosing a specific item. But, as a hairdresser at home, I keep track of my customers, and am unable to process payments for specific customers.

  5. How do we set up our Square account so that the client can pay online via the invoice we sent through square? We don't want to have to take their credit card info by phone. Are they able to pay their invoice online, themselves?

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