April 10, 2020

51 thoughts on “How PayPal Became the KING of Online Payments

  1. Hey Aluxers, what's your go-to online payment?

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    How Billionaire Peter Thiel Wants to Cheat Death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSt-v-6Lao0&

  2. I don't use PayPal because how complicated it is to follow up directions and money income and credits… I have another app wallet called coins.ph that allows me to send PHP and crypto currency easily and conveniently but when I super rich and afford a better devices, then I can use PayPal…..

  3. PayPal could have dominated online payments, but sadly they sold out to the big banks and became just another credit card with outrageous fees. Bitcoin will retire PayPal to the digital dustbin of history.

  4. PayPal is king of online payment? This is joke rights?

    PayPal fees is so high and not make any sense. If we need to pay such high withdrawal, received and transfer money fees, better we stick with online banking.

    PayPal stronghold market is USA only because American never experienced using eWallet like TransferWise and WeChat. If WeChat came to US, PayPal definitely will going bankrupt.

  5. The king of online payments will be XRP. Utilising Ripple technology . XRP is faster cheaper and more scalable than anything out there.

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