April 7, 2020
How Much YouTube Paid Me For 5 Million Views in 5 years

How Much YouTube Paid Me For 5 Million Views in 5 years

Oh! Here we are 5 years on YouTube and 5
million views on my youtube channel you know looking back over the last five
years and the evolution of my channel and my business and myself but it is
that time of year when we look back and we reflect on the past and make a plan
for the future and in this video I’m going to reflect back on how much
YouTube has paid me for my 5 million views now I asked you all on Instagram
if you’re not following me vid Pro mom then you missed out on this my channel
is either about you or has already just passed 5 million views for the total
lifetime do you have any guesses what what do you think you do paid me for 5
million views tell me that well I am gonna spill the beans for you so let’s
hop over to my desk and check out those analytics what am i doing on my floor
you know every once in a while I decide to rearrange some things in my office
until I get it just right and then it will be just right briefly and then I
need to change it again and that’s what’s happening I am make shifting a
tripod as a true YouTube creator would do if I do this without spilling my
coffee and my desk it’ll be a miracle ok so I have my Joby tripod sitting on top
of a shelf which is on top of a crate now ad revenue is one of those things
that YouTube creators tend to obsess about and I totally get it because we
want to earn money for the content that we’re creating on YouTube for YouTube
that YouTube is benefiting from but the consequence of obsessing over it is that
you’re focusing your energy on something that you have no control over and there
are other revenue streams and I’ll share a little bit about what mine are at the
end of this video I started publishing every week on YouTube back in January
2015 and I didn’t really know making money on YouTube was a thing
we and that sounds so dumb now but I wanted to be a blogger my plan was to
monetize my blog and I remember like four or five months after I started I
logged into my YouTube analytics and I saw that I had made twelve cents and
then a couple months later I logged in and saw that I had made twelve dollars
in the past month and I was like wow like YouTube is actually paying me in
dollars now but I didn’t actually get paid until July or August because you
have to have a minimum of $100 accrued accumulated in your account for them to
send you that first payment and then it wasn’t until a year after that that I
started making consistently making at least a hundred dollars a month now
aside from ad revenue you know one of the metrics we all love to obsess over
is how many subscribers we have and you probably already know this but YouTube
doesn’t pay you based on the number of subscribers you have the number of
subscribers doesn’t really matter at all but I like to think of it as a success
metric as one of the success metrics because as your subscriber count goes up
that’s a good indication that you’re doing all of those right things to grow
your channel what really matters to YouTube and to your bottom line your ad
revenue is your views and we know that views matter because that’s the very
first metric that YouTube shows us when we log into our YouTube analytics we
have views then watch time then subscribers and then a revenue YouTube
wants and views and watch time on their platform because that is how they make
money and so therefore you want views and watch time on your channel because
that is how you are going to get a cut of that revenue and nobody wants to put
all that work into creating videos and then not see any ROI or return on that
investment right so as of today I’m at like four point eight million views
we’re just gonna round this up to five so five million views five years on
YouTube how does this shake out in terms of what YouTube has paid me to create
videos on this platform and I’m going to share some caveat
to this as well because what you see here isn’t exactly as it seems so after
one year on YouTube I had made four hundred and nine dollars and ninety-five
cents total and I had gone from zero to two thousand YouTube subscribers though
that was my first year not too bad and after two years on YouTube I was at
about seventeen hundred dollars total after three years I was at forty five
hundred dollars total that is more than double and I gained a lot of traction in
year number four with 3.5 million views and ten thousand dollars total in my ad
revenue now your number five truth be told my channel did not really
grow a whole lot this year and the reason is because I was focused on some
other areas of my business and so because I wasn’t focused on YouTube not
a whole lot happened here on YouTube so here we are at the end of year 5 just a
hair under 5 million views and just a hair under $16,000 total in the last
five years now I mentioned a couple of caveats about how what you see here
isn’t the full picture so let me explain what I mean by that ad revenue is one
single passive income stream that you have available to you and so yes we like
to obsess over it it’s like money that you’re creating out of thin air and some
gurus will even say oh your Adsense money is it’s it’s not even real money
it’s fun money it’s just a nice surprise to have every single month but I think
we can all agree it’s real money YouTube really is depositing real money into
your real bank account please tell me it’s going into your business bank
account and not your personal bank account but that’s a whole separate
subject for example my PI has affiliate income ad revenue through my blog with
media vine I have clients who I helped get them started and grow their YouTube
channel I have courses I have a membership program plus sponsored brand
deals in addition to youtube to add revenue this is such a fun business
and one of the best perks is that even if you go long periods of time without
publishing any new videos on YouTube you can still get paid through YouTube and
through these other passive income streams if you are creating content that
is generating views you know weeks months and years down the road if you’re
wondering how to create that long term binge worthy video content on YouTube I
put all of the details in my fast way to 1k YouTube subscribers workbook which
you can grab for free in the link down in the description or you can watch the
video that I have queued up for you over here

19 thoughts on “How Much YouTube Paid Me For 5 Million Views in 5 years

  1. Who else is curious how much YouTube paid me for 5 million views?! I definitely was… but looking at ad revenue is not the whole picture. Thumbs up if you liked this video and want to see 5 million more views from me!!! 😀 <3

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    Thanks for the info , pretty Lady! 😊

  6. Thanks for sharing this. It was actually more than what I would have guessed. I also loved your tripod setup-made me laugh 🙂 Congrats on your success-you deserve it!

  7. Your skin is gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for this great assessment of ad revenue!! I just subscribed to Brian Gs new channel on various income streams!! I am an Amazon affiliate . I have no idea if I’ve made any money or not! LOL (apparently not obsessing!) TFS!!❤️

  8. Hey Meredith! Thanks for another great vid! I can see that you put a lot of time and effort into your channel, which is very well presented, you really deserve heaps more subs!🙂

  9. Real money for sure. Great!

    How many hours do you think you have spent (planning, filming, editing, etc) on this project over the last 5 years?

  10. I wish the rules didn't change on getting monetized, I have been at this a year now. And its so much harder. Could use some new subscribers.

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