March 29, 2020
How Much To Invest In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

How Much To Invest In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

hi guys Rachel Leslie here and in this
video I’ll be answering the top question I get regarding affiliate marketing and
making money online and that is how much do I need to invest and when will I
start making money and a lot of people they understand like okay maybe there’s
not an exact investment formula they know they have to put in the work but
they also want to know okay how much time investment realistically is gonna
be involved I get asked this all the time
realistically how much should I invest and what are these numbers going to look
like so that’s we’re gonna go into in this video and also just some
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dollars it might be worth thirteen I don’t know okay so the top question that
I get asked how much do I need to invest and when will I start making money let
me there’s obviously no simple like answer yet for that I don’t have like um
a spreadsheet or like digital calculator where you can put in the number of hours
and the amount of money and then pop out pay dates I don’t have that data yet you
know I haven’t ever done a study like that that’s something I would love to do
with you all is survey you all and see how much money are you spending like
each week and then when are you starting to receive money back if you spent $200
this week and then you know you didn’t make anything for you know you spent
$200 for a few weeks and didn’t make anything until like the six week let’s
just say you’re still in the red and we want to know at what point do you get to
the green so let me first write my sliding mana sun’s coming up let me
first list some of constants these are like constant every month you’ll be
paying them so like software subscriptions so there’s different
things that you can be using for your affiliate marketing online business a
lot of affiliate marketers they haven’t they don’t use clickfunnels maybe they
use another landing page software so landing page software
I like clickfunnels cuz you could just do everything on it I have my entire
freaking website on it Rachel S Lee comm is clickfunnels go bold marketing comm
click kernels like my entire online course everything I can do webinars all
my lead magnet and it’s just 97 bucks a month plus
there’s 40 percent Commission’s so I only needed three people to sign up and
then I’m in the profit I only need it is that’s 38 bucks times three it’s like
what is it it’s like I don’t want to like say wrong numbers
on here anything and I try to like cite my information but 114 so that pays for
my subscription plus I have more affiliates than that you can scale up
its the hardest getting your first 1 2 & 3 signups so landing page software now
I’m email marketing software I like convertkit 29 bucks for your
first thousand subscribers and they’re do a 30% affiliate Commission so that’s like 9 bucks times 327 or you
get like 940 or something in it so that pays for your subscription 3 people and
then get more people it just software’s that you need to use to run your
business anyway and if you’re in the business opportunity niche make money
online niche the people that you’ll be helping and referring and sending offers
to they’re gonna need this stuff anyway might as well get them on your link like
everyone just help everyone and I when I want to try out new software’s I’ll
contact my friends or go scour through my emails to make sure I use someone’s
affiliate link and then I’ll email them ok by the way I just used two affiliate
link just to let them know um ok software’s what else
click magic is one that I use and it 17 a month but then you’re making I’m not
exactly sure I think it’s like let’s just put it’s like 30% Commission I
think it’s like 50% the first month and then there’s it’s ongoing I have an
infographic for it I’ll let you guys know in the description the exact amount
but basically the whole point is three people free plus profit zone then you’re
in the profit zone you made it past the past break-even point and that’s like
the hardest part in starting the affiliate marketing business is just
staying afloat like it sucks to like lose money every month like oh crap you
know the end of the month came and then you just got dinged on your card 97 29
17 and I’m gonna go over some other expenses too and then you’re like but I
didn’t sell anything I think get anyone to sign up no one signed up and you lost
money that will happen in the beginning like it doesn’t have to
it doesn’t have to you can go hard you could go full force because with all of
you get 14-day free trial you could get to break-even point before then you
really could but most people don’t like they just don’t or a little sign up and
then they’ll give up and that’s fine if it’s like not for you but it’s it’s easy
to break through it’s easy to get easy hmm I don’t know easy is the right word
it’s possible and it’s easy if you also spend the time learning and doing which
is this thing I kind of came up with right here 3565 spend 35 percent of the time
learning like learn new stuff don’t try to make all your mistakes own mistakes
and then 65 percent of the time doing which is a big majority of that because
you don’t have to do it perfect I don’t do things perfect I don’t do my
youtube-channel perfect I don’t do my videos perfect my facebook group I don’t
freakin that like you just do it but spend time learning so if you’re doing
this full-time like for me let’s say I’m spending let’s okay just for simplicity let’s say
I put in a 10-hour day abort I’m like more is better like I I do more but
sometimes I don’t do more you know like on weekends or if I’m just don’t wanna
so let’s we can average a 10-hour day so there would be 3.5 hours of learning 6.5
of creating content like doing what’s it doing creating content is a lot a lot of
what you need to do and that is maybe making videos so you don’t have to be in
the video but like screen share videos learn do teach I put that right here
learn do teach everything everything you learn learn do it teach it because if
you go back and teach it to more people and help more people you’re just gonna
get better at it when I like first set up something for the first time like
clicks magic I’m like oh my gosh why is this hard like this is hard like
what the what the hell like I’m I thought I was smart like but I just did
it I just like watch the trainings a few times and I just like did it and then
I’m like okay now let me like in my own words make a video of how I did it and
help other people and spread the knowledge and then it makes you just
smarter at it and makes you the expert and then people start asking you
questions that you didn’t even think of and you’re like wow that is such a good
question and then now you know the answer to that question and you have
even more knowledge and connect more dots and pieces okay so let’s go in to
traffic you can buy buying traffic solo ads Facebook ads Google Ads solo ads arm buying clicks off someone else’s email
list I’ll put a link in the description if you want to check that out it’s
really cool it’s people other people have lists of people that you want like
the business opportunity niche people that would be interested in what you’re
offering and you can send your your email add to their list and just pay for
the clicks or then there’s Facebook ads and Google ads and YouTube ads and
there’s other ways to buy traffic to and why would you want to buy traffic versus
doing organic methods it’s the time versus money Organic it takes time SEO
YouTube SEO Facebook group / following Instagram LinkedIn Twitter I get I don’t I don’t know
though I I’m not I don’t see it I don’t go on Twitter I don’t know um
what there’s one more thing oh just this word attraction marketing do you want to
be involved in an attraction marketing where you are a brand you get up you
brush your hair whatever put on a robe you do whatever you want you be yourself
but you create content you make videos you get you take photos you define your
phone to someone hey can you take a photo of me for my Instagram of my
Facebook because I need this to show to my followers about this freedom
lifestyle so I can inspire them and that’s kind of part of the organic thing
and it takes like some time and not even just like snap the pic but
to think of like the concept and to get ready to look decent for the pic and
then editing the pic and then like posting it and putting hashtags it it
could take let’s say like one hour for the whole thing from beginning to end it
doesn’t have to take that long but just being realistic with you guys and also like videos you’re gonna get on
video and edit your video and then upload it and add the SEO and the tags
and share it to the group there’s just different things I’d like to do at all I
do it all what do they call that a multi-faceted
approach or something I like to be omnipresent but you don’t have to do the
attraction marketing route so this just depends like let’s see how much you’re
gonna pay for a lead let’s say you spent um with solo ads a dollar 34 email lead
but at what point are they going to buy something are these people going to buy
something so let’s say like on solo odds you’re
really spending like per click so we’ll do 50 can’t do this let’s see D cents per
click 100 clicks 50 bucks so you had a budget
of 50 bucks and let’s say it’s a dollar 30 per email lead so you would get 38
new emails are any of these 38 people going to open your emails click your
emails spam is it gonna go into spam yes a lot of them will open rates could be
around 15% click rates could be about 1% spam would be you know
law it could it’s just the name of the game it’s just a numbers game and that’s
where your own tracking is gonna come in where you you can like you should be
doing probably um like QuickBooks Online for your business you don’t have to
right now or like wave apps free bookkeeping accounting especially as you
scale like even even if you’re just making if you’re like spending five
hundred bucks a month and you’re making so seven hundred a month store like two
hundred profit it’s still your online business this is still it’s not there’s
no get-rich-quick schemes building real building a real business so that’s
why it’s good to have proper accounting and tracking especially when it’s time
to pay your taxes this is your online business now so you take it it’s good to
take it seriously am i perfect at doing my books all the time
no that’s also where outsourcing va you can pay fifteen dollars per week to get
a VA in the Philippines to help you with some tasks that you want them to do to
help you just with things and that could motivate you to it can give you a sense
of accountability like a partner you could just even just kind of hide in
them and talk to them and yeah I guess what wow we got a new trial today like
this is great and then they may have some ideas for you so I would put that
into your budget and then just as far as like tracking though I said like do the
wave thing but also just do a Google spreadsheet and expenses and commissions
so tract like how much did you spend on
traffic you’re not gonna like know until you start doing it and there’s different
amounts of effort so I would say like 60% quit 30%
our average failing formula let me add that as from Grant Cardone average is a
failing formula above average above average massive 10x action that’s the
formula for success that’s what Grant Cardone teaches me in this book the 10x
rule which you guys should check out like best book ever audiobook so that
also goes into education hey your your book book $10 and then there’s there’s
two other books you guys should buy the the e-myth and built to sell they’re
about systematizing your business about building a real business it’s not
something where you’re spinning your wheels and like just doing all this like
client work that’s like hard like once systems duplicatable things but we’re
building a machine right now we’re Engineers ciliate marketers online
marketers or engineers building virtual like it’s like cryptocurrency
kind of like crypto like codes and just things automation connecting things
where someone enters their email and then it automatically goes to your list
and then it automatically is sending out emails and it’s automatically tracking
and then automatically getting retargeted and we built like a
money-making machine so once you build a money-making machine
to be at break-even point now let’s keep optimizing this
money-making machine it’s gonna be printing us money and just optimizing it
every day so we get cheaper not necessarily cheaper cost per lead hold
on let me skip this please not super cost per lead cheaper cost per
sale cheaper cost per someone that is going to sign up which is actually
lifetime value here I want you guys to buy those you
could buy those three bucks 30 bucks you know I’m just saying some things you can
invest in courses I have an online course in mastermind masterminds
coaching these are all like added things that you can be spending on but it’s not
like a necessary software thing but this just helps so that is part of your
business and these are business expenses that you would calculate into into your
results I really think it’s it’s a part of it it’s yeah okay it’s not your ad
spend so like you don’t categories it as your ad spend but it was still the
investment that you did need to make in order to get a certain return
so that’s something that you’ll have to just consider to like what’s your buying
power how much can you afford to invest this month and have those goals and what
can you invest back into the business to test
okay so life time value of a lead let’s say you have 1,000 people on your list
is that bringing you at least $1,000 per month or four dollars what’s that what’s
the average value of a person on your list
some people they make four dollars for every person so they know okay if I’m
running Facebook Ads and I’m paying 250 per lead it don’t matter
because they’re gonna make way more than that and they’re gonna be making what is
that 2.5 times 4 10 so the value though is
$10 per person that’s a money machine I’m not saying like that’s what the
results that you’re gonna be getting right away at all definitely not but
that’s something that you want to have that high goal to reach that goal I just
wanna go over some other terms real quick that are important because this is
not a simple answer to this like I’m sorry I couldn’t just like give a little
PDF one sheet answer of what you should invest
okay so MMR that’s your monthly sorry mr our monthly recurring revenue so every
lot of these like software’s old software’s you’ll be making money
every month from software software Commission’s but then there’s other
programs like info products and online courses you might just get paid one time
but you might get like a hundred percent affiliate Commission on the front end of
that offer and then fifty percent commission on the upsells and the back
end and then maybe there is a monthly recurring revenue so I don’t want to put
that term in there ARR that’s um annual rate of return okay yeah let’s say you
did spend a thousand dollars your first month and you didn’t even start making
$400 a month until the fourth month or the third month
but you kind of add it up so I think for the whole year okay how much should I
spend for the whole year versus how much did I make after the whole twelve twelve
months it’s like a I should have like the calculation in here but it’s like a
let’s look real quick how to calculate annual rate of return average annual
profit minus average investment and a get when you were saying annual it’s a
12-month thing which is a good times man especially when you’re that’s a great
way to track especially when you’re first starting like well your first year
you made this much and then your second year you may like this module and your
third year even more and it’s kind of like a graph like a upward trend ROI
that’s the return on your investment you want to know your return on your
investment and I think I went over everything that
I wanted to share it’s important for you to do your own tracking and have your
own spreadsheets let’s go back to the realistic thing
realistically gosh Google email five per month domain name ten bucks one time I
don’t want to like leave out any expenses but okay one hundred thirty
hundred fifty what is like around 140 for your first month but you’re gonna be
having those free trials and then it’s up to you to decide if you’re gonna
invest traffic with money or if you’re going to drive traffic with organic
methods so I don’t want to make this video too long like there’s I could go
into all those other things and I do go into all those other things so I have a
free training right here actually let me just direct you to my website because by
the time you watch this video who knows like I always have a free training so
see my current free training right here Rachel Esley comm and right now like I
have a duplicatable system free training it’s going to teach you how to setup all
the tech how to start driving traffic it is a free training that’s gonna that
teaches you how this works and how to make money online but you do need to
invest in the software’s for to work but if you follow the steps and other
people will invest on those software’s too and you’ll make your money back and
start profiting and then you can start sending your list that you build other
offers info info product offers like warrior plus and I teach more of those
advanced strategies in my course here so to get there just add course and it’s um
weekly group coaching right now there’s a one one to one bonus called just with
me I’m gonna take that off soon though I’m raising the price soon too because
the group is growing and I just don’t have I have to put paying people as
priority to help them but I really love to make these videos too because then I
can talk to more people at once so if you guys have any questions leave them
in the comments or in my facebook group or find me on Facebook and I just want
to leave you guys with this learn do teach that’s the motto of the day okay
and leave a comment for your litecoin

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  2. Great content. Thank you for helping those of us who are just getting started and learning to navigate the affiliate marketing world. I have so many new goals!!!!

  3. So what is the best way to get watch hours after the content is created? I have a lot of content to make my ratio which was 0 to 1. I am not going to lie it was shocking the amount of content that has to be built! I totally comprehend what your saying about building a machine after seeing those poo azz numbers! Just sayin. I do see the end that result that does lead to other avenues. I can do it though it's just going to take time!

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