April 10, 2020
HOW MUCH SHOPIFY STORE MAKE WITH FREE TRAFFIC | Shopify Case Study:New things i  learnt

HOW MUCH SHOPIFY STORE MAKE WITH FREE TRAFFIC | Shopify Case Study:New things i learnt

it is the top Shopify store that is
getting 14 million website traffic per month that is we check approximately
making 142k dollars per month and the store is a general niche store selling electronic
item this story’s literally making 140k
dollars hey hey hey just welcome to another video in this video I will
showing you how one of the Tarte central store is making 140k dollars per month
and will see the things that we can learn from this store and can apply in
our stores right now and if you want me to review stay right now then give your
story in the comments section right now guys so without further ado let’s step
into the computer before starting makes you press the red subscribe button and
press on the bell icon and press all for getting all my future video
notifications at the first in this video guys we’ll be talking about one of the
stop shop if I store that’s name is JB hi-fi it is getting tons of traffic
nowadays and it is ranking very high on the tops up if I stored in this guy’s
here you can see me in the Google Wave searched our JB Hi five here you can see
they have got this mix up link has opened up pages are open up here with
one more thing a very interesting that is coming up here this is this – store
is based upon Australia not in America that means this for is driving traffic
from Australia not in United States that’s very interesting thing guys do
not understand let’s see what other things that we can learn from this store
for an apply nostril right now this store is found around 2000 and it said
koalas Melbourne Australia and it is less there more than 10,000 employees
that is working here hearings each category is 31 containers create and the
global rank is only 2008 minutes that means the store is ranking very
higher in the Google guys right now so now if we dive down here we can see on
the month of June or July this traffic is now on the month of June it is
getting around when there are 12 million visitors they have dried in us in their
store in the month of August and in the month of October 10 and recently this
customer base have gone up and the people that are coming to this website
have is approximately around fourteen point nine two million people guys and
if 0.01% of this so people also get converts that’s around fun for not case
of nearly $1 per month so let me let me show how how much this may be making if
only 0.01% of this traffic is converted so for this I will be making fourteen
million dollars into 0.01 and let’s see how much it means making per month so
per month Wow approximately fourteen point ninety million people are coming
and if we have 14 million I’m multiplying by 0.01 is approximately one
four zero and triple Z or that means for one for one forty K dollars per month it
is making that say quality and they’re very great number guys and this is not
approximate is not an appropriate it I’m showing an approximate of this now that
how much they are making here guys so this is the minimum least at least
they’re making that much and why we can see the top countries that the
people are coming for the traffic is coming here’s Australia first not in
United States by the way I am driving traffic from USA only I’m not driving
traffic in Australia right now but if this tour is driving the Australia it’s
giving you new menu one more new thing guys that we can apply in our stores
that movement get good results out so they are targeting only in Australia and
very less percentage of people are coming from USA you can their referrals
are more their searches among that means people are searching their store and
coming to the store and purchasing their terms of packaging guys that means my
other websites are referring their store that we have other people from the other
stores are coming to their store that it’s giving a tons of backlinks to their
that is getting ranked in the Google here most interesting fingers I am
seeing that ninety plus two point two nine percent as their organic traffic
that is coming and only nine point seven one percent is paid advertisements or
they’re not running advertisement alternate are running very less
advertisements but the traffic are coming organically and this is the one
interesting thing that I’m getting a form all that talk Shopify store that
they are running YouTube videos YouTube they’re getting YouTube traffic they I
don’t know how they are getting I think they have their own YouTube channel or
something or they’re promoting Toyota vin fluent search about the website or
they’re running ads in YouTube guys you do vets
I am currently running Facebook ads only Facebook and Google s but I think I
should have tried YouTube ads right now okay the next traffic sources their
Facebook third is ready and learn from the forties Twitter and at
the last is what’s up traffic that’s it so here you can see top publishers and
and ad networks our YouTube guys so I think from this this example we should
take an example and start YouTube ads which I will try out start diving in
YouTube adults and see and test how it works and now and what right now I’m
just driving Facebook ads and Google Ads that’s it I’m not gonna have not started
any YouTube ads right now but I have got some inspirations I was starting YouTube
ads and I let me show you how it works if it is working perfect you can take an
advantage of my my works and you can stall so start your stores start your
YouTube ads right no for this job ok we are in the home page of this store on
the first leg of this store I am feeling that this is some kind of scam website
or some vlogs type of websites there’s that as its selling and kriti selling
good we should ever look in how they are doing these things and driving traffic
in this store this store on a first look it’s looking perfect they have used one
black color yellow color and you are white and some kind of flats for banners
in their store ok they have different sections so what I am seeing is there
what’s new computer head craw headphones all in electronic categories guys on
cameras life every every power of this is there that is gaming music cameras
drones Fitness even home and clients appliances but all our electronic
categories guys there is called general niche store guys some guys are they were
asking me which I move which is better general store or any store I have given
him answer that generally store generally shown rings were one
particular product that is already selling you’ll
find in those categories and P and find the per hour out for other products that
is on this categories there is called general mister here I am seeing one
thing that they have not drop shipping as they’re making I think their first
dropship now they’re started building their own store and they’re selling
branded product guys arrogance is wrong we have seen earlier Sony Microsoft
products also out there selling I don’t know I think this is a type of Amazon a
myth have made for Australia’s only or Scylla that the driving traffic to
Australia like Amazon type they measure is driving traffic to a whole world but
they are driving traffic from the Australian traffic only here in the down
section we can see okay that’s nice helped and supported this so you know
this thing that we have already talked about there the last okay about sections
and here you can see this that the check out thumbnail and the payment provider
images they have not used Shopify pay atai earlier in the earlier video have I
have said that you should not use shop if I pay as the payment gap payment
providers and all so it will not I don’t think it’s increasing the trust of the
people but okay via if they are using if you’re using that’s fine they are not
using in this storage that I like and this is the general niche told guys here
ok let me see how their product page looks like let me go to the headphone
sections right I’m going to their headphones sections right now let’s see
how it works how it is looking up if it is how
what we can learn from this so if I add a first look it is looking the for me
it’s looking pretty odd I’ll not say fly it’s looking pretty odd okay the image
that is coming up is not swimming up perfectly okay that is just scrolling
down and there’s any unisys linnaeus any tzer’s headphones guys that is not maybe
they have by the product of their own of their selling right now I have a whole
sell their product purchase this products this is not a drop shipping
product at all guys drop shipping will not be having a branded logo on that
stores they cannot sell any drama branded products and if you had the
attractions okay next week a what we can see what we can get from this video in
the description they have used some of the benefit guys so I have earlier told
you features tells benefits sells here you can see here they have given all the
benefits at the first of this of this product and then they have started
giving the features and on at the last they’ve given some video I’ll show I
should start the video or not oh no I may I think I mean get copyright or
something so I will not start this video here that the last section they have
given some video for increasing trust of the people one more thing I am looking
for this one that I am NOT get that they have reviews or not they have given see
are there you say a review Heather there they have reviews okay they have given
some hot red seals they have given add to cart’ here here you can see when I’m
going for add to cut let’s see what’s happening up oh no there this
don’t like for this store that once the people they have click on that to cut it
is that you know the customer have to go to their card and then go for checkout
I’ll not suggest at all for this one this is the one thing that I didn’t like
for the store guys once when people I was given on the ad for card click on
that because they should be redirected to the checkout button automatically I
think this is the man that will be nice but ok they’re using this one let’s see
how it goes but I didn’t like this one at all guys so when I’m giving a check
out let’s see what is going coming up so we are in the checkout page of Shopify
guys of the store in the store they have used yard that is fine they have used
only two colors and exactly the same color that I’ve used in their store
let’s look pretty find the payment payment gateway payment page is very
nice and after I fill the details I think I will be redirected to the
payment gateway that they are using here so I don’t think I should I can I need
to go there ok I have gone through the payment page here so what we have
learned from this one guys the payment gateway is looking pretty good
the home page is for me what I reviews the payment page that I’ve seen is
looking the ribbits cami for me that I’ve been given kind of offers here but
if it’s working for them that’s fine that’s absolutely fine next is the
descriptions in the descriptions I didn’t find any reviews I think the
review but there let’s see if it the reviews up
there or not I think reviews are there because they are they have given
five-star ratings of their reviews here okay this is fine the homepage also look
good and that they have used two colors that is real love mainly they have used
they are not two colors actually three colors they have used two yellow black
and red approximately in everywhere so as much as less color that you using for
his store it will be good for this but this thing I don’t like this one you can
see this store is looking little bit scammy type but if it is selling that’s
pretty good then they are selling branded products
guys at a smaller drop shipping store at all but we can get some idea of how they
are driving traffic and all from this talk if you wanna start making money
online then make sure to check these people videos out right now

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