April 8, 2020
How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Ecommerce | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

How Much Money Do I Need To Begin Ecommerce | Shopify Dropshipping 2019

How much does it really cost to start a Shopify drop shipping business or a Shopify business? I’m Rafael Cintron Your seven-figure e-commerce coach and today I’m gonna teach you exactly how much money you need to start a drop shipping business now 2019 2020 whenever you’re watching this this is exactly how much money I recommend you have and how much money you need? Let’s go on my computer to find out alright, so as you can see here This is a new Shopify store that I started yesterday and we already got a sale yesterday as you can see there is no data for Let me see you like last 90 days, so see there is just One sale, which will pop up right now see 2265 there are no sales before that. So it’s a Shopify store that I started yesterday Now how much this shit doesn’t actually cost to be on Shopify. How much does it cost to have a Shopify business? Well, it’s $29 a month after a 14 day trial. So let’s start adding that up. So Shopify is $29 per month and then you have a 14-day trial But the cool thing is if you follow let’s say you get my free e-commerce course Which is one of the videos in here in the channel You can get it with the link in the description if you get my course in the first 14 days of that trial you can get a sale that Will be more than what you’re paying for Shopify, right? So you pay $29 a month in one day I made 2265 which was the first day of that. I open it, right? I spent a couple hours building the shop putting up the products advertising it a little bit boom 2265 I almost covered all the money that I’m gonna spend on the monthly payment for the Shopify software right so you don’t have to be Crazy about the fact that you’re gonna spend $29 a month cuz it with one sale You can make that back or with two sales. You can make that back and you can do that in the first 14 days now The tricky part is how much does it cost to actually market the store now, let’s go into that right now for Facebook ads if you’re gonna start doing Facebook ads to a Shopify store, which is what I teach in my course For facebook ads I recommend from 200 to 250 dollars Why I recommend 200 to 250 if you have let’s say a general dropshipping store if you have no idea about drop shipping It’s probably gonna cost you 200 dollars for you to find a winning product out of 10 20 30 winning products Once you find that winning product you can scale it from there on you can make a lot of money from there That’s why I’m being conservative and saying that it’s 200 if you already have a proven niche a proven product within the first 50 dollars you can start making money and that’s the beauty of this once you find that winning product You’ll spend 50 you’ll make more than that back now 200 to 250 s for complete beginners people that absolutely have no clue how to do this and they learn for example for me I recommend 204 if you already have a winning product Let’s say less than 50 dollars well now another way that I teach my students how to do is Instagram influencers with Instagram influencers you can expect from 80 to 100 dollars Why is it cheaper because you’re just counting the product cost right? This is a bracelet website I’m gonna start doing influencers this week and next week for this bracelet this jewelry website each Bracelet cost me around 1 to 2 dollars to ship outright to make to order in to dropship Then I just have to send that bracelet to the influence or one or two places. Let’s say to max. It’s four dollars Now I just sent a product to an influencer. They’re gonna post a shout out and I’m gonna make money from that chowder So all I had to spend was four dollars in product costs Maybe two dollars in shipping for them to have that product and for them to advertise it on their Instagram page, right? So I’m essentially spending six dollars Per shower if you do it, right if you do it Like I teach you you’re gonna spend six dollars per shot up and you’ll have like 10 or 20 child outs just from that You know from that process from those 20 shoutouts. You’ll probably make around 50 to 100 per shot so we’re talking that a hundred dollars spent on influencers can make you up to two to three thousand dollars and Return if you do it, right, right If you watch my courses go to my videos You will get it right from there on so you don’t need thousands of dollars to start a Samba 5 store All you need is that twenty nine dollars a month? If you don’t want to do Facebook ads the influencers on your butts now the third one which I teach is Google Ads and for Google I recommend around 150 to 200 dollars to get it right Google. It takes some effort to learn if you learn it with my course, it’s easier but it takes some effort to learn so I recommend testing products and Seeing what works on the platform what has less competition than other products that you might be Advertising and that usually takes my students about 150 to 200 dollars to master and learn and finally new product from Google So we’re talking a total if you want to go all-out if you wanna go if you want to ball out and see okay I don’t care about 20. This takes me I’m gonna just spend as much as I can Let’s go to the calculator and see how much it actually costs you so $29 for the first month, then we’re gonna count for $250 I’d spent $100 for influencers and then $200 for Google 579 Total dollars if you want to go all out and try everything to find a winning product It doesn’t even cost you a thousand dollars to go all-out. If you want to be very conservative all that it could cost you is Let’s say twenty nine dollars. Let’s say you pass a 14-day free trial. You’re watching my videos bah-bah-bah You spend let’s say six dollars or less. Your product cost is $10 $10 per shot up per product and You send it to fight influencers and then you make like 10 sales off of those five influencers. That’ll be ten times five that’s $10 per product for five different people for five different influencers. You’re spending $50 That’s $79, that’s it That’s all you need to start Conservatively right pay the twenty nine bucks for the fort after the 14-day free trial you send out five products to five influencers All you have to spend a seventy nine dollars. Let’s say you price that at forty bucks and Those influencers get you one sale each. Let’s say you make five sales Join your butts in product sales and it cost you 79 bucks for that month and for those products now you made hundred twenty profit Off of eighty dollars, right? This is the beauty of Starting small right? You don’t need thousand dollars. You don’t even need hundreds. You need seventy nine bucks So start this off and don’t be scared by all these numbers big numbers eighty thousand a hundred thousand a month Like I’m making that there’s people making that but don’t be scared about those numbers Don’t be scared. Like oh, I don’t have enough money to start this Yeah You do max 600 bucks maximum minimum Eighty one hundred dollars to start off and you don’t even need to pay the twenty nine for the 14-day free trial You can get a sale. Like I just showed you on a new store with thirty two visits, right? I spent like five bucks getting all those people on my site So essentially that’s all you need for for apps for other stuff right for monthly when you start scaling when you start getting some sales You won’t account for about $50 per month for apps and marketing software For absent marketing software other stuff that you can add to your store to make it better and make it look nicer 50 bucks maybe a hundred dollars a month to keep that store going but if you do it Right, if you do it with my course and my teachings you will make that and ten times that back with yourself So that’s essentially it I just want to make this little video. I’ve gotten this question a lot You know, how much money do I need how much money should I save up visit? you know 80 bucks to up to 600 and if you start conservatively all-union is like eighty to a hundred so don’t be scared to Start off and essentially transform your life starting today Thank you so much for watching this video If you liked it, give me a thumbs up down below subscribe to this channel Check out my free course Down below the first thing in the description my free course from zero to 10,000 per month Get that right now and if you want more Private one-on-one mentoring check out my inner circle also in the description below so you can learn how to get to ten twenty fifty thousand Per month with e-commerce. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

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  2. loving the info brother. Been on youtube heavy learning and looking for the right teacher to learn ecommerce from. Came across your videos searching last night. I think you may be the one One (Neo) lol. what do you think about using clickfunnels or intergrating clickfunnels with your shopify store? i'm on the verge of starting trying to figure out which way to go

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