April 3, 2020

34 thoughts on “How Much $$$ Do You Need To Start A Print On Demand Store? (How To Start For FREE!)

  1. Keep it up Sarah ♥️ I hope you had a great Christmas! I wonder if you would consider uploading any videos about starting a subscription box business anytime?

  2. 🌞 Hey everyone, I hope you had a merry Christmas 🎄 what is your plan: to go the FREE route, or to go the INVESTMENT route?
    Also, I just want to let everyone know that you should never feel pressured to spend any money you don't have. Business is a marathon, it isn't a sprint 🏃‍♀️ you can start with free methods now to sell products & generate profit & then as your business grows, reinvest it back in when the time is right 💰

  3. Have some ideas. Have to see how my taxing is currently done, so maybe I can try with some of them. Dont have high hopes but maybe some passive income 😉

  4. thank you so much ted ,, i have questions here!! ..
    can i start a clothes brand on teespring or merch by amazon?
    can i lanch the same designs on many site of print-on-demond ?
    which is better printful vs printify ?

  5. Sarah you are a great teacher and a beautiful human being. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with those who are worthy!

  6. When doing ad buys, which do you find have been more effective? Google Ads? or Facebook Ads?

  7. I want to know which one is good to get a store for dropshipping (Shopify or Alidropship) as you know Shopify needs to pay monthly fees whereas Alidropship only one-time fee. I want to make sure which one is suitable for dropshipping from Aliexpress. thanks a lot

  8. Thanks for all you do Ms Sarah! I subscribed to the ecomm Clubhouse I'm off from work til Thursday after today for the new year holiday I will be going through the videos and starting my online business

  9. Hey Sarah can you do a video on creating a successful dropshipping store that does not use Ali express and that WILL take money to start. Where to spend your money, and how much a reasonable amount is for a top-quality successful website. Basically for someone that has money but zero experience. I believe I have seen all of your videos, I apologize if I missed one like this. Let's say with a budget from $2,000-$5,000. And let's assume the only thing said person knows is the niche they want to sale in. 🙂

  10. I’ve been creating my WooCommerce POD store over the past few weeks and I’m ready to launch it in the new year. My products are personalised POD where the customer gets their photo cartooned. What is my target audience for this?

  11. You've inspired me to create a flex store that adapts drop-shipped products alongside my very own t-shirt designs, both of which are centered around dinosaurs and dragons as my niche. Thank you so much for these videos! Also, love the accent!

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