February 25, 2020
How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

– Even though there are
some news faces in the room, we have actually been actively paring down the back room for a couple reasons. One is, the back room,
as it kinda was started, has sort of run its course. One of the things that
we’re doing in the back room is just looking at how do
we create the resources to be able to empower the group of entrepreneurs who do amazing things. What started as, like, a little rag tag team of Amazon all-stars, kinda ran its course, fulfilled
its duties, did its thing, and doesn’t really
serve a purpose anymore. And instead, where the real resources are, and where the real value is, is being able to bring
complementary resources into businesses so they
can scale much bigger. So if somebody comes in with a cool idea, we can bring in the
money, the distribution, and sometimes even the influencers, based on who we know, and
incubate this company. A lot of times entrepreneurs will bounce from event to event to meetup
to meetup, meeting new people, and they have all this
access to opportunities, so it’s like we’re playing whack-a-mole. We have this one, and we have
all these irons in the fire, and none of them happen. What I have attempted to
create as my role in the group, is to get a landscape of
what everyone is doing, so that I know how to facilitate
some of those opportunities among other members of the group. So one of the things we
talked about yesterday was Daniel really underselling
his skillset, even to himself, and not seeing the perspective of how that skillset could be
applied to other businesses. And so some something that I told Dan, and I still wanna have one-on-one time with you to talk about this, was just coming up with ideas and examples of how that skillset could
apply to random businesses. We have seen in this group people come in, grow from 1 million to 10, which is great, but then somebody else in the group buy the business for 50 million dollars. Like, that has happened. – I would love to partner
with somebody who could, same exact thing, so like, if you see my partner lying under, like, is there something that we could really solve a certain figure or problem. I mean, you know, in the Jewelry space, I don’t know what that is, but maybe there’s something there. – I would love to use that skillset for linking to a website. Because that skillset is so,
if you don’t understand it, to use that right there,
acquiring customers from Facebook, and driving that cold
traffic to your website, just that in and of
itself is very hard to do. – When you really are bringing people with aligned interests together, you create more than you could
have created on your own. That’s what all business
relationships should be. – So what I’m really
looking for is someone I can work with, that
really just fits together, because if I have to put
more effort into figuring out how to make it work for you rather than, or pretending I have the
capability of making it work out, then it’s gonna be, I’ve
actually forgot what I was– – Everyone understands what you’re saying. I’m giving you data so
that you can start to see, like, oh, like, I could partner, eventually partner with
somebody with this skillset, and build a really cool brand, and never have to learn brand-building. If your skillset is valuable enough to have equity in a cool company
that could scale and sell, I want you to see that
there’s evidence for that, in that little 10-minute sesh, because we could do this all day, in coming up with ideas and companies that we all know that
would benefit from that. (peaceful music) If you have been stuck in
the same set of problems for long enough, it
means you’re not growing, and it means that you aren’t changing. It’s your community that helps you grow into the person capable
of running that business the way that it needs to
be run for it to grow. Man, it wasn’t until like eight years into being an entrepreneur that I met the person who just, first of all, believed in me no matter what, and saw me the same whether I was running a hundred million dollar
company, or I was broke. It’s such a tragedy right now, that we are in a world that does such an intense comparison game, who are always sizing each other up, so we tend to feel like, if I don’t produce in the
marketplace, I don’t matter. And so, there was a moment for me where I realized that this group, and actually everything that
we do at Capitalism.com, is about empowering and
creating great entrepreneurs, not just ideas or strategies or tactics, but growing the person,
believing in the person, investing in the person, giving them the ability to
step into what they can create. It’s very, very different
than buying a course, having an event, because
you change companies by changing people.

3 thoughts on “How Million Dollar Business Owners Boost eCommerce Sales

  1. I love this video not only for inspiration but for a humanistic sense of other people need to feel just as important as you do and if they don't, I love how you make them see that with calmness, clarity, and picking out their strong suits and points, that they have. This will benefit them in the future as well as your company. You're not putting yourself 1st or only Stricktly putting them up to benefit you, but to actually make them believe in themselves said benefits they would provide. Awesome and great work I will see you in the field. From a broke college senior in Savannah, Georgia making his way to the top. A millionaire in training 😃.

  2. Being invested in the success of the people you help is so contrarian in a world of gurus and courses. Thank you for the content you provide and your commitment to the success of others.

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