April 8, 2020
How Instagram Has Impacted The Job Search – Clinical Trials

How Instagram Has Impacted The Job Search – Clinical Trials

hey guys ECR G here today we’re gonna be
talking about how Instagram has impacted what people are looking for in their
jobs hey guys ECR G here and today we’re gonna be
talking about how Instagram has impacted the job search for most people now
social media is one of the most important and powerful influences we
have in our world today I remember a few years ago when instagrams owner Facebook
reached their first 1 billion users on the platform that is absolutely
incredible to have that many people on one platform and that of course makes it
incredibly powerful to have a billion people on a single platform especially
what they’re only being 7 billion people in the world so the topic of today’s
video is really about Instagram and how is it impact of the job search and
Instagram is something I don’t know about you guys but I that’s the first
thing I check in the morning is Instagram and they have done a really
good job with the user interface so I think a lot
of people use it like that Instagram is probably the first app or one of the
first 2 or 3 apps when they wake up in the morning that they look at I’m not
even out of bed yet and I’m looking at Instagram that’s the app I look at look
at before I go to bed as well and and I think what people don’t realize is just
how impactful instagram has become with what people want out of life and you may
have heard me talk about this before but the Instagram lifestyle is something
that really resonates with my generation and the younger kids coming up now
people now when you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up it’s either
they want to be a youtuber they want to be you know Instagram influencer there
will be an influencer nowadays or whatever it may be but it’s usually a
rounding surrounding social media where people want to go and are gravitated to
so that of course is going to trickle down all the way through
what kind of positions and job that people are looking for so people
may be more into you know marketing now I know I have a little sister she wants
to be a digital marketer this was something that was not thought of a few
years ago without social media with the rise of social media you know marketing
wasn’t hasn’t been like a super popular feel that people want to go into but now
a lot of people want to do some type of influencing or marketing digital
marketing through Instagram but also just the type of content that people are
uploading to Instagram you’ve got I mean people want to really live that
Instagram lifestyle you’ve got bloggers you’ve got even youtubers crossing over
into Instagram in all the Instagram people crossing over into YouTube and
you’ve got people that really portraying the Instagram lifestyle you know
traveling all over the place being on planes all the time eating great food
and so I that’s why I think you see an uptick in applications for jobs that
require travel because that is what’s glamorized right now even in even in
music today people or something out private jets talking about you know
playing trips across the sea they’re talking about you know eating in these
extravagant places and other parts of the world and you know a lot of that
comes from Instagram you know people talk about quote quote Trinidad James
here you know on Instagram straight flexin you know that’s what Instagram is
really used for and people are really drawn to jobs where you’re you’re you’re
gonna have the ability to influence people through photos and digital ad ads
you’re gonna have the ability to influence people through the pictures
that you take and also you’re gonna be able to enjoy and go to some of these
places you know going to New York for your job you know traveling all over the
US for your job traveling all over the world for your job for that matter so I
think if we look at the numbers we’re gonna see a huge uptick and the number
of people that are applying to jobs where you have the ability to travel and
I’m sure we’re gonna be seeing that for a long
time because the millennial generation on down they don’t want these crazy Wars
that the older generation had they don’t they don’t want to be blocked off from
parts of the world for stupid political disputes we are a generation that is
open to understanding meeting conversing in eating with people from all over the
world no matter your race color religion or creed
sexual orientation etc so we don’t we don’t want to be blocked off from any
part of the world for whatever reason because every part of the world is
beautiful you know I remember growing up during the time when 9/11 happened and
you know the whole Afghanistan region was just painted with a broad brush like
it was the worst place on the planet and then having recently seen some pictures
of Afghanistan and how beautiful it really is I was shocked I was like is
this the same Afghanistan that people are talking about it is absolutely
gorgeous you look at the mountains some of the pictures that I’ve seen just type
in Afghanistan whenever you get a chance and just look at some of the pictures of
then just the natural and gorgeous beauty of that place and you know it’s
amazing you can even type it in on Instagram and you’ll just see how these
places are just so beautiful and people want to travel to them and people I
think people are realizing that not everyone can be an Instagram blogger or
influencer but what you can do is have a job where traveling is a part of it rack
up those points and then use those to travel to where you want to be so a lot
of people are doing that and you know those jobs are in every or in every
sector of society you know you’ve got finance jobs that travel you’ve got
marketing jobs that travel you get everything but even in here in clinical
research while a lot of people like being clinical research associates it’s
for that very reason you get to travel all over the country rack up your points
and then on your free time travel to where you want to be for free so I think
we’re seeing a huge major shift brought on by Instagram in the Instagram
lifestyle to where these type of jobs are arising and companies should really
focus on these the jobs because these are the jobs that
people want where you know you have the ability to travel the ability to get out
and meet people and that’s what that’s what we’re really interested in so
that’s my take on how Instagram has shaped the job search comment down below
if you agree comment down below also if you disagree or have any anything to add
to the point that I made in this video very curious what you guys think do I
just live in a clinical research bubble or is my take on this accurate so
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