April 1, 2020
How I Won The CLICKFUNNELS DREAM CAR Affiliate Award!

How I Won The CLICKFUNNELS DREAM CAR Affiliate Award!

this is a weird dream but it’s always
been my dream to have a company pay for my car yeah so it happened clickfunnels
dream car I’m so happy I’m gonna sit in here and tell you guys exactly what went
down so my name is Rachel and it has been a dream of mine for a while to be
driving a car paid for by another company we’re set my phone down right
here we got the Sun roof up I am here in Santa Monica at the beaches so lovely so
there are different companies that will do like a car bonus different affiliate
marketing companies or network marketing companies and just for the longest time
I was like well I want to not only make money passive income affiliate
commissions from promoting whatever it is as long as the offer aligned with me
but I would also really freaking love a car bonus so when I’m driving around I
just it just feels really great feels really great so I want to share with you
guys the strategies that I use to get where I wanted to get to the program
that I did that paid for this car my new Lexus super cute I’m going to keep it
clean a great affiliate program and the car bonus and a bunch of support and
trainings to get there but the thing that I see a lot that I have seen a lot
since I made it my goal to get the clickfunnels dream car is that there’s
like information overload there is so much information out there I have a ton
of free trainings online other people have a ton of free trainings online
clickfunnels gives you 300 day bootcamp a ton of support I’ve learned a ton but
I’m from clickfunnels got to comma Club award from clickfunnels and what I
learned from them did helped me to get to win the dream car but there’s still
other like strategies and steps for the journey to get there
so I do want to let you guys know the journey is Damon for everyone
your skills are gonna be different than other people’s skills where you’re
starting at is gonna be different then where other people are starting at so
you’ll find a way that works for you but I want to share with you guys
strategies got a helicopter up there okay you guys let’s get into it this is
like my new mobile office actually have hot spots so I guess I could so yeah in this video that’s what we’re
gonna go over all right we’ll take some notes if you’re into that so I want you
to understand first some core concepts one of the core concepts is how people
find clickfunnels because imagine you are going to sign it for clickfunnels
which is a software just for you guys that maybe don’t know it’s a landing
page software or sales funnel software there are other landing page and sales
funnel software’s but click funnels pays 40% recurring commissions every month or
40% Commission’s on higher ticket programs or offers packages and I use it
all the time so I thought it was perfect for me to promote so three types of
people looking for it one is they are searching for word click funnels they
have maybe seen Russell Brunson speak or they’ve heard about dot-com secrets or
they heard about click funnels somewhere and they want to get click funnels so
you want them to use your affiliate link and you want to provide content for them
to either guide that to the guide them just to make sure that click funnels is
right for them or just straight to click funnels landing pages that are already
created in the affiliate portal they give you a time
of pages to promote you can also drive traffic direct the second is they don’t
know that they want clickfunnels but they know they have a problem they know
they have a problem that some type of only marketing software sales funnel
software can help them solve there may be shopping around or they just need
that push to let them know that click funnels is the solution to their problem
and then the third is people they don’t even know they have a problem yet and
they don’t know what click funnels is so that putting out content to them and
getting traffic to this content that lets them know about problems they
didn’t even know that they had things that are blocking them businesses from
getting more leads and more sales things that click funnels can help solve so the
net next core concept is the types of niches like the specific types of people
because I gave like the buyer the shoppers mindset of three types of
people but what about the the niche that they’re in because one of the biggest
things when people find click funnels and what stops them from actually buying
if they’re presented to it or what stops them from continuing with a free trial
or canceling is they think it’s not right for them or it’s not gonna work
for their business but click funnels works for all types of businesses it’s a
very popular ones the most popular ones that are using click funnels or could
benefit from it or where it’s not as hard to like make content and cater to
them is agencies and I know this because I have over 100 click funnels affiliates
a lot more than that like I’m trying I’m on track to a thousand I’m not gonna
share my exact number in this video because it’s like rapidly changing and I
don’t know by the time that you watch this what I’m gonna be at but I hit 100
couple weeks ago and just got the car okay so agencies
people but an agency can still be a freelancer you know it still be like an
individual person sole proprietor but they’re trying to start an agency maybe
like Facebook ad agency SEO agency graphic design freelancers and then the
freelancers kind of start shifting then there’s the consultant and coaches and
authors and speakers and personal brands people that want to build their email
list they want to collect leads they want to get people in there chatbot
perhaps they want to get people to their funnels and maybe run ad to those people
sell to those people sell via order form coaching packages consulting packages
membership sites online courses get people to watch a webinar get people to
download free be this page this whole thing you’re watching is like because of
clickfunnels I have it all on clickfunnels
you guys see it’s gonna funnel hack my strategy right now you know like I get
from the from maybe Facebook as a traffic method and then on to the chat
BOTS and then on to click funnels and get an email and then into the video and
then after the video I’m gonna share with you guys even more resources and we
keep the funnel going other types of people though are businesses that are
great for click funnels or that and now use click funnels and are searching for
click funnels or like we were saying maybe they’re not searching but you help
them to see that click funnels is for them is ecommerce ecommerce people that
maybe you have a Shopify store or are selling online and they want to sell
more online when I got to comma Club last winter me and my team we’re doing
e-commerce we scale very fast 2.5 million in sales through click funnels
so selling physical products whether it’s drop shipping or manufacturing a
real estate is very popular a lot of real estate agents or people in the real
estate industry can use clickfunnels to get leads same goes with legal same goes
with dentists chiropractors network marketers lots of types of businesses
brick-and-mortar too so one another core concept I want you guys to know cuz I
went over like types of niches next core concept I want you guys to know is that
you need these three things for affiliate marketing but you don’t
actually need the third one it’s just helps so the three things is off an
offer you need an offer which in our case here is going to be the right
affiliate link from the affiliate portal or the right pre-frame bridge page or
blog posts or video or something that’s going to get them to that affiliate link
but even direct you to order form the second thing after offer that you’re
gonna need is traffic eyeballs people looking at it we don’t want bought
traffic spiders fake traffic and the third thing we need which you don’t
totally need I just highly suggest it this has been a strategy for me is
follow up and when I say follow up email follow-up sequences email sequences
collecting emails with an emailing them I’m following up on people that get the
free trial following up on people that check out
your ads or see your pages providing extra content for them providing great
bonuses providing trainings and support and even retargeting ads you don’t have
to do all this stuff you still can get click the no signups and people can
still stay on click funnels without your own follow-up because click funnels does
it does its own follow up like Russell Brunson emails will start going
out clickfunnels emails will start going out to these people and retargeting ads
also you really just need them to get on your link you just need the sticky
cookie so if someone just lands on your affiliate link somehow and then month
later they go to clickfunnels calm or they get an ad from clickfunnels you’ll
still get credit later but if you can help the process move along forward and
help close that deal in that gap between awareness and purchase you make more
money it’s just better it’s just better you get people to stick on longer so you
don’t have to do this as a personal brand that’s something that I did a lot
was build up my personal brand have a group Facebook group talk about click
funnels all the time I got a YouTube channel I got a telling to click funnels
videos and website in emails and funnels and in courses and chatbots and like
lots of things click funnels but you don’t have to do that as a person if you
don’t want it you can do it as a brand and that’s something to that I started
later it’s more a little more recent is building just two separate brands where
it’s like a funnel brand kind of a little more corporate just last Rachel
Moore its own entity so you can do that to just provide like extras for people
that really helps let’s go over the next core concept traffic methods
so there’s paid and organic right paid is
I wish I could adjust this I mean I can if I turn the car on it’s cool it’s a
push to start and keyless entry good like adjusted it and it will move me up
okay let’s get back into the funnels the traffic methods paid and organic paid is
typically like known as like ads but could be cut organic actually you can
pay for like I do organic methods but I pay for them because I pay someone to do
the SEO which wouldn’t really be considered paid traffic and I pay
someone to help with social media stuff but oftentimes it’s like paid or organic
and then there’s also search engines where people are searching for something
maybe click photos maybe a question or something and also social media where
they’re not really searching for anything they are going to be like
social so paid search paid search I’m gonna go over that one last let’s go
over organic social because this is where people can start this is where I
started organic social I would use my organic social media methods such as
Facebook groups my Facebook page like my own Facebook group other people’s
Facebook groups my facebook business page live-streaming
facebook Messenger talking to people publishing videos maybe some Instagram
stuff organic social I didn’t limit myself to organic social for very long
but that’s like a free method okay what about then organic search the next lower
cost method organic search it just takes longer like organic search would be SEO
like your blog post showing up or your YouTube videos which is a mix that’s why
I love YouTube because it’s the social media platform and it’s a search engine
so it’s just like the best why I can’t say it’s like the the best
because what is the best mean is the best mean the fastest is the best mean
the best ROI does the best you guys can decide for you yourself after I tell you
all that Memphis so YouTube we’re saying organic search blogs organic search like
blogs YouTube videos other types of videos your web pages ranking ok let’s
go into paid paid social would be like paid ads on the social media site so
Instagram ads and swipe up into story ads and Facebook but I didn’t I I’ve
done some justic I’m telling you always like my exact strategy of how I build my
brand and everything but it’s not what got me massive results so a lot of
people I know they start with the click funnels affiliate program and will be
like ok well I’ll do Facebook ads you totally can but there’s just like
different angles to go at it and it wasn’t my main thing that I did same
with Instagram ads I’ve had some but not my main thing and then paid search
Google Bing Yahoo pretty much there’s display ads to that do retargeting but
for me like how I got there the main things like in order of speed and
quantity I’ll tell you Google ads but not everyone can do that
I thought outside of the box and did what a lot of the other dream cars do
when we put on our business person hats and think outside of the box how can we
get this to work how can we finance this this you see the opportunity in front of
you you look at the numbers you look at the numbers of how much you can make for
getting someone to sign up on click funnels under you and then you calculate
well how much is that gonna cost like how much is my threshold that I’m will
to spend in ads to get that to work okay and what number of how many affiliates
signups do I want and you can crunch the numbers backwards let’s say you want
you’re starting from zero and you want 100 to click on its affiliates and you
decide that you’re going to like do Google Ads and learn it or pay someone
to help you and do a lot of testing um and let’s just say you got it like
trials for I’m just using like ARP let’s just use the numbers 100 for things I’m
giving it that’s project will cost more because of testing things let’s just say
let’s say 150 so what 150 times 100
so 15,000 plus you have to consider people dropping off you have a consider
is your follow-up good there’s like things to consider if you’re gonna do
that method that route you want to consider your speed how fast do you want
to grow how much money do you want to reinvest back into it you got to
remember the 45-day holding cycle with clickfunnels how people will get on a
two-week trial and then 30-day billing cycles am i ask for a refund
they might upgrade they might find a big package you might get big commissions
lots of different things to consider when you want to go that route it’s not
as simple as like this it’s still gonna take it’s still gonna take some work and
some networking and talking to other people and learning from other people to
get something that works for you especially since there’s also high
competition and other different people are doing different things we just have
to be like adaptable in in that you got to be adaptable and everything so you
can consider the page search method and then I would also consider the You Tube
method ranking videos on YouTube about either with something with clickfunnels
in the keyword or questions or topics relating to
something that clickfunnels can solve and then my third like top
thing I would suggest for you to do I’m not even saying Google Ads are the top
thing I suggest for you to do but one another thing I suggest for you to do in
addition to the YouTube is Facebook be and other Facebook groups start helping
people help people with social with up with online marketing stuff and you can
start your own Facebook group in community
and that’s how I get a ton of leads and a ton of traffic actually is my Facebook
group people join it every day I collect emails in there I get them on my bot i
guess in through my sequences i retarget them with facebook ad not i wasn’t as
much as i wanted to be but now I am more if I got all these emails all these
people pixeled they should be getting retargeting it’s actually a lot of you
guys probably were getting some of my hands um so just consider that they’re
gonna be the sale of the click funnels are someone signing up on the front end
right away they want to sign up they know they want to sign up show me the
order form ready to sign up and then it could also be more on the back and
slowly starting to train people and give them value and show them that this is
the right option for them one of the methods I also use is giving away free
courses um had my main thing was a free affiliate marketing course which I you
guys can get access to it the button is below and then I also have a free funnel
course which I use that as like a lead magnet and a funnel to get more people
that are not into affiliate marketing but just into funnels to just to sign up
so ok gosh you guys I hope you take notes I I’m I’m just trying to be
helpful you know I know I’m gonna get like some haters that are gonna be like
well that wasn’t your exact strategy and I’m like gosh I mean there’s only so
much I can share right now so what I want to share with you next is what’s
next what can you do next to start getting results and laser focus in on
those exact strategies because it’s gonna take you longer than 20 minutes to
learn you gotta watch the videos you’ve got to get support practice things learn
and do so below is a button for a free affiliate marketing course that I have
and they is more stuff for you to get started and
strategies in there and then you also see there’s a button that says join
daily Commission’s club daily Commission’s club is my full program
it’s like the real good stuff it’s the locked all the secret stuff all
the locked up stuff it’s more training videos like my my more in-depth ones I’m
more stuff about like influence and persuasion and strategies with my chat
BOTS and email just just think that I don’t share for free and daily
commissions Club in there is funneled downloads all my funnels all my funnels
it’s kind of crazy I give people and daily Commission’s Club my entire
business like I’m trying to franchise this in a way it’s not like a franchise
but I’m trying to build something that’s duplicatable so as I am figuring things
out setting things up getting emails written getting funnels made automation
set up thought sequences set up hey I got it done I made it it’s done now I
sell it like let me sell it to someone else because there’s so much opportunity
like yeah do I have competition I don’t want the competition to compete with me
but I just feel like there’s so much opportunity out here like how many
people use clickfunnels last metric I heard was like sixty thousand by now
it’s going to be like 65 thousand or something I’m not exactly sure but that
is suck that’s like not that many people you guys there’s not a lot of people at
all there’s so many people in the world businesses in the world that could
benefit from clickfunnels so I think the more people that get into the game is
makes it even better for me like that all then I’ll get more hits to my stuff
so I just thought while I keep everything like proprietary to me in a
secret when I can give it to you guys and then you guys can implement it set
it up maybe customize things a bit modify them
so I do that with all my funnels all my pages you go to my website I give you
guys that template you the fun this funnel you’re looking at I would give
you this template but it’s not gonna make sense to you until you get your
dream car then you use this template my online course for the funnels the free
funnel course I’m giving people that want to sign it for click funnels but
they’re like in all those other niches like agency coaching econ any niche I
give them a free course and I have the share funnel link one click import for
everyone in daily Commission’s Club you click it it’s gonna go into your account
and it’s a course free course funnel and course ready to go you can keep my
videos in there just switch out any of the affiliate links switch out the
buttons with your affiliate link you want to get affiliate commissions for it
unless you want to send people to me that’s fine but I would change out the
buttons with your affiliate links it’s not just click funnels in there there’s
other software’s too that I show you how to get your links for and you make money
on other softwares to courses high-ticket it’s all in there you just
plug in your stuff and customize it a bit like your own domain I mean I give
you all my email swipes all my email follow up change your name change the
links change maybe your story up a bit I try to make things pretty though um
somewhat like generic just relatable to the online marketing world what else do
you get with daily commissions Club so all my photos all my strategies
everything I do my emails my swipes for my chat BOTS my facebook chat BOTS the
community we’re all on a private Facebook group the daily Commission’s
Club private Facebook group and there’s other dream car winners in there there’s
other top affiliate marketers in there there’s other funnel builders
copywriting experts people still in there nine to five people that
already have like an online business or a freelancer type thing agency type
thing and they want to also add affiliate marketing to this to the side
of their business like as a side offer so maybe they don’t want to like hey
here’s my new career affiliate marketing or maybe it is but they just want to add
it on to what they’re already doing because you could totally fit perfect
the whole click funnels thing and you can make offers for that that’s related
to your specialty so the community is great we’re all in the Facebook group
and things are going on in there but once a week we meet for zoom call once a
week I do group coaching with you guys we get in zoom I show you new things
that I’m up to in my business and what’s new what I put fresh in the course
portal what new trainings I uploaded or I’ll record myself setting up really
cool chat BOTS or funnels and I’ll put that in the portal and I’ll put funnel
downloads new offers to promote email sequences chat bot sequences also on the
calls I show you guys really cool stuff and then we record the calls and post
that so if you missed a call you get the recording and I go over your guys’s
funnels and your campaigns and your emails and what you got going on laser
coach you everyone helps everyone there’s so many friendships being made
business relationships being made accountability partners people holding
each other accountable people growing their YouTube channels and starting
YouTube channels and making videos and grips and getting Commission’s but my
main goal like I mean my goal is to help you guys one of the main goals is okay
let’s make some more dream car winners let’s make some more dream car winners
and I give you guys the content I give the
support try to motivate as much as I can but it’s I have to remember that it’s
really on you like it’s really on the current members to get results that they
want so like like sometimes when I think I mean this is crazy like this is crazy
I’m not even doing this like for the video that’s funny um I think like why
did I why was I think what number 55 of the McDonald dream car winter thing and
like that’s great I’m so happy at number 55 that’s great and I think like well
like how calm like other people who aren’t here what did I do different like
why what do I have to share to like like what’s that one piece of advice or one
thing I could do to really get help someone get to this result and it’s like
I the tactics are there the strategies are there the trainings are there the
emails are there the funnels are there the offers are there like it’s all there
um but when it really comes down to it it’s like um confident action taking
it’s a mix of confidence like belief and conviction in yourself that isn’t gonna
happen and you can get it and taking the action so if you have if you’re not
confident and convicted and pumped up and stoked for this and believe that you
can do it and yours but you’re still taking actions that it’s gonna be just
crappy it’s like it’s gonna be lack luster and she’s gonna have negative
energy around it and you probably won’t make a ton of sales and I know it’s like
I’m sorry that it’s that is how I feel I guess I don’t know I’m not that sorry
it’s just really what I believe I really believe that um me actively tapping into
my confidence helped me to get this result and I am so many freaking days
and moments like I am not confident in it I’m like oh my god I like this like
like why the heck you know am I really gonna do this is this really gonna
happen but I just have to tell myself like dude shut up like stop let me shut
up look at how far you’re at and what you have and everything being set up and
just keep like go back into that state of authority X expert authority status
and take actions from that that belief in that in that state and then the other
part of this confidence thing is the whole action thing because you also
could be all like confident and stuff and then not take action and that is
what we do I could be Y all confident and yeah like it was so you think you
like it done like look at me my Lexus it’s still like mind-blowing bye dude I
stayed up late late late I woke up early early early did I wake
up early every morning no but if I needed to wake up early for something or
for a meeting or something or to meet with someone or to watch something I did
I needed to stay up and finish up funnels and stuff I did if I needed to invest back into my business a lot and
make uncomfortable decisions and actions and stuff I just still did so confident
action taking is what I want for you guys let me just let me just close this
off so you guys I’m gonna give you the free course it’s there you can get
access to it but if you join daily commissions Club you’re gonna get access
to the free course the free course is still in there it’s the top portal but
then all the other portals the email survival kit the chat BOTS survival kit
the traffic survival kit the influencer marketing survival kit all the offers I
promote all my funnels all the downloads all the email sequences I’m
adding more all the time weekly calls accountability click the
join Now button and you’ll see whatever offer I have on there because I’m just
like always improving it and updating it I really love to see you in the group I
do want to let you know I do have a 7 day money-back guarantee it’s action
based you guys like don’t we we like to keep it very high vibe in the group and
so Brown each other with other action takers so if you’re gonna join be an
action taker and if you are an action taker and you’re like okay it’s not for
me then I’ll will refund your money but and I’m only doing 7 days because it’s
like don’t wait like join and then take action right away join you join in daily
Commission’s Club and then you join acts request access to the Facebook group
right away log into the course portal right away start watching the videos
right away and taking action as soon as possible so you could start getting the
Commission’s the passive Commission’s love that and get closer to the dream
car okay guys huh I get really passionate about it as you can see well
I’m pumped up I hope you’re pumped up I am going to film some more videos
because let’s go back out you remember time
came out to the beach to do that to take some photos you know do the whole
Facebook ad thing and post and gonna do maybe a few more videos actually I don’t
think I have time but it’s cool I could drive to somewhere else later alright
guys if you guys have any questions too you can email rachel at rachel s lee
calm and the team and i will get back to you
okay bye thanks for watching

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  2. So many great tips Rachel! U REALLY give crazy good value. I was taking notes and u mentioned a lot of other people who could use CF. I had been focused on OTHER markers needing it. Eye opening! Thanx Girl! ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿพ

  3. Congratulations, Rachel! This is so awesome! You are one of my inspiration in the Affiliate Marketing industry. Your trueness and humility really paid off. All the hard work you have put in your business makes it all worthwhile. We are all happy for you. You deserve everything that you have now. More power! ๐Ÿ’–

  4. Dreams can really come true! Well deserved, Rachel! Nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. You showed your worth and what you can do as an online entrepreneur. Your knowledge, and influence to us your students are very inspiring and motivating. You showed us how to believe in what we can do. Thank you for everything! Wishing you all the best, always!

  5. Rachel, I enjoyed your video. I do feel overwhelmed totally. I have had computer problems, lossof data (hacking?), legal problems, and on, and on. I jpined DCC but all of the above has gotten in the way. I am unsure what would be my best next step to move forward. Is there any suggestion you have? Can I have more trime added to my subscription since I have not been able to use it at all? I have NO intention of quitting, but would ?I be better off resatarting again aT A laTER DATE? I NEED DIRECTION and an income. CYNTHIA D GOODMAN

  6. How bout somebody like me that did well in brick and mortar business and now retired early but want to learn to do a online business to make money but don't have a product yet? Congrats on the new car by the way. You went all in and as I did in the past in brick and mortar world I am surely looking to get into making online money. Glad you hit another goal of the car though. Congrats again. Do you have a video of total newbies to online marketing and where to start?

  7. Hello rachel, I was thinking of joining clickfunnels through your link and become a top affiliate to win a car. How many month did it take you to get 100 clickfunnel users? Thanks!

  8. Hello Iโ€™m Shaun and Iโ€™m 19 years old
    If anyone who is reading has time / can take the time to read, thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot. I know itโ€™s long but please take the time to read ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚

    So for like 2 years Iโ€™ve been doing all sorts of different online business methods, such as eBay dropshipping, Instagram affiliate marketing selling a growth tool, looked into trading but looks like you need good capital and so I stumbled upon clickfunnels.

    This seems like something I want to just get into, never quit and give up ( although I have not gave up on eBay Iโ€™m still selling itโ€™s just that Iโ€™m hardly getting sales and Iโ€™ve looked into everything I can on why. ๐Ÿ™ and the company I was doing Instagram affiliate for got shutdown ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    So being 19 I donโ€™t have thousands of not hundreds of ยฃ or $ to invest. I do have a decent amount of money to put into online business, enough of what I can afford monthly subscriptions of corse lol.

    So I would kindly like to ask, if anyone reading this, I would seriously like to work with you to help me become successful or at least get setup with clickfunnels and making profit. Now I understand it requires work and dedication I do, but I want to build a relationship with an experienced clickfunneler because obviously they would be able to help me get sales.

    Now when I say build a relationship, Iโ€™d be happy to pay you if I make profit and stuff. If I made ยฃ100 profit per month Iโ€™d happily pay you all my profit until you think you got whatโ€™s worth your time helping me out with it.

    So if anyone can, please reply to me.
    I know loads of people are going to try and sell me their clickfunnels course ๐Ÿ˜€ but I want to work personally with you not just buy a course. I know Iโ€™m asking for a lot of Resources, the most valuable being your time of course, but please help me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for readin

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