April 6, 2020
How I Went From $0-$2 Million Doing Shopify Print On Demand POD (Must Watch Interview)

How I Went From $0-$2 Million Doing Shopify Print On Demand POD (Must Watch Interview)

I’m just on my favorite what’s right now? But what I have 40 guys is a really really good interview There’s an interview with my friends meet. He’s been able to sketch it over two million just in one year, so Even though it’s like over 30 minutes long I highly recommend you guys to watch through the whole thing take notes because he chopped a lot of value in this interview So I hope you guys like this interview and I’ll see you guys soon. Peace Hey guys, what’s up? I’m here with a friend nation. I met him from the Phuket mastermind. He’s been able to hit incredible numbers on Print-on-demand he’s been killing it within the print-on-demand space. He’s big drop shipping at the same time He’s been able to scale his store to like over two million dollars just in one year, so it’s insane He’s been able to reach 30k days just off print-on-demand And I think you know a lot of people I just want to sort of bring us on on that has experience with print-on-demand Because that’s something that is sort of not talked about much on the YouTube space So I wanted to bring in some of that sort of Basically qualified to sort of give valuable information Sony should tell everyone a bit about yourself and how you go into econ Alright first of all, it’s video pleasure to be all so happy. Thanks for having me. Yeah. Hi guys Alright, so my name is inspiration. Now I’m from you know New Delhi India and I’ve been the econ space for more than 1.5 years I’ve been in the internet marketing space for over five years now EECOM happened to us like one and a half years back and coming so I started with the blogging and SEO more also Published best-selling author on Amazon. So then that’s how we started and then you know, we will do product launches and all that stuff but then of course, you know maybe struggle for three long years to finally make a first order on the internet and then one and a half years back we You know we start any calm So the last one, you know in a first year specific unity Combinator over two million dollars in sales But I think was around 4.1 million That was the first year with it and we are mostly depend on a man, you know a t-shirt stand offs or canvas Hoodie is all that’s and now we want so diversified into physical products So we’re all over physical products. Now the kind of products that you find on Aliexpress, so that that’s pretty much about us you know the best stage that we’ve had so we’ve had Days up to thirty thousand dollars of you know, one of the best months was around 350 thousand dollars So yeah, that’s pretty much about Me in my econ business. That’s awesome And that’s like insane that you’ve been able to create so much like not many people are able to hear like 300k months like that’s basically the top, you know 0.5% of Dropshippers, but you know, one of the biggest question that everyone’s asking does print-on-demand still work today Yeah, it definitely does it definitely does it’s right I think or you know, the man is on the best things that we have in the market right now because You know, you’re able to build it a brand So there are two things one is that with print-on-demand? You are able to build a brand. So because let’s say you’re selling t-shirts. So people are gonna See your brand as a t-shirt company they can see your t-shirt back And your product quality is going to be top-notch because though let’s say the t-shirts Cloth quality is going to be the same only your designs are be changing So, you know you are gonna be sure that the products in your customers are receiving they wanna be top-notch so number one in terms of branding I think is really really good and secondly even when you speak about the profit margins or scalability or if the man at the market and all this tertiary monica’s T-shirts or you know, the petition is one product that sells throughout the year so, you know dependent on events you’re not dependent on whether You know, you don’t depend on people from China coming up with product ideas You just you know, you can think of whatever you want You can think of it as I get in bed on a t-shirt from your design now You know make it yourself Because that’s that’s how we serve in so what coming by you can get the designs made launch them and that’s it and then when you you know when you add A few things to the pre-namib business like up cells themselves are we targeting and when you know that what price points you should have but I think beauty is really really profitable really scalable really brandable and Yeah, I am. So we we’ve seen great results of it And at the same time we’ve also at the model other guys seem like really really good results for that That’s insane. What sort of profit margins are you looking roughly here in? 2018 through print-on-demand So the average profit margins that we usually have around 20 20 percent. This is the net profit margin that we make after paying the PayPal tree stripe fees being Shopify paying the vendor all that all that stuff. So we left the 20% net. So yeah Yeah 20% That’s awesome. Yeah, that’s definitely really really solid. You know when you’re talking about. You know, how Print-on-demand you it’s basically shirts and people always need shirts Like you’re always wearing a shirt Nathan who need during winter and you’re wearing a shirt or the touch of someone But when it comes to design, what’s the biggest tips for that because I think people who get into print-on-demand have no idea What can sell how didn’t know if a design is worth? Advertising so what’s your biggest tip when it comes to creme and best inside that people would actually purchase and value could scale That’s a very good question again so, you know when we are so when we Come when we talk about the designs one, very important thing. Is that whatever you design or whatever you promote You should know that who exactly is going to be wearing that thing okay, so when you go to google.com and when you search for let’s say some cool t-shirt designs or fine initial designs, you know, you’re not gonna know who’s gonna be wearing those funny designs because You know You should know the exact persona of the customer who you are gonna be promoting that design to So when you create a design, you know, I would say don’t first of all don’t really you know There’s a lot of you know, there’s a lot of misinformation out there that you need to higher premium designers pay $100 per design $200 per as I know so even till today we pay like two to three dollars per design so and but the only thing that we do differently is that first we think about a target market first we think about Who’s a target customer and then we get a design made? So just to give you an example rather than just of creating out design which is funny Let’s see something something that says for the world or publish anything anything rather than making something like that I’m going to be creating something like I’m or F mom or mm or More does not give a F something like that so we can know that mother’s about to be wearing this design of mine She just make sure that whatever you create or whatever you get created from someone else You should know that who is this design for number one number two? Definitely your design should be simple You don’t really need to have a lot of colors. So 90% of the sales that we’ve made with Beauty they have Two colors at max and those two colors are black and white. That’s it So even I’m talking about the design, I’m not even talking about considering the t-shirt color here So let’s say I am selling a t-shirt which is flatter black in color The design is just gonna have one color which is look white a one color, which is red So we keep it simple. We know who’s gonna be wearing this and Yeah, that’s it. That was insane. You legit Chaucer very cold and nuggets just in like 30 seconds. So I guys take notes because What Neiges saying is really valuable like he’s right like you don’t wanna Crack the design first and then think of people to target you wanna see who you can hog on Facebook look at the interest I think of what that Interest and that audience would purchase and what basically designed I’ll be looking for so that was like insanely insightful Like I think that’s really really good. But you know, you mentioned email marketing upsells basically building a brand Talked a bit talk about like the importance of that especially in 2018 and like just talk about like brand building in general nation because it’s just so important Yeah, that’s a very good question. So, you know we have to agree with this fact that You know Facebook Ads is getting the beginning more competitive and I think customers is definitely getting more is getting difficult Right. So the average customer acquisition grade is definitely increasing for everybody out there so if we as EECOM entrepreneurs if we want to sustain in this market if You know we want to be profitable with good profit margins and if you Want to create a brand definitely there are a few things that we really need to do So one is the business side of it. I mean the sales iris, right? And then there’s customer service So first, let’s talk about the business side. So There are a couple of things that we’ve been doing, especially this year because leading that we’ve been doing since January So the very first thing is we make use of a lot of upsells and dancers. So Let’s say or you know, someone buys an iPhone someone buy it since powerful my store off So after I definitely want to be showing maybe You know Wireless of earphones on a charger or anything else then I’m gonna be down selling the same product for a lower cost and if someone buys those wireless earphones I’m gonna be showing them maybe a phone cover or a phone case. Oh, wow. It could be anything just to give an example So we do the same when in on a man or whatever product Ahmad so like the other day We were promoting a t-shirt promoting a product. It was a physical product and it was for couples It was a product for couples and of course, you know, we had t-shirts for couples in the upsells So we had three upsells three down cells you’ve been using in this app called cut hook CA RT HW Okay, we were using this app So, you know and we also use this app called a one-click of self a zip of fire so You know using these apps we always keep our really be fun so that we can make more money from the customers because if we Customer acquisition rates are going up We really need to be sure that we are making as much money as we can from these customers That’s number one have up cells and down cells number two is email marketing So we use clavo. We’re in clap you we have our automation sequences set and our Email flows in place. So whenever someone’s gonna buy a product related to an iPhone from me or from my store desk Oh, they’re gonna be added to an automation sequence where for the next 10 days They’re gonna be receiving proper recommendations like on day one. We’re gonna send them a welcome email We’re gonna come down, you know send them to a Facebook page We’re gonna ask like a Facebook page and it gives ourselves on day two We want to be sending them recommendation number one in d3 We’re gonna be selling and then – it could be an earphone. It could be a wireless charger a wireless at forum Whatever it is, so You know even marketing and GP really help us make money because whatever money you make from even marketing, you know You’re making pure profits. You just paint with the product cost You know, you’re not paying for advertising because the customer is already yours So number two is email marketing have your email automation and flow set up? If not cloud you you guys can be accused of formation So I think MailChimp is free for the first thousand or three thousand dollars and I think it saw its thousand is that’s how we started or When when people new e-commerce and third is retargeting, so we’re really really on you know full on into retargeting So we use you targeting in two ways one Is that when someone does not buy from us definitely, you know, we we show them retargeting ads with some visits the sales page but doesn’t really buy each for the me targeting ads and number two is We cross sell them products. So I know that if someone bought this product from me Definitely my custom audience is being created So I’m going to be showing more products similar to this product of mine to this custom audience So I’m going to say something like hey, we have something I have another cool one for you or I have A recommendation for you or I feel you would love this or we feel that you would love this product That product is gonna be related to this product of mine. So you’ll also cross-selling using retargeting So these are three things that we doing to make more money from the customers from the customers whom we’ve already acquired or the customers who know about us or customers o visited our website and secondly, you you asked about branding so for branding definitely what we would be doing is So we have two customer support agents. Now first. We only used to have one guy now we have two In fact one one go and now we have two ladies over from the customers thought So one person works in the morning shift one person works night shift. We’ve added live chat with the website so, you know people trust us more we’ve also added a voicemail number on the website now, so You know what people can do by saying come on the website So on the header, they’re gonna see our number and when they call that they could you set us a voicemail in fact now we’ve also hired or you know ours will telugola from Philippines So, you know people can holler and even she is giving thank you goes to people now So when we get harder, she calls them says thank you and also Up sells them related products and trust me No, this is me just came up with this idea and it’s really good because when we call the gun Customers, you know, let’s say I need you buy this product from my website and I call you and I tell you oh, yeah Andy welcome to our family you will place this order on my store and you want to receive it in these many days and we have something of Recommendations for you, and then that person is gonna make the customer order something or send that person recommendations on his email So we’re doing this as well for branding or we’re all running Instagram. We’re doing influencer marketing But yeah I think when you stick out running you would become a brand when people start when people start trusting you and loving you So I had live chats. Have a phone number Could be just our normal IVR recorded or number if you can get I’d like you start phone numbers Increase your also your reduce your average response time on email Keep a check on your facebook inbox messages reply to comments or keep doing giveaways. Send emails I think yeah, that’s pretty much it. Wow. That’s a society definitely revealed So many things I definitely would you know help people So I really appreciate you just revealing all these golden nuggets nation, but you know, I guess it just sounds overwhelming What advice do you have for people because there’s so many things email marketing instagram all these retiming strategies both on Facebook instagram or email marketing and then you’re talking about like live calls customer service live chat Calling on the phone. Like what’s the biggest tip because it sounds overwhelming like How did you like basically build everything in sort of do it all on your own like? Basically, I guess I talked about a bit of automation Hiring talk about that because it just sounds overwhelming it what advice you would give to people Wanting to sort of step that up and sort of build their own brand and their own sort of branded store alright, so I know one is, you know, start step by step because The most of you do the more the most of you inculcate and your business some money is gone a day So of course what we’re doing is identi the process that we follow on So first of all, like what is the most the most important thing for you is gonna be your sales So your Facebook Ads spot and your customer acquisition part should definitely be sorted So once you know that you have a customer acquisition rate or customer acquisition cycle, you’re also running well, and you’re profitable That’s when you focus to these things before that The first and foremost Emily should focus on guys should be making money directly from your shop for startups one Once you have a process in place, that’s when you can start building a team So first of all hire someone for customer support from online jobs rph, that’s a one I think that’s one of the best virtual assistant hiring platforms that we have so we use online jobs or pH so Higher customer guides from there the same person can handle the live chat on your website This person could be could have could work in two shifts a morning shift and a night shift And this guy is gonna take care of your facebook comments So this person is going to be replying to every comment that you receive on your Facebook ads they’re going to be this person is going to be keeping a check on your facebook inbox so your facebook inbox your facebook comments your live chat and then you can also add a Phone number you can buy a virtual phone number from this website. Well grasshopper. I think it’s both grasshopper Which is Google that out and had a virtual number at the top of your websites So if someone visits your website, they know that you can be a branded wheel company So one person I would say could handle all these things initially and then if you feel that, you know You getting more work then? Oh, definitely you can hire more people. So that’s number one So in this way, you will be able to create a system you could be able to create a process But definitely remember you should do these things when you are already profitable making money Because when you hire these guys you nobody you hire More employees 70 you you want to be paying them a recurring on every single month? So I would say that yeah, this is pretty much how we went about it on edge offshore ph’s would be used and And yeah talking about the even marketing sequences and all that stuff to be the middle all this stuff after you know We were sure that yes, we know how to cross You know six every single mom did already crossing six figures with decent profit margins now, you know Let’s take things to the next level. Let’s be on our selves. Let’s make more money and let’s make a customer Omega customers feel You know that we care for them, you know, so I guess like the most important thing is just get started Not perfect things, you know go ahead and go ahead and get cells play around with Facebook ads so just get profitable before you start again and thinking of all these things and guys those who are at the stage of you know, Profitable and looking to take to the next level the stuff. This just reviewing is like call any Content That should be put in a course and he just gave it to you guys So thankful for him to revealing it to you guys And I think that’s the reason why I wanted to bring him on because I knew that he’ll be provide Value to you guys, and that’s what the content I tried to put out to definitely take notes on what he’s saying But like these like how did you like to sort of get to the place where you are? like you’ve gained all this knowledge like like Toss about the princess. I always watching videos every day. Will you buy horses? Did you have a better like that’s insane You thought COO tonight. It’s so much knowledge Wow, all right. All right, I be chic in that. All right. So, um So, you know, we I got to know about e-commerce like two years back and two years back So I was added on these make money online Forums in groups where you see people posting six figures screenshots like we made a hundred thousand dollars Excuse me. So all those features and I was like, wow, this is some really huge amount of money and that was it that I am when you were struggling with internet marketing, you know, it was just uh, you know, We were just breaking you in with the other businesses that you wouldn’t do like you wouldn’t okay, if you’re not doing very well So definitely it was like really enticing for us that we really need to get into this stuff We created a Shopify store, but then coming from India again Now there are a few limitations that we face in terms of the payment gateways so we do have paper PayPal is definitely available in the country and also a But then again PayPal cannot store money also PayPal Auto withdrawal so, you know the money gets Auto get drawn every 24 hours. So the money cannot be stored there So but then again we can accept image service. Okay, Bob is there then you don’t have strive We don’t have authorize.net or any other international payment gateway that be that any of us goes off So it took us like four or five months to figure out the payment gateway stuff Because you know people going through them through those through that list of database at Shopify recommends we couldn’t have tried every possible game Hey, that’d be good in India. But then you know, we could not really figure out a deal with them so none of them was none of them for allowing us to accept international payments accept paypal so do this We do not even start, you know, we could not even run off for a stab after that You know what? We did I tell you what we did so I contacted a friend of mine from us So this guy I knew him from a couple of years. So we partnered with this guy. He opened a company in u.s a US company US bank agon us credit cards U.s. Tribe u.s PayPal all that stuff critter software store with his SSN number so that we could use our factor means so you have taken all that stuff out and That’s how you know people finally able to start a software store then or when this stuff was ready You know, we played a gamble there so You know, of course, we I took a mentor in fact much as one mentor I got a you know both my Epistle Spartan and I you’re a lot of Metroid’s Specific just for e-commerce will give us since we started so we got a mentor, you know being on some really cool stuff Initially then after you know, I would say after two months of working or you know with the shop vest or when you running the ads we draw six figures and After that, I would say four or five months so that we got another mentor. Well does cross multiple six figures and Yeah, since then things have been like that and you know you asking what knowledge definitely we saw, you know I personally I’ve seen a lot of course is your name, but you name the course. I’ve seen it Really little Shopify and I think mentors and courses and YouTube channels like yours. They definitely play a huge role Because you know you guys are going to be learning stuff really works So instead of just you know pre-recorded content that people You know bundle in courses that were clear like five years ago You are gonna know what’s working right now and what other successful guys are weighing in what people you know So people who are we making money? they’re gonna be sharing that Johnny’s having on this cherry what’s working right now, so You know, I think having mentors is really really really really order of course is definitely help Courses or knowledge mentors and of course taking action. So I think inca yeah that that’s pretty much it That was amazing He basically revealed how you know people in they say countries such as India Phillip paces sort of those countries where it’s just hard to Basically get right to work and he sort of revealed how he was able to do it So guys that I even deal in a similar country situation definitely follow what they just said but I wish What could be going about three to five months where you’re struggling to get? You know a second payment gateway you’re struggling to get basically things profitable. What kept you going? Alright I would say there were two things that really kept us going so one was feed and the second was direction, so you know speaking what faith so we I I always had faith in this business model because You don’t definitely ever seen a lot of people posting screenshots Even in sharing video recordings of their Shopify dashboards. So I was sure that these are really making money So I definitely had faith in the system because I think it’s really I think it’s very logical and practical And Vesey dropshipping happen every single day So if you go to Shaw or shock you boy if you go to a shop and your local city Or even if you go to Amazon, you know, even these guys are drop shipping, right? So they buy stuff achieve. They sell it for a higher price and that’s exactly what is happening All around us. So this business model has been in place for centuries I guess people have been you know working on this model So I really had failure in this business for number one I had faith in myself because I knew that I really want to make this money I really want to you know live that life and I wanna have freedom location independence I want to get financially free I want to achieve those six figure numbers myself So faith in this business in this business And most importantly myself. It definitely kept me going and ii was direction so I remember that for the first four months and literally wasted four or five months in just the case of not having access to Other payment gateways, but I still had access to PayPal so I did not have I do not really have anyone, you know Who told me that you could start with PayPal right away because you you know, most of his sales economy from PayPal So that is something that always you know, or kept me under the hood I cannot really go forward and last also I do not have any connection there but after four five months You know when I have partnered with the US come a might accompany God created everything was in place I had a direction that I knew and now at least I get with this this way Then when I was watching courses when I was following guys when I was boobs Facebook groups and then when I was working with mentors, you know, definitely, uh My direction I was getting very specific So first I was going in all different different directions, but then after that it was just one direction altogether so when you when you have a direction You gotta know what you need to do You’re gonna know that even if you’re not seeing profit today You’re gonna see profit tomorrow because you know that you following the right process you are in the right direction You are in the right way. So once you have that thing in place, it is definitely get you going So yeah, this is some in our faith and direction These are two things that kept me going That’s inside and I guess I really do rely with this sort of the spreading of directions because we get started. They’re just sort of Information sort of overload because there’s so many people teaching different things on YouTube on Facebook groups So I guess that’s what a metal comes in play away It gives you a base pair direction that’s been proven to work with here many students And that’s so I guess that’s what you reckon helped you find success yeah, I definitely did definitely did so mentorship and gaining knowledge From all the content that we see Ron it definitely definitely are helped me. Definitely it did and I think You know if you just go out and if you you know see success stories around Every year so behind every success story. Definitely you’re gonna have, you know, you’re gonna see a mentor so because these guys You know, it’s very bottled I meant because they would be able to tell you from their from the years and years of their experience that what is it? Then you need to do right now. So instead of you know going through thousands of videos and YouTube or going through Thousands of articles on Google or whatever it is you’re gonna know what you got on the the exact blueprint then you need to follow to Actually have results and make money. So I think that really really is very important and also You know because because you know, we’ve been in the coaching space as well. So, you know since early this year we’ve been helping Econ badi-ma. He come on a bit nervous big money and runner. He comes towards ability brands so, you know, even we’ve seen so many people transforming their income businesses in you know, like a few days not a month like we see a day in and day out like I think one of the best or one of our guys he crossed $1,000 a day using drop shipping and his profit margin as I40 Sam and then like I just recently there was a post on a Facebook group Where this guy he was struggling for like four months. Yeah and he did $25,000 after you know he Joined the program of Farsi the $25,000 that month with 20% profit margins p OD again. The other has to be ready again Merchants guy and you know, so we see these results coming day in and day out So and we know for a fact that the kind of content that we share The kind of stuff that we share it is. It is a limb sand. It’s practical, you know, maybe share what’s logical? It’s practical it is action and result oriented so we know that you know There are there’s so much misinformation out there you’re having the right man or is having mentors and Having all that stuff engage is very important and I have gone through your stuff as well, Andy I think even you’re doing a really really great shows all your stuff. So yeah, thank you so much. Nice. Not really appreciate that but you know tell everyone at Dyea Facebook group because I’ve been a part of it you just provide so much value just in the Person, this is just free values, you know every week the Praetorian nuggets But tell everyone what you’re sort of doing of the group and sort of the things you’re up to now Yes, also this the office was funny comp success he calm space success you can just spend it on Facebook calm So yeah, and he’s gonna add a link in the description. So yeah, alright, so So we started is true with a month of January this year, oh now I think we’ve going into play presently We have an auntie eight to nine thousand eyes to the droop and definitely be add a lot of value in there When you go to pin the post of the drew, very good influence. You would be able to see a lot of Premium a lot of free training and we’ve shared their so initially we wanted to launch that stuff But then they did not so we kept it free for you know people like you people like us You know when we were starting back Money am lactarius So, you know you would be able to learn a lot from the pin post or go through the case studies We share our own case studies sweet share a case studies of a students And we’ve also share a lot of stuff worth facebook ads, but we saw scaling email marketing all that stuff so the group is Polycom success and Yeah, like I said You know We seen a lot of people gain a lot of knowledge and results from these stuff from from the stuff that we’ve shared. So yeah Yeah, that’s that’s amazing guys. Definitely check out the group. Joiner It’s really reactive. He’s always missing Valley and definitely check out the free content is provided because like You know instead of choosing to actually get people to pay for it, you know be putting himself in sort of his own shoes he’s giving it out for free cuz that’s his way of giving back and I guess that’s sort of the reason why I’m giving content because if I was in my situation you Know one year ago. I wish people were giving out valuable content for free And so if not sort of pulling you along the strings to get you and basically upselling your course So I definitely want you guys to check out leashes group, but nation tell me sort of Your before and after a cough like what’s your lifestyle? Like now what’s changed like a believer the world what sort of your lifestyle how has it changed? Like what’s this a result of a common entrepreneurship for you? Yeah, so then again, definitely I’ve seen a huge difference in my life. You know now Trust me, man. So they You know, that’s when we were struggling so He was struggling with payment gateways and we were struggling financially as well You know because you do not have a direction you were doing everything that we could find this to make quick cash But now because you know, we’ve been seeing he comments a proper business. We’ve done two million dollars more than two million dollars interest ammonia You know it inconsistent six-figure mom’s helping people do it So, you know, my life has changed a lot many ways. Number one is definitely the life style So I love to travel I really love to travel so Like I sit alone. I think I have traveled to more than ten different all locations be it a broader bit of My country some really exquisite patients, you know, you can check a few pictures on my facebook profile if you want So yeah, you know, so you know, you wanna have the links to the Description definitely. So definitely a minimum travel spending more time in the family spending more time with the people. I love my friends my family And apart from that, of course, you know, we are making money consistently so you know when you are hitting concision six figures having easy profit margins you make money that you can reinvest your Servicing to be invest in the business. You can put something substantial. So now we’re working on something really big We’re and we you know the money that we made yeah, reinvesting a manicure, but, you know focusing a lot of customer service and of course, you know when you know That you’re making money on autopilot. This is a location independent business. So you you can be at any part of the world And even you know when you have a team in place, you know, things are gonna be running on automation So now we also have people running Facebook Ads for us so now because people running Facebook Ads, all the other stuff is definitely taken care of so, you know, we’ve put in to Partially it is an automation now. So we’re also enjoying, you know, the laptop lifestyle the 4-hour workweek Lifestyle, so it’s really good life has definitely changed to know it. So doing the software I love and I’m a lot happier Pockets are better now Of course, I am better go and so I see wow meeting new people great people like you so yeah, it’s been great Likewise, so I guess the 45 months of just hardships of just stress and so just basically failures after failures or paid off Definitely I cannot anymore Yeah, so what’s your advice on people who are just into dropshipping they put it two three four five months they’re trying to find success that watching YouTube videos here there and they’re just sort of on the edge of giving up or they just Find it super hard to succeed. What’s your final advice to them? Alright so number one or stick to one process at a time. So one one mistake that I made Then I see a lot of people making as there is that they are everywhere so they keep in zooming Information from every possible source that they have but that they fail to take action And even if the big action they don’t stick to one plan, so I would say that stick to one plan follow one process Across the process and don’t do well believe in yourself stick to the process keep testing, you know Testing I think with EECOM. There are no secrets. There are no secrets. The only see who they said There are no secrets because all you can do is find the right products test them well Keep testing keep learning from the stats Trust the numbers supply your brain trust numbers if you don’t have account is not working If you’re not seeing any results switch should add accounts which your business manager or maybe test different kinds of products change your strategies and all this information Definitely, you know all this information. Is there all this knowledge is there if you are singles with you right now I’m sure you know from just this source. I’m sure you would have learned a lot Maybe you can learn a lot from the platform that it currently watching us with you on so definitely You know number one sticker process keep testing have faith in yourself. It’s very important If you are here, you know if you are investing your time You know value your time value yourself or see yourself as a winner already If you’re aggressive you dive into this and if you are working so hard he even they ought to make this world my friend You better make it work and you really have no option You will make it work because that’s you know, if you’re not seeing success right now I think you are in the same is that Jeff be stops was 20 years back or Elon Musk? Well, it’s you know a number of years back. So everyone passes through this fellow this is called a silo effect so You know you this is just a phase that you apparently in but you won’t realize but trust me You’re growing like anything you cling like crazy your experiences way. So have faith in yourself Keep going and keep testing Stick to one process have the right mentor specifically for the one person stick to it to follow one specific Vision one process and I think you want to make it definitely that’s awesome That’s the perfect hitting nation guide is definitely check out nation are putting always social media in the description is Instagram Its facebook its Facebook group. So check everything out. Hopefully you guys like this interview and yeah. Peace Alright see ya. I was into it me. I hope you guys enjoyed it He dropped a lot of ballot bombs in this one interview. So definitely take notes There was a lot going like dropped in this beer. He was really generous with his advice I really recommend you guys to watch his interval over and over again take notes of all the little things he said because he definitely Has experience he’s definitely proven his knowledge in if he’s been able to hit two million dollars just in one year Definitely check out his better group and any other of his social media platforms in the link in the description below But yeah If you guys want to learn how to best piece of master dropshipping muscle e-commerce personal branding networking platform our mentorship application link in the description Don’t forget to drop a comment If you have any other questions or any requests for any other type of videos just drop in the comment below Don’t give them your my face group of e-commerce legacy That’s but if that’s where everyone just sort of networks and gets to know each other just helps basically each a lot Succeed in a concert definitely on that the year last but not least Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe you so I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. Peace

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  1. Wished the audio quality a bit better. I think he has a point with POD. I'm procrastinating right with opening my store as I feel dropshipping is saturated.

  2. Hi Andy, I'm just starting off. Now I have found the area I want to focus now, say I have a few products I found that I want to advertise, since my store is basically empty, is it a good idea to add in what i would call "filler" items to give your store some product volume?

  3. The info provided in this video is great 👍 Thank you for it! But man, if you are adding captions to the video, make sure they are correct, because seems like now they are just the same as auto-generated. Just a tip for you to make your channel better.

  4. Hello,

    I want to know the correct law/process for selling in the USA.

    I’m based in the UK (England). I want to sell merchandise through POD Print On Demand. I was thinking of using the company Printful in America to process/fulfil and send any orders I get. I was thinking of setting up a shopify account to help me market my merchandise designs.

    What I want to know is can I set up a Stripe payment system/account to accept online payments on my shopify shop?? Or do you have to have an address that is registered in the U.S. for you to get this?? i.e. be a registered citizen??

    Next even though I live in England (UK) would I need to register as a business in the US to operate my online business?
    And if so how do I register as a business in the US?

    Next Taxes, would I have to pay tax on my income in the US if the answer to the previous question is ‘yes’ you need to register as a business in the US. Or would I pay the UK tax as I am based in England (UK)

    Scouring the internet I see people talk about setting up LLP’s and things for running businesses in the US but don’t really understand what an LLP is, can you tell me?

    What else would I need to know to sell my merchandise in the US?

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