April 4, 2020
How I set up my online t-shirt store (advice, tips and tricks) | CharliMarieTV

How I set up my online t-shirt store (advice, tips and tricks) | CharliMarieTV

Hey guys, today I want to share some advice
for setting up an online store. In case you didn’t know I have a little apparel company
called Liner Note Kids that I started when I was in university, and I have actually made
a whole video on the story of how I started that little business. and on that video actually
I’ve had quite a few questions about how to set up an online store, which storefront to
choose, things like that. So i thought I would dedicate todays video to telling you all about
how I set up my store online and giving you some tips and recommendations. the hardest part of setting up an online store,
for me anyway, was choosing what site to go with. And what I found the best way to do
this was, was to write a checklist of all the things that I needed from an online storefront,
and then just keep searching, keep googling until I found the one that suited me. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Etsy, and that’s
definitely one of the most popular online storefronts, but I wanted something that i
could fully customise the look of, so that I could tie it in with my existing website,
so that just wasn’t for me. I also didn’t wan tto pay anything over and above the normal
paypal sellers fees because I wasn’t selling that many tshirts and I wanted to try spend
as little on the setup as possible. I also needed something that was easy to use obviously,
and I also wanted to be able to list as many items as I wanted for sale. Finding something that was that good, but
also free was really difficult but one day just through random googling I stumbled across
a storefront called Storenvy. Storenvy suits me perfectly, first of all because its totally
free to use. A lot of other site options I looked at did have free plans but it turned
out with them that you could only list five items or so for sale which isn’t ideal if
you’re like me and wanting to put out collections, maybe with tshirts in a bunch of different
colours and mens and womens versions so that just wasn’t gonna work. But with Storenvy
I can list as many items as I want, and I can also organise them into collections which
is perfect for me. They also let you have full access to the CSS and HTML of your store
which was awesome because I could blend it in with my current website like I wanted to.
I wouldn’t really recommend playing around with that though if you’re not really into
coding. There is options to customise the colours and things like that just in the standard
theme so if coding’s not your strong point do that instead. Once you’ve picked the storefront option that
you’re gonna go with and had a bit of a play around with it, obviously the next step is
to list items for sale, and a tip for this is definitely to take clear, good-looking
photos of everything. When I’m shopping, if its for clothes, I really like to see what
items look like on a person so that’s what I’ve done for the photos on my store. But
you obviously have to decide what works best for you. Make sure you describe your items really well
too, and if there’s tagging options in the storefront you’ve picked make sure you tag
them well. A good percentage of the sales that i get actually come through the storenvy
marketplace. every item that you list for sale on Storenvy goes into their general marketplace
so if someone just searches on Storenvy the site, not your particular store, they could
find items in your store which relate to the terms that they’ve searched. Even though they
weren’t looking for your store in particular which is really cool. And I wouldn’t have
gotten those sales if I hadn’t tagged my items properly. Make sure your store has a good FAQ section
also just so that customers can read a bit more about you and see that you’re trustworthy.
It’s also a really good idea to clearly state how long shipping will take, that’s especially
important for me because, as you can probably tell from my accent if you didn’t know, I
live in New Zealand so all of the items I ship come from here so they take much longer
than average to get anywhere basically and a lot of my customers are from the US and
they’re used to shipping obviously being one or two days, so its important I state that
really clearly so that there’s no nasty surprises. So if you’re just up front and honest about
everything you shouldn’t have any problems. And that’s pretty much it really. I mean if
you’ve got the merchandise already then getting set up with an online store isn’t really that
hard. Like I mentioned the hardest part is actually just choosing which storefront to
use. And I highly recommend storenvy for that. They’re not paying me to make this video I
just think they’re absolutely awesome and I’ve had such a good experience with them
so I’ll leave a link to storenvy down below so you can check it out and see if it might
be right for your online store. And if you’re interested in checking out my store then I’ll
leave a link to that below as well. If you found this video interesting or maybe it helped
you out somewhat then please give this video a thumbs up and if you’ve got any other questions
that maybe I didn’t answer during this video, feel free to leave them down below in the
comments. I’ll see you guys next time. bye!

69 thoughts on “How I set up my online t-shirt store (advice, tips and tricks) | CharliMarieTV

  1. This was a really interesting video, Charli! I kinda wanna set up my own store to sell T-shirts one day, so it was really cool hearing your experiences 🙂

  2. A friend of mine really wants to start up an  online store so will be sending her the link to this video!! 

  3. Charli, could you recommend any website that would work for selling Graphics like designs, WordPress themes, buttons etc.? I see there are people on Storenvy that are selling such things but it's mostly for clothing and accessories. Or maybe any WP plugin that works well?

  4. I got a question: how do you get your designs from a sheet of paper or on the computer to a plastic sheet that you can screen print with? Do you take it to a printing shop?

  5. Hi Charli, what great videos!  Thank you for sharing to help other curious ambitious artists around the globe.One question (my apologies if it's a repeat from any other comments):What have you found works best for packaging/labeling/shipping of your tshirts?  Any tips?Thank you 🙂

  6. Great video! Thanks for the input and sharing what has worked for you. I am checking out Storenvy right now per your suggestion. I want to be able to customize and have it be easy to use. Question. Do you use a dropshipper for your products? If so how easy is it to upload the products to storenvy? Thanks for the video!! =)

  7. Im curious as to how you manage your online inventory for your store? How do yo avoid selling out of an item and having customers continue to order it from your website?

  8. another good one is BigCartel. I use both of them, Storenvy and Bigcartel, and they are both nice. Thanks for the video btw i love your channel

  9. New Zealand- wow!! 🙂 Greetings from Los Angeles! 🙂 Watching your tshirt playlist now. So many hearts to give! <3

  10. Top video! Much appreciation for making a video like this. It's good to hear your tips and advice as I am just starting out with my t-shirt brand. Big thanks from the U.K.

  11. Hey, Thanx for the vedio 🙂 ,, but i dont know any thing about marketing so im wondering how can i deliever the items to native customers ??

  12. i have a question. on the site you use (storenvy.com) how does the shipping time work? my main concern is giving an accurate shipping time frame since my online business is not my primary job. its a way for me to make some extra money and if it leads to me being able to quit my day job then i will but until i am able to do that. i work full time and may not be able to ship orders immediately. what would you recommend in a situation like that?

  13. Hi there, thank you for posting your videos, they have been very helpful for me! I'm looking into starting to sell my own screen printed shirts & tanks, but am wondering how you go about custom ordering. Do you buy your blanks in bulk, all sizes, and just screen print from there? I'm wondering how many I should be starting with, and looking into the best place to buy my blank shirts.

  14. I wanted to ask you if i can link my shopify account to my Storenvy account, so the orders will be processed automatically, as i don't have my products stocked somewhere. It is all order-on-demand

  15. well you are doing some muddy job for the company where you have your web site. There is NO option to contact them with question without registering ……. why not ???
    Also there is NO answer for price if you do have more than 500 item on your site ??
    To me it looks like as a side business from FB
    any way wish you the best

  16. HI soon I'm gonna migrate in NZ and I'm a t-shirt printer. is there a fortune for me with the skills that i have?

  17. Hi Charlie ! All of your T-shirt Business videos are so so helpful but i wanna ask you some questions that i m looking for like legal stuff.Please make a video or please reply.What type of licenses we need to have our own clothing business as company and for having online store and selling products online.Please reply or write a Blog something about it in detail, i m looking for it from a really long time.Thanku 🙂

  18. Hi! <3 I'm new in your community, I just was wondering… what do you think about wix paid platform in shirt sales? Im thinking about it… but I dont know

  19. thanks for the awesome tips!
    I have a quick question… i was looking at Storenvy and saw that they wanted 10% of sales or something… didn't understand it quite well.. could you give me more info on what that means for you and your store?

  20. HiI'm looking into the mindfield of online shop set ups..I design and make my own handmade cards..I'm a It nervous at the min as to finding the right platform but I will look up stone envy

  21. Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "make money selling t shirt designs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Diyaaroih Shirtify Explosion – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got amazing results with it.

  22. Do you own a store or a brand? Do you need help with your social media and sales? Looks we can help you 🙂 Good vibes !

  23. Charlie, thanks, love your videos. Your video helped in deciding which store to use. I'd like some more help and guidance so could you please email me on [email protected] so I could have a longer Q&A Interaction with you.

  24. Hi I am tshirts manufacturer India Mumbai all types of clothing Lycra sinkar 100 % cotton in very cheap price only wholesale

  25. What if you don’t make the T-shirt’s you just design them? I have a bunch of different designs for T-shirt’s and more but I can’t actually make them myself. Any ideas on how to make a store where people can buy these designs in shirts and stuff from another place?

  26. Thank you for sharing good info 🙂 !! Can I share some tips out here? At current, these days most of the people loving to buy their own unique customized t-shirt. As a business entrepreneur, by integrating "custom t-shirt design software" into the store, will bring a unique shopping experience to the buyers!! #fit4bond, is one of the best platform to buy advanced t-shirt design software by using current technologies!! They offer many hot trending features like online measurement, 3D virtual fitting room with mix and match technologies, Augmented reality/Virtual reality and so on.

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