April 9, 2020
How i make $1000 per day using shopify free traffic | make money

How i make $1000 per day using shopify free traffic | make money

How i make $1000 per day using shopify free
traffic Exactly how I make thousand dollars per day
was an absolute feat dropping through my Shopify store. Hey hey Heritage’s welcome to another video
in this video that we’re showing you how you can get shopify absolute free traffic do your
shopping for a store and get savings out of it. So make sure to watch this video completely
and understand each and every steps correctly and make sure you go down this video and click
on the to subscribe button. And purrs on the by like an and click on to
get my video’s notification at the first. The first step is to find out your winning
product. I have made a detailed video and how can you
find your new product. If you haven’t seen those videos then not
click on this just part of the video that is coming up in the sections in this video. I’d not be showing how you can find your winning
product. This video is completely based on how can
you drive free dropping through your shopping if I stop. So in this I’ll be showing you. We didn’t dose drinks and trips. I’m just picking up my products of any product
I have made it. The detail would just make sure the first
of that would go first. So next we didn’t those techniques and tricks
that I am using for finding out might have been incorrect. I’m searching for in this in this section
that is I am finding in this section as a beauty and heat product. shopify free traffic You and help for it and
starting out here. And after finding out those annoying bird
I’ll show you how can you drive free traffic to your store right now. So we didn’t this I’ll be. I have gone things that our communist simple
words I’ll be showing some of the steps that I’m using for finding out my reading path. First of all I’m going to exert outcome as
usual and in the right section I’m going for the beauty and happiness. Once I in the beauty and health Nish we didn’t
mind set. shopify challengesAnd my great deviants and
electing this product I am God this bird as my winning part of it is Gab good to some
eye curler something that is already being sold us fifteen sustain itself. This opera has been done to now it does for
profit margin is around. Behind my product costs on this one. It has a profit margin also that I have made
a video on how can you find out just winning products. Just make sure you watch the video first. So in the for this video this is I I’m choosing
for example as this product as my input. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to just
copy the name of the exact product and next step is trying to find out a Facebook video
ad copy so I’m going to Facebook bottom and in that Facebook I’m going for searching this
exact name of the product that has been already given an exact outcome in that I’m searching
for this guy. This product name here runs this birth name. I have. This if you had come up here you can see these
videos have it is there we just I think get a nice ad copy of the info from the influencers
of the company here. Here you can see the video has started out
in this video showing a girl that is using this eyeliner and these results are very nice
for a photo of them. For instance I want to show you that and tell
you that the beauty and health measures are very good. free traffic shopify wanted so hailed here
he can see it as an uncertainty to get a thousand views of this ad copy. That means it is made sense of. He was not done no sales and only can I have
shown he already has bought gotten fifteen thousand fifteen dollars students right now. So here we go. We are in the shop and the store of the product. So here I am sure given the review of the
store also so that you can model your store. Also in that using this that using this statics
their statistics are not quite idiots. Here we can see this story is looking very
nice. It has now only two colors. That is our primary criteria for making our
building our own store the product. free traffic to shopify . Some product we
decided. Here you can see. This store is looking very nice and I hope
this I know who shopify traffic I use I am turning this on it is getting since a huge
tons of St.. If you want to build this is the store I want
to see OK. This is a nice exact looking store that I
am building right now for my site myself. Also here you can see we have reviews also
our reviews of the most bad things. Cause this really impedes the customer trust
for buying from yourself. So this is they have their own customer account
numbers or contact us anytime anything. Logos they have already built up. They have some now tons of products. Also they’re there. So one thing I want to say and does that the
same bunch is the key guys. This their law store is not looking a different
color. They are. They are having just do gooders. That is right one white black for writing
the dildos. Everybody should write dated in black on me. And next one go to instagram shopify this
bank that is suitable for women. This story is going to be based on stores
and women’s. So once this store has been built up will
be a story I’ve done your product. Next thing to go through. Then next thing that comes up is for the fun
getting free traffic Peter Shopify stop for this thing you can go to Google and such for
free ad forum classified ads. This is the website that has come up. Bad debt gets thrown thousands and thousands
of people visiting Pirate Day. That means that this is giving us a full on
and he would show huge marketing appeal so that. We can list our ads. And in this in this section in the upside
you can post your ads for free of course and within. As this guy as this site has getting tons
of traffic each and every day you can see we can get. This is for us for this. If I stalk begin and get large soft traffic
to our store right now if you post an. And to this website. And one more thing is that this site is absolutely
free of cost for posting audio. And that is it. Then it is not taking any kind of time for
this. Our product is instagram dropshipping and
beauty nation of Tucson so far this we need to board before sales here and I have already
been done with this with this website and all four in the same section for same section
I am going to health then beauty niche and beauty section ones we are in health and beauty
sections. We have opened up this dozens of ads that
people are already start in this room. So here you can see all a premium website
but I’m not going for premium. I’ll go for free ads for this here against
it. There are tons of ads that is coming up here
so like this we need to boost our ad for this site instagram dropshipping so that people
can see or see our ads and come to our store and purchase from us. It’s as easy as it’s been seen so here. First you have to do is you need to make an
account of this race to them and post your ad for free here. So I have already done my account here. I have visited an island you can see I’m logged
in for my account right now. So the conclusion is pretty very easy. Yes you need to give a name in detail something
usually you can create your own account. You can create here. Once you have created your account you need
to go to the publisher add sections right now. So once you are in public publish your ad
section here against you. There are tons of getting it is that you can
choose from here. So our categories is in beauty and has niche. So we are as we are in beauty and help this
search for this category. It was in four states and in the health and
beauty in each category we are in. So now it is time for finding out your title
descriptions and price for the product.how to get traffic to your shopify store Once
you find out so that section we need to go through it again to our store that you have
already we will find this one. So from the store we’ll copy the exact title
of the product here. Once we have taken the exact title of this
product you need to give the exact item in that section also. Here again see we can get all the data that
you have already been done for your store right now. So once you have done this data list and all
descriptions you should write for them converting for as your as your descriptions or do you
should do it in such an optimized data as you should make and descriptions. You should make. So once you have made this one I’ll make a
deal with you and then my next video helping you are as you are based the discussions and
titles. So once you have done this one need to be
the same distinctions here. Here you can see some Facebook icon is dead. It’s not required anymore. This this icon here. So once you can see how it has been set about
descriptions has been done so exact description has been done. Next comes is time for the prices on all. So while there were the prizes for this product
they have given a base of zero and they are just covering up the shipping cost. That said that is free plus shipping model
def following up and it has been working for me also pretty well so you can go and go for
this one also and as you have the prices zero people are willing to buy more because people
likes free things. OK so one’s this one is done unit your product
whatever country you are in so my basic country for selling my product is in United States
so I’ll keep on making United States as my country that you can choose whatever reason
you want to give whatever this is things that year and next is coming from your website
link so you should give your product not Arabs I think just exact purchasing that you are
going to sell the you under sell right now. So the exact product line you should copy
here and did you just go for our website. We have said now part and give the exact copy
exact product link it you can see there are of thousands automatically adds another poster. So next thing is the keywords these are the
exact thing that people are going to search for. And once this search your ads are coming up
and you even some sales. This is the exact step that I’m using for
getting feedback. One more day and I tell you here is after
to give one the keywords like I have given health and beauty need one more thing I will
tell you one more thing is that after you have done your feasible guide you are getting
sales then only you do this one. This may be working and this is working for
me. The men may look for you and may not be but
it dropshipping free traffic is getting some extra amount of sales if they
are getting from some of it is for free traffic. It’s really worth it for this slab given I’m
not getting tons of sales but when I’m getting sales with this this Barber this pretty well
works pretty well for me. So next thing first my not his mom not my
primary source my primary source is Facebook. If you want to see how I’m making five thousand
dollars per week using instagram free traffic and six thousand dollars a day using Facebook
ads then make sure to check these two cool videos right now.

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