April 1, 2020
How I make $1,000 a day SELLING VIDEO GAMES !!!

How I make $1,000 a day SELLING VIDEO GAMES !!!

What is going on Amazon sellers or hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers, my name is beau crabill And in today’s video I will be discussing and showing you how I am making $1000 a day by selling video games Now what I want to discuss through this video is going to be the following I’m gonna explain to on why selling video games online is a good business What types of video games can you sell? typical margins you can kind of expect with video games the difference between selling video games online and in-store I’ll be talking about What about consoles and accessories? How much money do you need to actually get started with selling video games where to go sell video games? Exactly how I’m making over $1000 a day by selling video games and how you can get started With the process of selling online or selling video games. So what are we discussing throughout? This video is me selling on specific platforms like Amazon eBay and Walmart If you don’t know how to sell on Amazon or Ebay or Walmart, that’s totally fine My youtube channel is all about that You can feel free to check out and subscribe to my youtube channel to learn more about that However, what I want to discuss right now is why video games? So the reason why video games is a good category or good products to sell is for multiple reasons So on my youtube channel I talk about making sure I’m selling inventory that is consistent and I can sell all Year round I’d much rather have a source of inventory that I can sell 365 days out of the year that does consistently well instead of some products that do amazing Just for the holidays or just for one season I like to definitely have my business be as passive as possible and very consistent and video games fit that category Because there’s always video games being made. There’s always new video games coming out. There’s always gonna be demand for them I guess a good example for this is comparing it to like mac books or computers Let’s say if you wanted to go sell some Apple Mac books, right? Yeah, Mac books, definitely sell all year round, but there’s not really a large selection from them So they’re both in demand all year round. However, I’m also wanting to go for a wide selection And the reason for that is so I can actually scale it up So if you take Apple MacBooks, for example, there will be MacBook Airs the MacBook Pros and there’s like desktops There’s not really a wide selection from them with video games. There’s tens and thousands of different video games out there I mean just look how many publishers are out there Warner Brothers Bandai right Nintendo There’s so many different publishers that are always making new new video games you have a new NBA 2k game that comes out every single year a new Madden game that comes out every single year whether it’s Like Mario Party 9 now and Mario Kart 12, it’s always new new video games coming out Which is I really like about that Now what I want to discuss is about the types of video games I’m selling and where I’m selling them at So obviously I’m selling any type of Xbox Playstation Nintendo games, right? We all understand that switch games and Where I’m selling them on our eBay Amazon and Walmart. That’s how I’m making the money and selling it That’s where my customers are buying from. Can you so on your own website? Yeah I think believe it’s much easier to sell on Amazon eBay and Walmart just because that’s what consumers are already going and they trust and Theirs I’d say two avenues to go about with video games You can be selling used video games or new ones and that just going to depend on how you’re sourcing our inventory sourcing use video games, obviously The routes of going about that is you can sometimes buying bulk of the used video games Maybe you just have some laying around or you hustle out like on Craigslist to Facebook marketplaces Or maybe you own a retail store that sells video games to accept trade-ins if you plan to sell those online If you’re a brick and mortar store, you want to go sell your used video games. I would highly suggest looking into eBay Can you sell them on Amazon? Yeah, Walmart, not so much but eBay is going to be the ideal platform from that reason I liked some used video games as well. It’s simply there’s large profits with that I mean kind of discussing more about using new video games But where I actually do most of my sales for selling video games is actually off selling new brand new Sealed in the box in the plastic selling them on Amazon. So Amazon is a platform. It’s a pretty much an online shopping mall People are looking for new products and Amazon will prefer sellers who are selling new So now we have that clear. Now. What I want to discuss is the difference between selling in online So selling video games online and in store and this is actually be a good segue into when I get into What are the best video games to sell so to? Understand this the whole industry of video games if you take Gamestop For example what their business model is is they’re selling new games to believe the new releases So if Madden 19 comes out this month, they’re going to be selling that. However most their profits are not actually coming off of selling new Video games new releases so they’re not gonna make much money selling the new matter but where they’re actually gonna make the money is off the use games they’re selling and how do they get there use games off the trade-ins of the new releases they sold so let’s say they sell 1000 madden 19 video games for xbox the Wii or the switch and PlayStation right and let’s say three months down the road kids are bored playing with them now football season’s over with they go trade them in and Now, let’s say you can probably go buy the madden at 19 for maybe $40 used gamestop is probably going to accept it for $10? So they’re gonna accept it for $10 go flip around for 40 that’s where they’re gonna go make their profits because if they’re selling a new game for $59.99 keep in mind they’re gonna have a merchant account fee So to accept a credit card, they’re gonna have anywhere between a one and a half three percent fee. They’re gonna have employees They’re gonna have rent in their store and their profit margins to off that new release is not very good They’re most likely buying it for 51, 52 if they’re lucky $50 off that video game. So at the end of the day, they’re not making their parents breaking even off that new release But they’re gonna make their money off the use games. So what does that to do with you wanting to sell video games online? Well that opens up a lot of avenues for sellers selling online because Amazon remember what I said this Amazon prefers sellers selling new conditions of products so There are video games where? The best video that I noticed seemed to sell is not the new releases because you’re not gonna make any money selling those Online because you can have shipping fees you have amazon fees so you can throw out new releases however, where there’s typically profits to be made is off video games that are selling anywhere from $15 to $45 range And they came out as early as three months ago or even up to two Four or five ten years ago and selling them in new condition Now many people watch you offer those at wholesale level as I’ll talk about that later But those would be the types of video games you want to be selling? so now before I get into on exactly how I am making my selling these video games and Explain to you on how you can get started with this Let me explain – a couple things one is going to be about what about consoles and accessories? So yeah, you can make money by selling consoles and accessories online I’ve done it I make a good amount of what he’s selling consoles just like this all the time If you want some consoles, just let me know and I can send you a link to get your consoles for cheaper However with that there’s definitely a higher entry level for them And usually if someone’s beginning to sell online, I don’t really recommend getting into the accessories and console category There’s a lot of upside to it. But typically there’s a lot more money involved to starting out with say for example You have to buy ten of these to even make an order with the supplier you’re looking at around $2,000 to even get 10 consoles and there’s gonna be Sometimes a little lower margins with them as well. But there’s definitely other avenues – I’m not gonna get an ad That’s more advanced topic which I would discuss later However, now what I want to discuss is about the capital needed to start selling video games so this is another reason I’m making this video and kind of giving you kind of very easy beginner steps to go about but with video games I would say it’s a category and Actually made a YouTube video on breaking down like the best categories to sell on Amazon and that was really good video Got a lot of good responses, but with video games You can definitely get started with a pretty low amount of capital. I make orders all the time of a few hundred bucks $250 and if you have a thousand dollars or so you definitely get started with video games So now what I want to discuss with you is the process that I go about With selling video games and how I’m actually making money with them So what I do is I figure out what’s a good video game to sell. I source those video games from suppliers And these are the same suppliers that happen to also sell the gamestop Best Buy Costco Walmart buy from them In my Amazon courses I go over on how to get your account set up with and how to go find suppliers I’m not gonna discuss discuss about that in this video, but if you want to learn more about that, I deaf we Go over my Amazon course, but however, I work with the suppliers and I build relationships with them That’s also something I talk about my Amazon course about building relationships That’s me another important factor But I get access to their products and get their Prices and then I buy them in bulk. And then I send them to an Amazon Fulfillment Center so the reason why I do this is because when you’re selling on Amazon What happens is you can fulfill your inventory in two ways You can ship it yourself Or you can on Amazon to ship it for you as I told your own in this video. Amazon prefers sellers selling new right? They’re also gonna prefer sellers that are allowing. Amazon to do the work for filming through FBA allowing them You put them into their fulfillment center. They ship out and give you prime shipping So I do that and repeat the process and that’s really it and the margins I’m looking for when I’m selling video games I’d like to say at the minimum of around 10 percent But I’m really focused on this thing called turnover rates on how fast and quick I can turn over those video games So let’s say I’m getting 10% So what I mean by this if I invest $1,000 into some video games and I have a 10 percent ROI on them meaning that all profit $100 by selling those thousand dollars video games So that thousand dollars gets turned to $1,100 which if you’re an investor You’re been a stock market you’ve been in real estate you realize that’s Amazing to do that in a month time if I can do that in two weeks or even in the worst case four weeks That’s great. I’ve typically what I’ve seen with the video games I’ve sold before and that’s really it So that’s just repeat the process You buy video games you send them to Amazon you flip them over get them turn over you take the profits and then reinvest So if you’re curious about starting this process with not just selling video games But selling products online because you can do this with any type of category, right? I’m making this video just about video games because those are things I’ve sold before but to be very honest with you I’ve made money by selling gloves on Amazon. I’ve made money by selling laptops Consoles I’ve made money by selling food chips bricks. I mean not bricks I mean the little like electronic brick things, right? But there’s a lot of different products you can sell you sell clothes you can sell toys. It’s the same process what I just explained to you with that So if you want to learn more about that I’ll actually have a link down below that you can actually get registered for this special workshop. It’s an online workshop I’ll be going over very soon. So she’ll be in the next couple days and there’s definitely limited spacing with it So you just gotta put in your information and you’ll get access to that online workshop and I’ll see you there live It’s not going to be a recorded Workshop I make every single of my live webinars Actually live, so I’ll see you on there You can ask any questions and it also makes her subscribe to this YouTube channel, and you can learn more about selling on amazon Ebay and walmart an all ecommerce things. Have a great day If you have any questions at all, leave your questions down in the comments, and I will reply back to you Feel free to follow me on any type of your favorite social media channel at Beau Crabill. So B-E-A-U C-R-A-B-I-L-L and have a great day

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  1. I don’t currently use wholesalers for video games but this is so true…. currently picking up used PS3s for $60-80 easily can get $150-$180… on amazon…. it’s insane

  2. I'm debating whether to go into Shopify dropshipping or Amazon. I got a few questions if you dont mind answering.

    Where do you get the traffic from?

    Do you have to do a lot of Ad testing with Amazon like you do with Shopify + Facebook ads?

    How much money minimum, would you need to start on Amazon?

    If I invested my full time into Amazon, how long would it take someone to get their product listed into a good ranking?

    Thanks for the content! Im a new viewer that saw your Youtube ad!

  3. Shut the hell.up.and quit spamming my.youtube with your.broke af .videos….1000 a day my ass. Looking like you bought that jacket at goodwill ass boi….u broke af faggits no pus c gettin ass boi…lose my number

  4. Hi Beau, thanks for the video, good info. I'm interested in your course. Question, in your experience which categories have the biggest ROI? I'm new at this, so a better question would be, if you were staring and had a couple of thousand to invest (lest say 1.5k in a good course and tools and 2-3 to invest on product) which category, product, strategy, etc. ….what road would you take?

  5. Selling video games is great! Every now and then there are times where i can get well over 50% margins on certain games. I just started selling consoles such as the 1TB PS4.

    A SSBM guy huh? You have a challenger approaching! Who is your main?

  6. Hey beau, I’ve recently subbed and started watching your vids from way back trying to catch up. Looking to possibly get into the course, I heard you say you may have a payment plan for the course offered? That’s something I’d be interested in if you don’t mind sending me some info, thanks. Great videos by the way. Loving your methods of fba selling vs the whole youtube community of private labelers.

  7. yo, I have a supplier that is selling games, but I can't find margins with them😔So I'm sticking with the one I have right now, but I'll still be on the lookout to find some games to sell. Do you have a preference between digital or physical copies?

  8. Hey Beau
    The wholesale distributors that I have a nice relationship with are huge distributors. One of them has over 1,000,000 skus and supplies Amazon themselves. I buy many products from them and make a decent profit. I must say that video games is one thing I can't get close to. You are typically talking about a few dollars profit and after shipping and selling fees you are loosing money. I noticed that other people commented the same thing down below so I am not the only one with this opinion. If you really want to help your listeners out than you might want to address this issue that we are having.

  9. Video games is a huge category and mostly ungated, but Id like to take you up Beau on "where to source consoles for less tip!" Ive been in retail arbitrage for years and are really looking at Wholesale for longevity. What's your console tip?

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  11. Hello Beau!! I’m a Military War Veteran n I have been looking at Videos on this Amazon selling for months!! Just just ran Across yours n I can understand your videos so well!! I’m new never done this before so I need some guidance on how to get started!! Live webinars, 1on1 class anything I can get!! I need to know the best way and product I should Start with $300.00 and build from there. I have seller account (Free one) laptop, scale, scanner, just need to be taught the ropes of a starting point and grow from there!! Please help looking forward to your response

  12. I'm a little confused and seeking clarification here in one of your videos top 5 best categories to sell you state that video games has a con of low variety or not very broad category but in this video you're saying that there is a variety so I'm a little confused can you clarify? thank you.

  13. What are your thoughts on pre-ordering games brand new from Best Buy or Game Stop that will be released soon and flipping those on eBay. Is there a market for that?

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  15. I dont make anywhere near 1000k but I pick up good stuff all the times from my local thrift store i flip ( commodore monitor, dirt cheap games ) it never hurts to look around those types of places

  16. Sorry but I don't believe you made $1000 profit it in one day. I believe that you have rich parents and you want to become a consultant but in my opinion you never made $1000 selling video games in a day. If so show us proof

  17. Lmfao. You seem to be a complete scammer. Title says making $1000 a day in video games but later in the video, you talk about how about investing $1000 to make a 10% return in 2-4 weeks. You didn’t name any specific titles you have been selling to make this $1000 a day. $1000 a day selling video games. Lmao. Video games is one of the lowest return of profit items you can sell unless you have a magical supplier of vintage video games new and sealed. Major retailers probably make $2-$3 off of new games. This seems like a ploy to get people to subscribe to your web seminar. 365k a year just selling video games yet it looks like you’re in a empty office with a MAC book and Xbox.

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