April 10, 2020

100 thoughts on “How I Made $1000/DAY At AGE 15 Scamming GameStop #storytime (How To Make Money As a Teenager)

  1. If you think 8 dollars is not much as cashiere your terribly wrong i make 6 dollars an hour and im 16 but we do get to sit in chairs while scanning but still its more than minimum wage

  2. I agree people are stuck with you have to go to get a job to make money or college to make real money. I hated school and with a learning disability found a loop hole at the time where if u take your GED test during the age 16 – 18 at the school they hand your over a high school diploma with the school name on it. I went that route at age 16 "graduated" by Christmas treeing the test (don't ask me) after the 5th time they got tired of me and passed me lol. I started a website in 2004 for fun but it become something way more than I expected. Me nor my wife or kids will never have to work again. We didn't have YouTube or near as much tutorials online when I was a teen. There is so much free knowledge online today take advantage of it.

  3. i would be scared to talk ideas with bc u would just interrupt me mid talking with a better, more advanced idea… ure kinda fascinating hah

  4. I did this with broken iphones. I found a guy in Iraq who would pay $300USD for a broken iphone 4 for "parts" in 2018. I could get the iphones for under $10 in the states easily. I literally made so much i was scared the IRS was gonna notice the money getting deposited into my bank and audit me.

  5. Been watching your videos for years Sarah, and I have to tell you that besides your accent, I love as well your background story and your awesome cartoons which adds so much value to the video.

    How much they cost you? And were are you hiring people to do these for ya?

    Thanks Boss😋😉😎

    Adrian Diaz👋

  6. So how come you don't include the url to your video game selling website? I'd be see how you build and what games do you sell.

  7. So she was mad she was only making 35 dollars when she was only working 5 hours for 1 day a way 8×5 is 40 so that sounds about right

  8. wow your so smart. I really like and trust your authenticity. Ur by far my favorite entrepreneur on youtube and you deserve all the best of success. I would love to chat with you one day, I feel like we would have a great conversation. I love your accent by the way, very pleasant speaking tone =)

  9. Haha fuck Gamestop. Every time the topic of Gamestop comes up on the Internet, the comments get filled of people with horror stories of shopping there.

  10. Hates honest work. Scams honest retail stores. Brags about it and insults people with real jobs. This is why people hate rich people

  11. cool and inspirational but would only work in a country with these specific conditions..also if your country doesn't have socialized medicine then that 2-300 a day is going to be just about enough for rent and healthcare.

  12. 15 yr old playing ps4

    got 2 controlers both are bad and black color.oh i need a new one
    will call those controler 1 & 2

    me:hey gamestop id like to buy that preown black controler(will call this 3)

    gets home sets it down controler 3, picks up controler 1.

    goes back to gamestop

    hey game stop i just bough this it isnt working

    ok exchange for anouther preowned.

    takes new preowned black home puts it down grabs controler 2

    goes back to gamestop
    hey its still having issues can i just pay the diffrence of a used to new and just get a new i dont feal like making more trips if it dont work again

    gamestop: sure

    me:we i gess if im buying new can i get the gold

    and that my folks is how i scammed game stop and made off with 3 working controlers for the price of 1 new controler🤣

  13. Hold up, You say you were selling games to gamestop at the age of 15 when the legal age to sell games is 18,I smell bullshit,Stop telling fake stories or if they’re not fake make sure u have full details in the video.

  14. So let me get this straight, it's like a treasure hunt finding bad games around the world and later trading them in for credit and money.

  15. Title says "scammed GameStop." Within first minute admitted that she didn't really scam GameStop. I think I'm the one that got scammed.

  16. I feel old when you talk about being 15 year old like it was so long ago, but then you talk about using amazon, when I was 15 I was putting up an away messages on AIM

  17. I feel like I have this mindset like when stuff happens I get so excited and have all these ideas to make it better and more creative but I’m not where to start. Anyone think they could help me out?

  18. Dang the most I’ve ever gotten was $225 in one day from selling wood, I’m trying to do online Shopify drop shipping and tee spring and I’ve not made any money and I’ve spent Waugh to much time on it

  19. guys i need your help. i have 3 games and trading them in will be 46 dollars. the games are pokemon soul sliver, pokemon diamond, and pokemon platinum. is that a good deal?

  20. The only problem with starting a business online before 18 for me is that my parents have blocked my card from purchasing online or even linking it to anything. I am 17, I am not that dumb to fall into scams…

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