April 9, 2020
How I did $6500 in commissions in a week (5 hours of work) and without my own product!

How I did $6500 in commissions in a week (5 hours of work) and without my own product!

hey but waiting whole weekend for this
is hey to show you guys behind the scenes of my business of how just the
other week I did sixty-five hundred dollars in commissions and by
commissions I mean I didn’t even have to have my own product and it just took a
week and it wasn’t eight hours a day it wasn’t a forty hour or 60 hour work
week it was actually just minimal hours I probably put in my own time about like
five hours of work myself to make the Commission’s it was totally cool and I
want to show you guys behind the scenes of this it’s never before seen because
it just happened so I just put together this training for you guys so I’m gonna
check here and see that we’re live on Facebook if you guys are here live on
Facebook let me know hashtag live in the comments you guys are watching the
replay you could do a hashtag replay I’m live-streaming right now on Facebook
we’re in the Facebook group hey Charles and we should be streaming in to you
bring the mic over into YouTube yes so my youtube friends I’ll make sure to
check on let me mute that on your comment too because I like my YouTube
buddies so let me know too if you guys are new to my audience or not new I know
I had a ton of new people join the Facebook group and a ton of new people
subscribe to my youtube channel and that’s what I want to show you in this
training too because here I’ll just cut to the chase hood how I did the sales is
because I have a audience so some of you guys might be thinking well of course
you could do it Rachel of course you can make sales and whatever it was whatever
you promote because you already have people in a Facebook group or you
already have people on your YouTube or you already have people on your email
list but the truth is I don’t have that many people like it’s a pretty small
community like and even with the small community you guys can make sales also
you can get even better than I am at your like conversion rates so I want to
show you guys all of that so we got six people on YouTube watching so say hi
if you’re there hey Lucy hey Rebecca hey Craig cool what we’re gonna do is I’m
gonna screen Sheree because I want to show you guys exactly behind the scenes
of everything like the plan that I did how I picked the product to promote how
I promoted it how I planned it out so I wasn’t just guessing every day what to
do I think a lot of people here you just don’t know what to do like let me know
what it what kind of business you’re into are you doing affiliate marketing
and you want to make commissions or do you have your own products digital
products courses do you have services coaching ecommerce is it physical
products so this will work for affiliate marketing because I’m gonna show you the
affiliate marketing but it’ll also work if you have your own product yeah hey
Kevin hey Michelle so let me mute this and and then all I’m gonna do a Q&A at
the very end but I’ll try to like monitor the comment too but I think we
have a ton of people here we just sent out an email blast and we just sent out
a chatbot blast plus a lot of people RSVP’d to the event plus a lot of people
are getting notifications I’m going live in the group or they’re getting
notifications that I’m going live on YouTube and that’s what I want to show
you to like how to get people to show up well we could have called this also Lucy
yeah you do affiliate marketing with clickfunnels and some others nice yeah
so I’ve gotten lots of results with click funnels and click funnels products
to using the methods that I’m going to show you hey Wesley Wesley is watching
over from YouTube super cool he says he does affiliate marketing and let’s see okay I’m gonna do my screen share and I’ll
just have like my voice so this is how identity’ sixty-five hundred dollars in
commissions in one week of five hours of work with out having my own product so
just for you guys who don’t know who I am my name is Rachel
nice to meet you if I don’t already know you but I know a lot of you guys
watching and if I don’t know you yet I hope to get to know you so be sure to
engage during this so I have a six-figure affiliate marketing business
from home just sit in sit in here in my swivel chair I mean sometimes I gotta
work from the couch or sometimes I go work from the coffee shop or sometimes
I’ll work from like a hotel if I’m traveling um yeah Philly marketing and
then a six-figure only education business – I mean it’s like the same
business but there’s the affiliate marketing part of it where I don’t have
to do fulfillment on my own products just make commissions and then the part
where I do have my own courses and coaching and then I make money online
leader on Facebook and YouTube Facebook being this Facebook group that’s rapidly
growing every single day we’re getting like like 50 people a day now scaling up
and then on YouTube that you know you get what you put in so I’m gonna show
you guys a lot of that how you can have it grow
where you don’t always actively have to be making videos all the time a super
affiliate dream car winner so I’m a super affiliate for clickfunnels and
they pay for my car a two comma Club winner with clickfunnels
and I was on the OFA leaderboard a lot of you guys like to promote ofa one
funnel away challenge or you were had been in that and maybe you signed up
better me and so a lot of things that I’m going to
share with you in this training it’s not for ofa that wasn’t the product I’ll
show you the product but I’ve done the same thing similar things for one fun a
little bit hey Alan hey Roy okay so who this works for this is gonna be for
those of you who are affiliate marketers who want more Commission’s with free
organic traffic without having to spend money on paid ads even if you’re not a
full-time affiliate marketer your part time affiliate marketer this can still
work for you this is gonna work for influencers and personal brands who need
a system for monetizing their audience because a lot of people they’re good out
girl in the following they’re good at social media but they just don’t know
how to make money with it and then on the flip side there’s people they’re
like I’m ready to make money I have money mindset I just am not really sure
how to be a influencer or build my personal brand or do the social media
part of it this also works for brick and mortar or e-commerce stores so even if
you just have a normal business we call a regular business like not an online
business this is still like online marketing so online marketing things
that you could do if you are a coach or a consultant you want to get implement a
system to get free leads so you could get people into your courses or your
programs group coaching individual coaching get people on a call for a
strategy session it could work for that too
and entrepreneurs and service professionals who have no system for
standing out amongst the competition because there’s a lot of people out
there and attracting clients without paying marketing agencies boo I’ve
definitely done that you know where you think you need to hire a marketing
agency and that wasn’t the case let me make sure that this is um lined up on my
thing great hey Bob nice to see you hey Danny hey Marcus cool so there’s a lot
of you guys alive if you haven’t said how yet let me know that you’re live
we’re just getting into this perfect and let me know where you’re tuning in front
what’s this Australia so some you know it’s 2:00 p.m. on Monday some people are
at work or their day job maybe they want to get out of their day job maybe
they’re watching this at their job on their phone sneaking it in or take a
lunch break Francis my first live with you perfect super cool and this is live
I’m right here okay the thing is though I’m like one person switching all the
slides and stuff so you guys need your attention though I know we’re watching
this on Facebook or phones so just make sure you you stay here you know it’s
easy like I got notification let me switch off let me go check something
else up but no we got it we gotta cover this stuff so you learn how to do it so
I’m gonna share with you I’m gonna share with you behind the scenes of exactly
what I did to make sixty five hundred dollars in commissions in one week with
just a few hours of work okay it was 6496 but actually more sales came in
after so this was like during the full week of focused promo but then after the
focus promo there’s still passive income that comes in there’s still people
watching replays still people finding the order page still people watching the
YouTube video so I want to show you how I do like a focus launch for like about
a week and then after that everything else is passive income and even the
stuff and the focus launch is still it’s not too much hard work and it builds up
over time so can you guys see this you might need to like zoom out a little
bit but my intention for you to leave the training having a new understanding
of what is possible for you I am just a regular girl working from my laptop like
I don’t want to say like oh I’m no one special because like we’re all special
you know we’re all unique we’re all special but it’s not like I have like
high IQ or I’m like any sort of genius I said before yes I already have people in
my facebook group I already have people on my YouTube I already have people on
my email but it continues to grow every day and anyone can start this even if
you’re at zero even if you’re just starting you don’t have a group yet you
don’t have a following you don’t even know what like business you’re gonna do
you could do it I could do it you could do it and yeah people or coaches are
like Rachel stop calling yourself lazy but I’m like well kind of am but I’m
also pumped up for this so at the end also I’m gonna share with you how you
could take the next steps to do this for yourself with my Black Friday special
its Black Friday week I know so many people are pre announcing their Black
Friday offers and I want to let you guys know what I have coming for Black Friday
and open the doors early from my Black Friday special some of you guys may have
been eyeing some of my programs and just haven’t taken the jump yet or bought it
yet so I’ll have a really special deal with you with a bunch of added bonuses
so that’ll be it then and I want to let you know this wasn’t just luck this what
I’m going to show you it worked for other offers too it wasn’t just this
offer that I did last week I wasn’t just lucky to stumble across the magic offer
it worked for clickfunnels like this screenshot I clicked on this commission
I mean I have to do an updated screenshot this was from September we’re
in November now but this also worked for one funnel of a challenge and got me on
the one funnel away leaderboard the things that I’m gonna show you that I’ve
done with videos with YouTube with Facebook groups of emails with chat box
this has worked for the Tony Robbins products that he partnered with Russell
Brunson and Dean Grazia business blueprint mastermind calm thing
made I make Commission’s from that even Commission’s still come in this worked
with my friend Kim she’s has a Facebook group too and she sells a online course
and we did an interview together I did this one from my car I was in my car and
I interviewed her in my group and sales still came in and it’s not doesn’t just
work forth affiliate commissions but also my own courses and coaching also
simply from using social medias simple way the social media and I even got my
car paid for with click phones and actually I got rear-ended though the
other day so it’s in the shop but that’s okay I’ll get the car back I mean I
don’t have too many places to drive to anyway but they give you a trophy too so
let’s work backwards on how I am made the Commission’s so first I chose a
great product to promote how do you pick a great product to promote there’s
hundreds of thousands of products to promote if you’re gonna pick an
affiliate offer you go to jvzoo you can go to clickbank there’s everyone I get
messages all the time messages and emails and people posting in my group
I’m looking for affiliates will you be an affiliate for me I’ve got this great
program be my affiliate I’ll pay you commissions like dude there’s so many so
I had to make sure that you can only promote like actively promote one thing
at once so I needed to make sure it was something with high commissions if I was
gonna be doing a focused active promo for an entire week I don’t want to do it
for something with little Commission’s I want to do something for the higher
commissions and something that had back-end Commission’s to OTO is one-time
offers that’s where there’s something for sale on the front and then after
they buy there’s more things that they can choose to add to the cart so I chose
a product that was four hundred and ninety seven dollars and paid fifty
percent Commission’s so 250 250 dollars in commissions per sale plus there was a
bunch of Tio’s I also and this is like my rule it
has to already be converting a lot of my friends I mean unless they’re like my
really good friends but they’ll have something new Oh Rachel you help you
promote it and I’m like you can’t even sell it if you can’t even sell it what
makes you think I can sell it so like you need to sell it first and then have
proof that your funnel converts and that your offer converts and that people want
to buy it and that people like it I’ve also sold things that convert and then
get a couple DMS from people hey Rachel you know I bought this through your link
but it wasn’t that good and I’m like oh that like it’s bad reflection on myself
so I wanted to have high commissions I want to make sure it’s already making
sales I wanna make sure the customers are happy it’s a good product and that I
also have access to the products and I can check it out or see like behind the
scenes and that it has great customer service and affiliate support like if
I’m gonna be an affiliate for it I want to make sure they get everything I need
to be an affiliate like I want email swipes I want links to the funnel I want
promo material I want to work closely with the person so I could work closely
with them I don’t want to just be an anonymous affiliate I wanted to build a
relationship that’s a a JV partnership joint joint venture I’m gonna check in
on the check you guys Wow a lot of people from from California like me
sweet Mexico Canada I mean I’m reading I’m not gonna read all of all of this
but I see it I’ll probably like reply to you guys after so when choosing an
affiliate offer that is it’s really important to do that stuff let’s
see uh neck so what I chose face is kind of cut off sorry my friend Alex she’s my
friend I know her um even if you guys aren’t like friends with these people
you can still find an offer and promote for them she she had a lot of affiliates
promoting before but the offer it was a hundred dollars and I didn’t really care
too much about fifty dollar commissions so but I knew she was raising it to 497
so I kind of planned ahead and I said you know when you raise this I’m gonna
promote it and we’ll all help you promote this we’re gonna promote this so
we selected a date for the training so we chose a Wednesday might have been a
Tuesday yeah it was a Tuesday select a Tuesday for the training and I gave
myself enough buffer time to pre promote for two or three days I think you know
it was just two days before we promoted but sometimes I like to pre promote for
three days just to let people know hey I have a live training coming up so I
brought Alex in to my group in to my youtube channel just last week the other
week to do a lot of training for my audience and if I was to pre promote it
for seven days it’s too much you know you don’t need a pre promote for that
many days people forget like two or three days is enough time to pre promote
and then I blocked out time on the calendar to do my post promotion my post
promotion like to make sure people watch the replay it’s not everyone’s gonna be
on your lives like you guys are here on a live training and for her training
yeah people around the live but a lot of people watch later that day or they
watch you know throughout the week and then once we pick today gave myself
buffer started promoting the live event event so we made some posts with comment
ladders let me see if I have a hmm I was different examples on here so comment
ladder is were you saying hey I’m bringing my friend in to do it
training on this and this are you interested let me know below when
everyone says yes yes yes CFCs CFCs that’s a comment letter so I’ve done I
did that for this training – hey who’s coming to my training yes yes yes is
someone asked me how come you didn’t just post the link if you just post a
link Facebook’s not gonna show it really it’s in the feet it’s gonna flush it
down the algorithm doesn’t like links but it likes people commenting so I’ll
say dropping emoji below or do hashtag free traffic below or let me know yes
below and then after everyone said yes yes yes yes yes we replied to them all
with a link and you can reply to them with a link to the event page you can
make an event page in Facebook in your group make a little graphic on canva but
I like to actually reply to them to a chat bot with a chat bot opt-in link so
then they I say RSVP here and then they click on the chat bot link they get
opted into my chat bot so then when we actually go live we can send them a
blast out on facebook messenger saying hey we’re live and I like to get them to
RSVP to the group anyway something else that you’ll need for this if you’re
gonna do this is the copywriting is the written words because there’s the live
training the live training was easy like this really easy like to make an event
page take 60 seconds to make a little graphic on canvas takes two minutes to
post a post or the hey or you want are you interested in coming comment below
take 30 seconds the copywriting takes a little longer
we had daily emails going out and daily posts for the Facebook group sometimes I
would also post on my main Facebook page we would also do some chat bot blasts to
let people know about the training coming up and the post training I don’t
do chat bot blasts every single day cuz it’s too much people you know and
facebook Messenger doesn’t let you you don’t want to send to me like every
other day is good for messenger box and then thing is with the with the
copywriting there was swipes so I like to work with JV partners
right up the emails for you they have promo emails you can use you can just
copy and paste I didn’t want to just copy and paste it exactly it just looked
to copy and paste e so I adapted them and I outsource a lot of it I have a
virtual assistant who who wrote up some of the emails edited them and then she
scheduled them out she sent them out I worked with her a bit on some of them
but you know her English is good enough she did it so I didn’t really have to
even worry about the copywriting like I don’t really like copyright too much I
don’t I don’t know I don’t really like to write so much this is kind of how we
planned it out though I do like to say somewhat organized so I just open up a
Google Doc this you can do on it on Google Docs and you just make it outline
there’s like an outline and you could add a table of contents to the top so we
like had each post planned we didn’t you know what the truth is we didn’t plan it
all ahead of time each day we were kind of writing the post up for the morning
because we wanted to be adaptable just to to make sure like just things change
you know or what you want to say kind of changes but for the so for the pre pre
live training the social media posts a couple bots a couple emails and then the
posts there was post webinar emails post webinar social media posts and some post
webinar but and we just store it all in there because we might use it again what
if we want to promote this offer again alex is raising the price of this to 997
so I would be making 500 dollars in commissions it already went so well I
can do this again and three months from now literally use the same everything I
can use the same I mean I can get new graphics made I can change the title of
the training we can edit the emails a bit but it’s like the same thing the
works already done these were just some of the just so you can see my stats like
I don’t really have that high open rates I need to delete some
hold people from my list there’s about like 2,500 cold but that’s just a part
of email marketing like you delete cold people and you get unsubscribers it’s
just part of the game but we started sending out pre promo the 16th the 17th wait sorry there’s no this try to do pre
promo the 11th this was just a draft the 12th the day of was the 13th we’re
saying it’s starting now the next day we said here it’s the
replay 15th again in the replay on the 16th another swipe 17th actually had a
YouTube video come out I’ll show you then 48 hours left like the countdown
countdown countdown last chance the final day we did two emails I would even
consider doing three emails on the final day and two emails the day before most
the emails came I mean the sales came during the live and the end of last day
and then other sales trickled in in the between times so it’s just example of
what some of the emails looked like because some of them you can’t really
use swipes because we did a custom training or we just pulled different
sentences from her swipes so like hey your first name goes here
everyone got blown away yesterday because my friend Alex shared how to do
this this this I want to share the replay we put a screenshot and we sent
everyone to the replay on YouTube instead of the replay on Facebook just
to kind of like balance it out and then and just some more we put emojis in the
in the emails we do some bolding hyperlink part of it is also was
actually showing up I mean I showed you some post promo but the day of the live
we have a type of it I just let the guests do their thing and I offered
bonuses so that’s something instead of people could buy her program
time but I wanted them to buy it during the week of my promo so I said if you
buy it with my link you get bonuses but it’s only up until the day I’m closing
the doors or taking away my bonuses on Tuesday so I just chilled like I was
like this here has sitting and she was sitting in her house and we were on gym
I mean the gym looked like like this you know we run zoom and we were talking a
little bit before but then I let her take the stage and she screamed share
didn’t show her sides and did her whole webinar with high energy I’m like
chilling down she was high energy and and did it and it was great and then at
the end we went back to both of us being on camera and did the Q&A and we you
know the whole thing it was two and a half hours but that’s because we stayed
on for like an extra hour answering everyone’s questions answering all the
objections and I we live streamed it into Facebook group and into YouTube so
see when it’s streaming into YouTube there’s like a live chat here so there’s
the live chat and also after the live is done people still watch it after watch
the replay so then all the chat goes into the comments and you want to make
sure you’re like replying to all the comments liking it Harding it and
replying it and engaging still engages people even if they don’t buy right then
you want to engage with them and that’s gonna help your YouTube channel to it’s
gonna help this video show up more in the YouTube algorithm in the suggested
tab so even more people who are not your audience yet find this video subscribe
to your channel watch your videos buy the stuff you’re selling join your email
list join your Facebook group like people that watch find us on YouTube
they see the link to my facebook group in the description of this video and
join my facebook group it works – ecosystem
we also stayed consistent with the post promo it’s easy to fall off track like
oh I’m gonna do some pre promo I’ll get my JV partner to show up or you
show up and then just like not stay consistent with the pros post promo but
dude you got to do daily emails and posts you know what to do daily box but
daily emails and daily social media posts and they can be the same coffee
whatever you send an email pretty much will work good for your social media
posts you might need to edit the formatting a bit but we like made this
little graphic and did some formatting on the group and just sent everyone to
go watch the replay I also did throughout that launch because it was
like a a nine week I mean a nine day promo I also had a short YouTube video
go out cuz the whole thing without it was two and a half hours like not
everyone is down to watch that or can make it all the way through so I made an
eight-minute youtube video and it brought in three more sales that day of
the day I published it which is eight hundred bucks plus it grew my channel so
I put that plus it grew my channel like more subscribers so I put a ton of tips
in a short amount of time in the video and I did just a quick pitch at the end
about her program and my bonuses and mention like the webinar and then I got
I still made passive income from the later viewers like there’s still sales
coming in so see it was 8 minutes 8 seconds 424 views just on the video just
just kind of summarized like I just talked fast in the video I put a lot of
value in it talking fast in your YouTube videos actually helps with retention
helps people watch it all the way through and that was awesome
so gameplan at a glance what we did the Monday was some pre promotion for the
live Tuesday pre promotion the Wednesday we were live the Thursday post form out
Friday post promote saturday post promote the Sunday just because like we
decided to close the door Wednesday with this for the Sunday I did
this short YouTube video the Monday doors closing soon Tuesday doors closing
soon Wednesday doors closed last chance just some notes that you know I want to
share with you guys like my experience that’s just like the good things about
looking back I could have done a shorter window to close the doors because most
the sales come the last day so like we could have actually if we were live on
Wednesday it would have been probably cool to close the doors Sunday at
midnight and maybe you still the YouTube video in between that would have been
cool cuz it you know the doors closed the sales are still gonna come in
you’re not losing out on sales by having a shorter window to promote I feel like
you get like even more sales and then you can move on to your next thing and
then start promoting the next thing you don’t have to just promote one thing all
the time you can you can rotate it keeps your business fun I’m looking back could
have also done some DM follow-up because though there was like more time I could
have like replied to people who showed interest for me I’m kind of like I don’t
want to be like so hands-on in my business I want this to be pretty
passive I’ve wanted to pretty automated I could be have been working on training
my virtual assistants should do like DM follow up a little bit better but it’s
okay you know you just get better every time the $6,500 they became a new normal
the new goal to hit for next time I do it it saw like it was my first time ever
doing this and I got lucky oh I made sixty five hundred bucks yeah like I’ve
done this before bringing in a guest or me do a live
stream stream it to the platform send out the emails send out the social media
post like it’s become a habit but each time you do it you just get better and
better at it and you can hit new goals and I’ve had similar results many times
like I did this with Marcus Campbell and you know I let him top teach to my
audience and done under 10k and commissions with that you know
that was like even last year and sales still come in so need to plant another
one of those with him and because of the system I set up to automatically grow my
other platform simultaneously my number of email subscribers shot up so even by
doing this act of promotion and not just like sitting back waiting for passive
income but actually doing some work my email list just grows all the time every
day for free and my chat box subscribers grow every single day for free and the
people that join my facebook group grows every single day I mean maybe you guys
notice unless you’re new here like this group is growing every single day it why
is this important this is a audience these are people these are people you
can provide value to them you can share with them cool things software’s courses
services coaching and it’s traffic so you don’t have to like wonder where your
traffic is gonna come from I can come here you can email us it can come from
your box it can come from your group it can come from your YouTube channel so um
that was like part one of this training there’s a lot more I want to teach you
on this training so let me just check in with you guys how is this so far let me
know if your let’s do hashtag I can’t think of it just let me know if you’re
enjoying this just let me know yes yes if you this is helpful to you if you
guys are seeing some of this stuff Lucy where can i watch the replay it’s up on
my YouTube um Lucy you don’t know what a chat bot is it’s facebook Messenger bot
what if you don’t have an email list or it’s small I’m gonna show you but I’ll
just tell you you’ve got to be consistent with putting out the YouTube
content for sure that’s how you get a ton of new people Sheila how am i
streaming to both platforms at the same time I’m in ECAM live and it’s connected
into restream and then it that’s what it’s doing races yes AJ says awesome so
far okay good sweet well I’m gonna show you guys more
things because you don’t just have to do this like you don’t have to do the
focused one week launch thing or the nine-day launch thing or seven day
launching I like to do it because it you’re really gonna focus but at the
times where you’re like I don’t want to bring in a JV partner or I don’t want to
do in one week promo I just want to do what I feel like you could still do that
too and still make money like I’ll show you Kim okay Ryan awesome info yes
always helped I seems very complicated I mean I don’t think it’s complicated I
think it’s simple I just have you let me go back to the to this this it is simple to me two days of pre
promotion one day alive and maybe five days of post promotion you could even do
three to four days of post promotion the post promotion is just getting people to
go back to watch the live training and to keep it simple I like to just stick
with email marketing and posting in my Facebook group and then maybe a YouTube
video and maybe some chat bots so yeah this one I had seven days of post
promotion but I would like even suggest just doing four let’s see good she liked
my understanding but I’m not it but how if I’m not an expert one of my audience
to know how to do it can you be a guest in someone else’s life well I definitely
do that all the time too even this week I’m gonna be a guest in eight other
people’s audiences I’m doing a live training in eight people’s groups
probably livestream in their Facebook group some of them will know how to
livestream to YouTube at the same time some will just upload the replay up to
YouTube so I’m doing one today like for tomorrow and like throughout the week so
you can definitely spread your message that way too and you get more people in
your audience that way by being guests in other people’s groups to try very
practical and helpful David love what you’re teaching cool let me check on
YouTube hey hey Iran hey stinky potatoes what is this it was in my suggested well
it’s a training see on YouTube livestream show up on people suggested
let’s say you find new people like stinky potatoes Thai how do you build
your list of people to promote to so let me go back to my screen share and show
you in more detail cuz I you know told you guys I’ll show
you how I did the Commission so let’s go into that something that you’ll want to take
note of you guys can screenshot this this is something to think about when
you’re gonna do this you wanna have a plan to make the buyers happy think to
yourself Journal this write it down how can you give them the best support or
how can I give them the best support possible without burning myself out how
can I have a system in place that allows me to work smarter not harder and how am
I gonna increase results for the students or the buyers part of that is
offering bonuses that’s another thing that I did if people bought with my link
my affiliate link to her program I offered bonuses things that I thought
would also help them and then to work smarter not harder I made sure to use
email swipes and I make sure to outsource a lot of the work to my
virtual assistant and that helped me not not burn myself out you’ll need a plan
to grow your audience Thanks yourself how can I help as many
people as possible without ruining my paid customer satisfaction so you’re
gonna have your buyers you want to help everybody but then the people that buy
you want to make sure that they’re supported what type of content should I
produce that will help my current audience but also attract new people ask
yourself those questions you’ll need a plan to hit your sales goals so first I
crunched some numbers what is my current audience size what problems do they have
that I can solve what percentage of these people will end up buying so if I
do this right I can convert better than the average 3% and reach closer to 15 to
20% so just because you have 10,000 people on the email list or 5,000 in the
group it doesn’t mean they’re there’s some overlap and some just inactive
people so I’d like to add up all my numbers on all my pop-ups and then like
divide by four to get a rough estimate of how many people are actually in my
audience what’s the best possible offer you can give them if I’m different or
better than the competition this will increase my conversions so think about
this when it’s your own offer or an affiliate offer and you add bonuses how
will my sales funnel be structure will there be any upsells or Down cells
if so what type of up cells will support my main offer and the upsells will help
you get a higher cart value and then this is really important how many emails
bots in social posts are you going to publish how many days is your probably
gonna be and how many posts and emails are you gonna hold yourself accountable
to then a plan to systemize and automate and automate my business so for me I
need to assess what went wrong in the previous week or how I could do better
then think what can I do to reduce as much chaos as possible and then you
build standard operating procedures and checklists so which which SOPs and
checklists do I need to improve efficiency and reduce as much of my
workload as possible so we’re not just guessing what to do and how can I to
mate order fulfillment as much as possible so since I got serious about my
business I’ve got to network with some of my favorite marketers Pat Flynn Gary
Vaynerchuk ty Lopez russell brunson met him a few times you get like this could
happen to you if you get serious about your business get invited to speak at
private masterminds – and get free tickets to events it’s it’s really cool
and the best part of all you get to help others get results I think so many of us
go in the mindset of how am I gonna make the most sales but if you go with the
mindset of how can I help people the most then the sales the sales come in so
Stacia has been following this process and I’ll go into more details about the
growing the YouTube and Facebook to get more audience but since doing it she
gets commissions coming in all the time heard YouTube channels rapidly growing
Shweta maybe some of you guys know her she posts videos to YouTube gets a ton
of new traffic new audience and her existing audience gets to know like and
trust her even more and message her more how can I work with you or inquire about
how they can hire her I’ve helped people get their first affiliate commissions by
using just YouTube or face look really simple Judean Alejandra Anna
they always their first steps with clickfunnels just one product you can
promote so think about what kind of difference would it make in your life to
make extra $5,000 a month you don’t have to do 6,500 in a week just five thousand
a month or 10,000 20,000 a month so let’s see how the online traffic
ecosystem attracts buyers to your offers with a 100% free online traffic so we’re
taught to think that the system works like this you put a dollar in and then
you get three dollars out but if you’ve tried paid as deferred you know that
usually doesn’t work like it’s hard people say you got to more time than
money do organic free traffic if you got more money than time do paid so then
people like try to do paid only to realize pay takes a lot of time and like
you’re not for sure gonna convert the paid or get a return on the investment
so but then we’re taught to think over we don’t do paid ads and we have to do
all these platforms and to be pulled in all these directions and do all these
things and it could feel very overwhelming how much money have you
wasted on ads spent in marketing agencies how much time have you wasted
on trying to use all the social media platforms the truth is to establish
yourself as an expert in your field and get people to know like and trust you
you simply need to be putting out informative educational content that
shows you know what you’re talking about it’s like really simple it’s I’ve been
doing it for a little while now and it just doesn’t it just never fails you put
out informative educational content that shows you know what you’re talking about
that and then people get to know you they like you and they get to trust you
the people who are new on here you don’t really know me yet you don’t really know
if you like me yet and you don’t really know if you can trust me it so it’s my
job to be putting out informative educational content that shows what I
know I’m talking about the same with you just a bless yourself as expert in your
field because then people are more likely to trust you and buy what you’re
promoting so it’s exactly what I didn’t continue
to do create video content that demonstrates I know what I’m talking
about and actually helps people this is just an example on YouTube it looks like
a lot but I just do like a few videos a month honestly um videos on about
YouTube videos about Facebook curbs videos about make money online videos
about online traffic videos about clickfunnels videos about affiliate
marketing so whatever your niche is just make videos about it and these are short
most of these are short I like to aim for about 10 minutes
sometimes it’s 7 minutes 8 minute 11 minutes
sometimes it’s the longer ones are like replays of live streams that I’ve done
here’s some other ones that I some of my most popular ones yeah or ones that worked really well for
me that I started doing a couple years ago because before I could even talk
about making money online before I was making money online I would talk about
like tech like how to set up email marketing how to do email marketing how
to build a funnel how to use click funnels how to buy a domain how to
connect a domain to a website drinking my team you don’t have your videos don’t
have to be sales videos they don’t want to be sales videos they don’t all have
to be click funnels pricing or how to get the best deal on click funnels like
those work those get sales they don’t all have to have a call to action that
sells something at the end they can just straight up being educational
informative videos and that will help to grow your audience the more um it’s good some of them you
know don’t get over a thousand views some of them take off really well and
get tens of thousands of views and then people are subscribing people are
clicking or whatever it is I’m offering if I am offering something if it’s my
own program or an affiliate offer i link to my facebook group on there so they
get in my facebook group i put a lead magnet link a link to a freebie that i
they get the freebie in exchange for giving me their email so every time I
put out a video on YouTube I’m getting more views getting more people getting
more people in my email is getting more people in my group getting more buyers
also I’ll put out a video and then these people will go check out all my other
videos or they’ll start binge watching videos you don’t need to my videos in
the beginning but you just builds up over time you start this starts adding
up and I make these thumbnails in canva so I was not just YouTube like I was
saying the YouTube sends people over to Facebook YouTube sends people on my
email if you know you want to get a little more advanced you could get
people on your chatbot too but then people on Facebook pan over to my
YouTube some of you guys watching on Facebook I’ve never been to my YouTube
but I can get you to my YouTube because I probably got you on my chat but if I
didn’t I probably got you on my email and I’m gonna email you up my YouTube
video or when my YouTube video comes out I’ll post it into my Facebook group if
you’re somehow just got on my email list and you weren’t on my social media
platforms I’ll be emailing you and there’s links to my social platforms I
think most people are probably most of my audience is probably on an average of
three of these platforms so whenever I make a new youtube video I like I said I
blasted out to my email list I post it on Facebook I blast it off to my chat
BOTS list here are some a station she’s gets like more views and she’s got some
that got more views than me tens of thousands of views and she was even
doing affiliate marketing for like this products and Amazon products before she
got into doing more digital marketing and some of these aren’t affiliate
offers like teaching how to go live on Facebook
teaching how to make a face with business page and like shweta teaching
how to do a webinar using YouTube live or teaching how to do I mean many chats
of free software but she’s teaching how to do it we’re a Bluehost she’s gonna
teach tried to do Bluehost but then put a Bluehost affiliate link Michelle she’s
one of my students she said I had been trying different online marketing
strategies for about a year I tried a lot of courses and listened to a lot of
videos but Rachel’s training pulled it all together an easy understandable way
that’s not overwhelming I got my first lead online with only 29 YouTube videos
she put her first video on YouTube started getting views and someone called
their office she sells truck parts so for brick-and-mortar it worked
James I wasn’t sure I could actually convert sales off a free traffic efforts
so I had paid running to my content and post I was spending a few hundred
dollars a month on this Rachel showed me a few things and actually took me not
too long to realize tips she gave me for video content and group were getting me
lure more leads than my paid ads thanks Rachel wish me met a year ago James has
been taking massive action I’m actually going alive and his group this week he’s
doing all the things growing the group growing the videos so this is the same
system I use and continue to use to get results and my hundreds of students used
to so let me check in on you guys and see if that got some question Tim is
this replay gonna be sent out to your chat bot yeah it’s part of the system
like for me it kind of is also systematize like there’s checklists and
stuff cuz I have my VA s do it for me but like for me it’s just second nature
it’s like of course we’re gonna send out the replay we might not send up the
replay today because it’s already gonna get views today but like tomorrow we’ll
send out the chat bot with the replay and the email with the replay how do you get to be get first how do
you get first and other I don’t know what you’re saying kid like how did I
become a guess a guess in other people’s groups you just network in the groups
and actually I did a post on my facebook hey who wants to promote my Black Friday
offer and make Commission’s off of it I’ll do a live training in your group
and then like a bunch of people were hitting me up so I was like okay I’ll
cut it off at eight people anyone else that wants to be an affiliate they can
just send the traffic to this live training with their affiliate link denise is my youtube rachel ously yeah I
just branded with my name because my name’s not really changing so hey Dennis
over on YouTube hey Liza nice to see you cool okay
let’s do this see you guys let me know in the comment
who’s ready to do this for themselves who’s ready to change their business and
do it now do it today who’s ready to do it correctly without trial and error the
first time around after doing this for the past few years I’ve definitely
learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t work and what to just not even
test out and waste time on and what – for sure do I like things to be simple I
like things to be have a documented step-by-step process so it’s not
guesswork it’s not like what should I work on in my business today’s like no
here’s the plan here’s how it works pick the product we have the promo plan
we make the content it’s full foolproof system so that’s what I want to share
with you and I put all that in the online traffic ecosystem and that’s what
my Black Friday special is all night talking ecosystem I’ll share with you I
mean you might be thinking oh well I’ve seen all the traffic ecosystem before
you can get it anytime but I have a special deal for Black Friday so I’ll
get into that so the purpose of this program is to get you a ton of qualified
traffic of buyers to your offers every single day whether you’re doing one of
those week-long promos or just making YouTube videos about different things we
want traffic buyers who are offers every day it’s a six module online course that
shows you everything you need to know on how to build your own online traffic
ecosystem so all the platforms or the YouTube in the facebook they feed into
each other andrew says I’m doing Rachel’s course
and it’s really helping me get over procrastination action taking she gives
a clear action plan and accountability James guys I’m in Rachel’s course and
it’s awesome if you’re doing any kind of business and you want more traffic than
Rachel’s courses what you need so let’s do a breakdown of what’s inside number
six showed early but that’s okay module one the growth hacking
traffic ecosystem formula so you could attract high quality leaves and buyers
to your offers without any ad spent it’s a more in-depth look of exactly how it
works how to get clear on your niche and the offers that you’re gonna promote the
mindset that you’re gonna need so you can get to started with this right away
module 2 is the one take video content system so you so one month of videos
gets completed in just a couple hours whether you’re gonna do the the live
guest live streams or not or just do videos with your iPhone or your computer
for YouTube you can just do them all in a couple hours once a month that’s what
I do I batch them so I teach you how to do that module 3 the viral YouTube
master class so you can rank your videos for SEO and grow your views and
subscribers full of buyers so it’s not enough just to upload a video to YouTube
there’s still things that we want to do – SEO search engine optimize the videos
so we get new people watching our videos and even getting existing people to see
it module 4 the hyper engaged Facebook blueprints you can leverage other
people’s audiences like I’m doing a whole week automate your group growth
like I have been doing and convert members into customers on autopilot I am
barely in my Facebook group I don’t do much in this group everything is like
pre-scheduled out or I outsource it or I just show up for a live training like
this once in a while it’s not too much for me to do in the group the group
pretty much runs itself other people are active in it growing it so then when I
want to come in for a live training or a webinar or bring someone else in I can
do that that’s what I want to show you that’s what I do show you in module 4
module 5 email marketing engine so you email list grows daily and you
consistently market to your subscribers without any extra work it’s just part of
the system people think email has to be so
complicated or people think well I’m not techy can this work if I’m not techy and
I’m like this isn’t tech like social media is not tech
yeah maybe a little bit of tech to set up your autoresponder for the first time
your your email platform for the first time but I show you how to do it it’s
like the most tech thing and if you get stuck like I can help you but it’s very
simple and then module 6 facebook messenger chap out success you can
instantly send more traffic to your videos your live streams and your offers
like some of you guys got the the chat bot blast that I was going live now
that’s what I show you how to do all Honduras has Rachel’s training and
coaching allowed me to take massive action in just a few weeks I’ve taken
courses in the past what felt overwhelmed I was also scared to go
public and create content in different platforms with Rachel I created my lead
magnet funnel my homepage funnel he started he started growing his Facebook
group and his YouTube channel he’s got his email marketing going his chat bot
marketing trust Rachel and her training will help you get the results you want
so you get the six module so you can start building your online traffic
ecosystem and drive thousands of free leads to your offers $7,000 value and I
have a Black Friday bonus number one for Black Friday I know it’s not Black
Friday Black Friday’s on Friday but I’m starting Black Friday today so you get
my outsourcing to a virtual assistant master class that I recently did this is
how to create and effectively manage a team so your business can run on
autopilot making you more money with less work plus standard operating
procedures the ones that I use in my business the the checklists and
instructions I give my virtual assistants or you can just have one
part-time virtual assistant what they need to do to run my group or send out
emails or you optimize my YouTube videos so I have to do any of it all I really
have to do is just make a video and be on YouTube I have them do all the rest
plus I show you how to hire them and how to find the right person how to hire
someone in the Philippines for like a few bucks an hour Black Friday bonus
number two top affiliate leaderboard masterclass you get a step-by-step
behind-the-scenes look at all the since I use to get to the top of
affiliate contest leaderboards it’s not just click funnels that I’m one of the
top affiliates for or ofa challenge also alex is my her top affiliate spencer me
comes probably still his top affiliate other people’s like super affiliate so
this is a masterclass but I also recently did that shows more behind the
scenes of affiliate marketing and then also one more thing for the outsourcing
some people think well I’m totally new at business I shouldn’t be outsourcing
yet but honestly like you could spend $20.00 a day getting some help in your
business doing like the really lower level tests that you can pay someone
else to do and that would be a good investment in your business sometimes
like you don’t need to be making money in your business to invest in your
business sometimes you need to invest in your business so you can start making
money in your business know million dollar business is like done by
themselves Black Friday bonus number three the student mastermind community
so this is where you can strategize and collab with other students ask questions
share your work for feedback and get accountability and support the people I
was showing you their testimonials about how much they love the grip they’re in
their most grouped you can’t post links like you can’t be like hey can you guys
check out my offer can you check out my sales page can you tell me what you
think cuz you get deleted you get banned from the group because it looks like
you’re promoting this group is totally a safe place to do that we encourage you
to share your work share your videos post your YouTube video everyone’s
joining everyone’s Facebook group everyone’s commenting on each other’s
YouTube videos this is a great place to get rolling – to start getting
engagement on your posts and supporting people a lot of people in the group they
they had no Facebook groups so they started a Facebook group all the
students joined each other started engaging which triggered to the Facebook
algorithm oh this group’s active let me show this group up higher and get new
people so it’s really helpful to have this student mastermind group to really
kickstart your results and get feedback and then Black Friday bonus number for
this these Black Friday bonuses there not part of main course like I just sell
it just as the course this is just for Black Friday group coaching so group
coaching is where you can get personalized support to jumpstart your
profits get insights from the other students being coached on the zoom calls
and get extreme accountability during the six weeks of coaching calls you’ll
get clarity on exactly what you should be working on in your business and how
to progress fast this offers not available any other time or place I
don’t have any other coaching that I offer at the moment it’s only for people
who join online traffic ecosystem kiled Robins done coaching with me got out of
coaching with Rachel she’s awesome she provided a super clear path for me to
make more affiliate income quickly if you’re thinking about getting her course
on a coaching call with her just do it and Ankur said totally vouch for
anything that rachel teaches she goes above and beyond what you signed up for
get on her course and coaching so everything that I have for Black Friday
is online traffic ecosystem the video trainings the workbooks the checklist
the PDFs oh and I put the deal right here huh ooh you know what I realized
I gotta go stick the payment plan in well if one of my vias are watching this
which they might be maybe they can go stick the payment planning because we
just added it right now the hole of course is a seven thousand eight $200
value it usually sells for nine hundred ninety seven dollars but the Black
Friday deal is 50% off it’s just four ninety seven we’re gonna go stick in a
payment plan three payments of 197 we never do this payment plan but I wanted
to put it in there for Black Friday plus the bonuses that you get just for Black
Friday week the outsourcing to a virtual assistant master class the top affiliate
leaderboard master class the student mastermind community and the group
coaching which you can’t get anywhere else
and then bonus number five this is fast action bonus for the first 20 people
only so probably just for the people watching this
stream right now or if you’re watching the replay like later today you’ll still
have it you can ask me if it’s still available but first 20 people only my
funnels I’ll give you the funnels that I use in my business my webinar photos my
order page funnels my sales page funnels my lead magnet funnels you can instantly
import the exact funnels that I used to run my business yeah I change out the
product with your product change up the photos of your photo make it your own
but these are the funnels that I used to have six-figure online education and
coaching business and six-figure affiliate marketing business so I’ll
give those funnel downloads the first 20 people Sonya says she loves OTE
before she joined she was super overwhelmed and unorganized with the
content she needed and she really she was spending all of her time building
and building funnels and planning and planning content but now she’s super
organized she just imported my funnels and she loves accountability of having
the other students in the group and she loves the program Bobby said Rachel’s
training is exactly what I needed not only did it provide me with actionable
roadmap to create a Facebook and YouTube presence in incredibly short time she
also gave me feedback inside that helped me create content
write lead magnet automate the channels to the accountability created in the
group alone is well worth investment do yourself and business a favor and do a
favor for yourself a business and take her training so yeah Black Friday only
the total value of the Black Friday bonuses it’s just under 7,000 bucks so
the core offer plus the bonuses is $14,000 valium I usually sell OTE for
997 but Black Friday week this deal is only for ninety seven to join we’re
three payments of 197 plus the bonuses people spend so much money on college I
rise to probably don’t even know much I spent probably a hundred thousand
dollars to go to college and get a college degree and I don’t even use it
cuz I’m entrepreneur but people go into so much like debt one college class like
at a commune eCollege like $800 per unit and then the
class is four units and then you got to take 16 units a semester and do like ten
semesters it’s just times change like how people learn time is changing so I’m
not gonna charge you that much but if all the cinemas help you grow a quality
audience of buyers without having to run ads would it be worth it and if all it
did was help you become a leader in your industry and have people recommending
your programs tagging you all on Facebook being your affiliate selling
for you would it be worth it and if all it did was save you hours and hours per
week working so you could spend more time with your family your friends or
just by yourself would it be worth it so I had two choices I could do a low price
give it away everyone can have it or charge more so then I can add on the
coaching for this and have and give you my that so you can have my attention to
really succeed with this so to join online traffic ecosystem it’s Rachel s
Li comm / OTE let me put that in the chat Rachel s Li comm /ot
and if you want them let’s see if this link works yes put it in YouTube also
James is over on YouTube saying OTE is awesome course I’m in the course have so
much awesome stuff great if you guys want the funnels
though it’s only gonna be for the first 20 people and after Black Friday I am
putting this back to the regular 997 taking out the coaching and I saw the
coaching is like a whole separate high to get mastermind thing
Stacia let’s see what statius before I took Rachel’s trainings I was putting so
much work in my content without making money any money without converting any
of my subscribers and getting low video views I enjoyed what I gave it is more
of a hobby I never believed I could actually make money from it after I
implemented Rachel’s two my effort turned into real income week
after week I now always know what to create with your help in my video
content strategy my social platforms are not optimized my top videos are getting
upwards of 60,000 views but more importantly she helped me become a
leader in my industry and not be afraid to create a platform to share my ideas
and like I showed you her stuffs blowing up I’m gonna be doing the live training
in her group she’s gonna be doing the whole system she did with Alex gave her
email swipes she’s doing the pre promotion I’m showing up to the live
training presenting she’ll send out the post promo super fun and simple and then
she gets you know Commission’s every daily Alex you know I spilly it for Alex
but Alex also has something to say about OT she said since we have implemented
the traffic ecosystem it has been such a blessing and I’m absolutely in love with
it now all of our platforms are playing together instead of competing against
one another this means a ton of more money in my bottom line without having
to meet without me having to spend it on ads thank you so much for more hours in
my day I’m deeply appreciative and she has her group I mean there’s more people
in here by now need a fresh screenshot sandy she said before meeting Rachel I
was spinning my wheels trying to get people to see my videos join my email
list and buy my offers after learning from Rachel I started seeing massive
growth on my views and subscribers on YouTube my engagement and members of my
facebook group and my email is skyrocketed and she’s just exponentially
grown her sales and her coaching an online course business also I do have
30-day guarantee the program is self-paced you can watch it as you want
but it is still for action takers if you do the homework and take action and
you’re not happy just have a simple refund request form just show some of
your work give me your feedback and I’ll give you a full refund within the 30
days so today you get the six modules of the online traffic ecosystem $7,000
value the outsourcing to a virtual assistant master class plus a bunch of
SOPs the standard operating procedures to give your vos 909
the $7 volume the top affiliate leaderboard masterclass $997 vol the
student mastermind community which is private Facebook group where you can
share links 1997 Millard value the group coaching we’re like I think that’s the
best part of it all two thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollar value and
people just on the live and probably watching the replay like tonight Monday
four thousand five hundred dollar value total combined value eighteen thousand
five hundred seventy dollars also for Black Friday super Black Friday I sliced
the price in half for ot I had it all the bonuses plus I also added an option
to add my upcoming live masterclass that it’s gonna be I’ll probably do it almost
November so I’m gonna do it in December it so it’ll be live so we’ll have like a
private group and then you guys come into the zoom and I teach it to you live
profitable info product creation and launch secrets live master class for 147
I’m gonna do like a whole launch and charge more so this is the only time a
place to reserve your spot for 147 that is at the bump I’ll show you what I mean
so you go to Rachel Leslie comm / OTE and you just put your name email phone
number make sure you put click Black Friday special when you buy and then you
just click this that you also want to add on the profitable info product
creation and launch secrets live masterclass so that’s just for Black
Friday also because then I’m raising the price to like more I’m not sure like 347
and then also on the next page I have a BOTY oh where you like a one-time offer
where you can also add daily commissions Club my other super popular course of
probably yeah it’s isn’t it like more of an affiliate marketing course daily
Commission’s club a lot of people know me for daily Commission’s Club then I
like launched on a traffic ecosystem but there’s an option to add daily
commissions club for 297 dealer Commission’s Club right now well if you
go daily commissions club comm its 497 but
if you buy it through this Black Friday deal you get lifetime access for just
297 so once you submit and get on the next page you’ll see everything that’s
in it I mean you can also go to daily Commission’s Club calm and like check
out what’s in it but it’s like all things affiliate marketing so yeah just
for Black Friday week I’m gonna be taking this down right after Black
Friday but it’s good to get in now because then you just get get started
you know and if you have other I mean I’m gonna go check your guys’s questions
right now and do Q&A or if you guys have questions later you can leave it in the
comments on YouTube or Facebook or if you have specific questions you can just
message support not specific but like you don’t want to post in here you could
message to support rachel leslie calm and I’ll get right back to you so let’s
see what Q&A I can do right now okay Oh sue I’d really like to join but
I just created a new product it’s almost ready to launch I need to make some
sales before I can buy anything else you know that’s something I’m gonna be
teaching in the master class that I’m doing how to make sure you sell your
program before you make it because that’s a mistake I made a lot like
trying to create a program and then launch it hoping I would get sales and
then know about it it’s easier like the strategy I’m gonna teach you guys how to
make sales before you make it so then you for sure know it’s a proven offer
but like I’ve been in that situation too like I just bought a course or I just
bought a training like I don’t deserve to buy another one until I make my
investment back and then we like kind of lose track of what we did so I always
say you do what you’re called to do if you feel called to join and you feel
this is something that you want to do that you can make it for ninety seven
back I would definitely consider still joining it’s okay to be in multiple to
have multiple courses I’ve bought many courses it’s a lot of money on coaching
and courses this past year probably fifty thousand dollars on live events
and masterminds and courses but this is this for YouTube or both YouTube and
Facebook if I teach YouTube and Facebook in this because a lot of people they go
all-in on Facebook or they go all-in on YouTube I like to not have all my eggs
in one basket and have and then my Facebook actually grows more because I’m
doing YouTube and my youtube actually grows more because I’m using Facebook if
I just use each platform along I wouldn’t have as much results Lucy
you’re saying it’s tech but it’s not tech you got shut down because you were
posting too fast which I don’t teach you guys to post too fast
so yes it’s not it doesn’t have to do with tech is this your Black Friday offer we’ll be
sending out to affiliates or is this an exclusive Linda this is also the Black
Friday offer that affiliates can promote the link to this six five zero zero to
$6,500 training I’m gonna right after this set up the replay on a page so you
can send people to your affiliate link that will have this replay and still get
credit for it the only thing that won’t probably be there is the funnels if you
know I’m only giving the funnels for the first 20 people but maybe but yeah this
is the offer and you guys can’t buy with your own affiliate link but you can buy
from each other’s affiliate link like if you know a friend that wanted to buy and
you wanted to buy you could buy from each other’s affiliate link good
question let me also check here James it’s a no-brainer for this join before
the price goes up yep exactly Iran is this going away after Black
Friday yeah I mean the bonuses are going away and the course will still be there
but it’s going back up to 997 so okay guys let me know later if you have more
training I mean more questions I’ll come back to all this it’s Rachel s Lee comm
/ OTE the Black Friday deal is half off the course plus all the bonuses plus the
coaching plus the opportunity to get into my upcoming live master class at a
highly discounted price to learn how to sell your offers before you create them
and the chance to join daily commissions Club also at 297 but you only get that
link if you also get on in charge of ecosystem and that helps affiliates to
then affiliates have more opportunities to make Commission’s too oh you guys
thank you for watching if you guys are watching this late I’m gonna click
finish and then the replayable process and you can watch the whole training
from the beginning have a um great week Black Friday is like one
of the best times to get in to courses that you’ve been thinking about getting
into because of all the deals and I will if I’m doing a lot training in any of
you guys as groups who are watching like James or Stacia I’ll see you there okay

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  1. Hi, Can you please recommend me best ( recurring ) affiliate programs in health, fitness and beauty niches ( outside clickbanck ) ,thanks

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