April 3, 2020
How I Built My $100,000 Shopify Business – Ecommerce Marketing Guide – Secret to Success

How I Built My $100,000 Shopify Business – Ecommerce Marketing Guide – Secret to Success

what’s going on guys cater here on a
beautiful beautiful day my friend what’s going on with your lane what’s going on
with your life I’m here with my boy mr. Chris keys I
first in the house Oh guys I mean it’s a pleasure is actually interview on my
student this guy’s been rotted I mean Chris has a really powerful story I mean
we’ve been this online business and he’s my brother this guy’s my brother and
we’ve gone through so much together I remember that was time I was going
through so much in my life it was so crazy we even know anything
about business like that’s making money online stuff you know I remember just
being so depressed you know so I’m making this video just let you know
wherever you are right now whether you use this hope guys this whole you know
whatever life is thrown at you right now I could tell you can leave to see a
better day you know as you grow you learn you’re gonna get to the next level
you know so you know fast forward to now yeah always depressed I remember being
at Chris house man I was going to somebody tough time in my life and I was
very suicidal at that moment and then life pass by and you actually grow you
know God helped us so we get to the point and now you know we started this
online business and now let’s talk about YouTube YouTube success so I really want
to interview this guy because I know Chris when he got started you know and
in the beginning he wasn’t seeing the results that he wanted you know he was
going to school trying to make stuff happen and then some way down the line
his mind shifted which is if you watching this video or you put on my
channel of his channel the whole thing with China there’s
trying to help you to shift that mind because once you make that shift you
know everything started moving towards whatever you want you know and and now
this guy went from not making any money off youtube right now which we’re
watching and now with what you add now I think right now I’m close to 600 right
now so I just recently posted up a video just a few days ago two days ago and I
was at 475 so 600,000 residual income with his
Adsense revenue so I’m gonna axe cuz you know I’ve been in this for a while so
some of you follow me on my page but as someone who’s just come into the game
and to me this guy shocked me like it took me a little while to get my China
to start making $600 a month in Adsense revenue this guy literally just come on
the you know he just hit the ground running like really just crushed it out
of nowhere and I’m so proud of them so let me I’m an accident Chris a couple of
questions I know you was working a job right cuz yeah you was working a job he
was trying to make stuff happen and make things happen now you know having a job
not having been working a job since um since a little bit like late 2016 into
2017 okay cool one of my question is that when did you figure out hey you
what you want because you want to become an intrapreneur because I know you was
going on school you was making stuff happen what happened and that got you to
shift that in mind like we’re trying to get people to shift their mind so make
you realize whole shoot I gotta make this stuff happen well like with me what
happened was that um I first of all just like kata said you
know um we was doing this online stuff but Kato is he was in a situation or a
point in his life where he had to take this thing seriously you know we both
was in two different phases in our life so what happened was that when when Kato
was doing this you know on the online marketing stuff um he just got married
he just got married knows it’s a real life situation for him me I just turned
21 this time to turn no I don’t got time to be in front of a laptop you know I
tried the business for like I think the first thing that was in was like Z&Z
right right we was in znz and kata took off with znz but I didn’t see NZ for
about like I did see NZ for about three months I mean like you know little
couple of you know cells here and there but then after that dream I saw Sonya
what am i doing this thing is not really for me I’m paying for a web month
whatever fast-forward kata you know year later
kata pulses up his tax information and kata makes six figures online and I’m
still clocking in at my little security job and now you know fast forward now
just and that was like since 2010 2011 right yeah it was like 2012 yeah you
around that time so started so now fast forward now I
stopped um I jumped on Shopify 2015 after a month I gave up now where things
really hit me is that you know I’m gonna relationship with my fiance and um
there’s this time you know I wasn’t engaged and I end up you know I’m
getting ready so I’m good you know um you know proposer and as soon as I
purchased the ring after I proposed her is when I start thinking like holy shoot
oh my they get married like I’m not to get mad we really had like the we get
ready gave up stuff with deadlines for the wedding to take place and this after
that still realizing that I like the money out making cannot really provide
or really make things happen the way I want it to happen so I reached out to a
point where some stuff was going on my back was really against the wall like I
had no hope and I told myself the only thing that could make things really
happen is the opportunity that was always in front of me dad never took you
know action so I jumped into Shopify jumped into Shopify and I was hitting a
lot of brick walls during my month I’m beginning phases of Shopify but I
told myself that no matter what happens no matter how much was I’m gonna get I’m
gonna find a way to get over that wall right so like you know here’s a thing
tell me one time in your business that you where you hate that wall and you
feel like man I feel like giving up what was the thing that kept you going
because we all hate because I know like I was talking to you like sometime in
the process that you would have this go go go and you hit that brick wall and
it’s like dude like I don’t know what to do because we all hit this part of our
business and that’s what a lot of people are ended up quitting or they don’t have
you don’t have enough gas to keep pushing what kept you go what did you
say to yourself that keep you pushing or keep him going to this moment there’s a
great motivational speaker I’m pretty sure a good couple you guys heard him
but he always say what’s your why like if you really put your why in front of
you you’re gonna you’re gonna really take it to the next level like every
time you every time you hit that wall and you
in that feeling of giving up remind yourself well if you got a ride on a
border or even a something that you could look at remind yourself why you
even took that step so so you could keep pushing yourself forward because there
was time just I can’t say like I felt like giving up and as soon as I remind
myself like listen you’re trying to get married this is what you’re trying to do
and but like when I started I didn’t really think that I’m about to quit my
job I was just thinking about the wedding but from me like from for the
wedding being planted in my mind now I no longer work for anyone
I’m working for myself and oh yeah I’m growing a business so knowing your why
will keep you pushing like put a goal in front of you right like if this is your
wife if it’s your kids if it’s yourself because your future put something in
front of you that you know for a fact that you tell yourself no matter what
happens I’m gonna make sure I get this thing going crazy so now let’s get into
YouTube now I don’t know I’ve been on you’re like yo you gotta get in YouTube
rel like I’ve been telling Chris like plus for those of you that’s watching
also if you’re watching this on and he’s just doing the watching I highly
recommend you if you’re trying to build a business online
get on there is not matter if you scared if you don’t know what the hell are you
saying your mind is running 300 miles per hour you know that Chris is if you
have a why that’s bigger than what or how you gotta do things you don’t do
things because you’re why it’s much of a bigger you understand it doesn’t matter
what you gotta do how you gotta do it why that’s what’s important so get on
there and get stuff going for yourself so now bro it’s like it’s crazy to see
that you know I’ve been oh when you’re like yo you gotta make videos in now
what’s shifted to get you to the point now like a lot people don’t understand
like you know in our businesses we make a lot of money right yeah but this is a
whole thing about when you have residual income from a company like I’ve done
many multi-level now I would see multi-level company but different
affiliate business online but a lot of the time the business model change or
you don’t know what’s gonna happen here but now knowing that hey you know what
you you getting paid from Google Adsense and and it’s like the number one
in the world like Facebook is number two the number one company they’re not going
anyway they’ve been around for years right and then you see that disease your
income growing every single day it’s not the only thing that you do are you gonna
depend on but the fact that you have that coming in and you can see you grow
and you grow in it how does that make you feel like it
feels amazing and the fact that you know a lot of especially you know in in the
field that we’re in you know being you know marketers and stuff um a lot of
marketers don’t I feel like they’re not really taking you know um you to be
serious as they should like you to tailor press to me how powerful you to
but you know like I said you know I started you know doing Shopify I end up
moving on and doing my own marketing business and you to help grow my
business so much you know for the people who hate Facebook advertising they can
tell you right now if you hate Facebook advertisement jump on YouTube yeah like
imagine imagine you’re getting a hundred percent profit in your business like
you’re not paying no middleman nobody like the money’s coming straight for you
and every time that money comes in you’re not thinking about why I gotta
give so much soda money for pushing this stuff over here pushing that okay and
not only that like imagine not only you getting a hundred percent profit from
your your business every day but you’ve got Google essence that’s paying every
month like what more like what more do you want
it’s funny that you say that because I remember there was a time of business
because I’m dealing with a lot of people we just crush with we pay traffic and
paid advertising I’ve I myself do a lot of paid traffic and paid advertising but
a lot of people wouldn’t understand like why not why do I create content or why
do I promote my stuff on YouTube like Chris just mentioned to you it’s because
of the you know being able to connect the thousands of people which is amazing
enable myself to change lives even with that having to be there like people all
over the world saying you do that why should they it inspired me I was about
to give up and quit because of one of your videos broke it changed my life and
I totally make a whole twist 60 and now my business is rockin yeah have people
who say you’re our suicide women because you share your store with me yeah now
that happens to me you know I’m shifting my mind so it’s so powerful guys so and
especially especially now I’m not sorry cut you up but especially if if you’re a
person that just like you know the thing about me and kata is that we love
helping people you know genuinely helping people and
it’s not like when we get on um YouTube I’m pretty sure if you search through
his videos and through my videos we’re not giving like like corny content we’re
really giving stuff that could really you know you know up upgrade your
business or even you know shed some light to certain questions that you
probably going crazy on YouTube going crazy on Google trying to look for when
you can’t find it and we’re there to shed light you know and it’s never hard
to reach us just through our YouTube channel you know so so I think that you
know especially when you’re doing you know you to you know just try to be
genuine and that’s what you know we do so yeah yeah I mean it’s totally crazy
guys but anyway guys we was making this interview you know now Chris’s I mean
follow two bucks a month that’s literally what is it like 5,000
10,000 that’s like 500 bucks a month that’s like 5,000 ask for the year so
far you would accumulate and in one year of YouTube as you grow it’s like 10,000
you know how I know people right now is making 10k a month and are not just for
the number guys money’s always gonna be there to be me but it’s just a
difference that you can actually yeah making people’s lives in and being able
to use that platform to connect the thousands and thousands of people know
building a business that’s gonna change lives and enable you to go to a whole
next level I mean it makes me happy it makes me smile to see you know people
like Chris come on board and just crush it to a whole next level so you know my
my words to you if you watch and you know follow person who goes to his
channel he has a channel right now he’s building Chris keys or your keys with
Ozzy at the end so go out then check him out do put his link down below in the
description you know this guy’s gonna do phenomenal things he’s amazing he has a
phenomenal vision for his business and his family and
new guys on YouTube Facebook wherever you follow him so I think this is gonna
be massive it’s gonna be powerful you know that was your boy let’s get it you
know what it is man will a man Chris sir Chris got anything to say what he can
connect with you how to keep contact oh yeah oh you guys could like you say you
get them find me on youtube on you know Chris Keys you know K ey z um
Facebook Chris keys again and you’re gonna see the same picture I think it’s
the same picture that I have on my my youtube as well and also if you got
snapchat add me on market with Pritam with Chris keys
no no mark it with keys yeah I’m on snapchat so if you got snapchat you know
you can add me on there as well let’s get it

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  1. I've watched your videos for about two weeks now, I must say it's inspiring and so real. Keep doing it bro! I now have a shopify store, though yet to make any sale Just like you said, the 'why' is bigger than the 'how'. 😉

    http://bit.ly/2hofEUs Here's the link, maybe you can drop some reviews. Thanks!

  2. Would like to know how to handle taxes with a Shopify store. I formed an LLC around a general store and i live in Iowa. On my product pages i checked the charge taxes box, does that mean it’ll only charge taxes on people purchasing that live in Iowa? Any recommendations on how you file quarterly, etc?

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