March 30, 2020
How I Became Successful With Ecommerce By 24

How I Became Successful With Ecommerce By 24

(relaxing music) – Yo, what’s going on YouTube? It’s your man Mohamed
Camara, I’m back again. I believe we had a giveaway
winner in the last video, I’m gonna announce that below this video. If not, check the community tab section, and I’ll announce the
winner of that video there. But if you wanna enter the giveaway, where you can win a 30 minute
phone call with myself, comment down below on this
video, Shopify 2020, okay? That’s gonna be Shopify 2020. Go ahead, comment that down below. Appreciate y’all for tuning in. But I wanted to make this video to really talk about my journey, talk about my story, how I
got here in the first place. ‘Cause I know I put out
a lot of tutorial videos, where I kind of go over the
nitpicky, the strategies, ’cause that’s what everybody
else isn’t talking about. But I do wanna share
my story a little bit, just because people have been curious, like how did I get here? Now, I did make a video called, “How I turned 400 to 1.3
million,” on my channel. I posted that like over 10 months ago or something like that. So I wanted to make a little update, give you guys some incites
on what you should do and how you should go about making your first million dollars. Okay? And it’s not that complicated. I’m gonna put it in the simplest terms, it’s not that complicated
to make a million dollars. I think it’s harder to
make your first 100,000. So instead of trying to make
that first million right away, yeah, have those big goals, but you gotta have the
little goals in-between that’s gonna get you there. And treat them like checkpoints, right? Because if you can get to $100,000 in revenue with your eCommerce store, then that means you’re
doing something right. And at that point, it’s
all about optimizing, finding that team, and then scaling it. And you should be doing way
more than just a million. But, I do want to say this. The one most simplest thing that is gonna get you to a
million dollars fast in revenue, is if you get somebody who knows
what they’re doing already. Okay, the truth is, you don’t
know what you don’t know. And I know some of y’all thinking, “All right, maybe he’s just
trying to pitch his course.” I don’t care about my
course right now, all right? Let’s put my course aside
for this conversation. I just really wanna keep it a buck with y’all on how I got here. I got here one, taking action, not sitting and fantasizing
about things that I’m gonna do. Just doing it, the
moment it comes to mind. Two, write these things down. Write your goals down. Okay? Jot these things, keep a planner. It’s arrogant to think that you’re gonna remember
every single thing that comes to your mind. You won’t remember what goals or aspirations you had tomorrow, if you don’t write them down. So write these little goals down, write these little check points down. And then, third thing,
is just get a mentor. Get somebody who’s gonna be able to teach you exactly what they did. Look, because that person
probably made mistakes. And if they’re gonna
teach you how to do it, while avoiding all of those
mistakes in the first place, then think about how much
money that saves you. ‘Cause the truth is, mistakes cost money. It’s very, very expensive
to make a mistake. It’s very, very time
costly to make a mistake. And the amount that you’re
gonna put into getting a mentor, whose done it already, whose where you wanna be, is priceless. You can not put a price on
somebody’s life experience. You can not put a price
on somebody’s knowledge. To this day, I’ve spent
over $26,000 in courses and in coaching and mentorship
and programs to teach me. And there’s this whole bad notion of online courses these days. ‘Cause I don’t know,
it’s so easy to create, that a lot of people
fall into bad programs. Now, that’s understandable. I’ve bought some bad courses too. But, at the end of the day, would you rather buy a
course for $1,000, let’s say, that’s gonna teach you how to make a million dollars
in the next two years? Or would you rather pay
$50,000, over four years, to learn how to make $50,000 a year, working for somebody else? You know, just put it into context. Just put it into context. Even if the course is shitty, you still gonna get more value from that, and more upside from that, than going and trying to work a nine-to-five job. Or going and trying to
build somebody else’s dream and hopefully get lucky and
work your way up the company. It doesn’t work like that. You have to invest. You’re gonna take some losses. But at the end of the day, pardon, but at the end of the day, the upside is still there. It’s like, would you
rather a one in five chance at becoming a millionaire
from taking the course? Or would you rather a
one in a million chance of becoming a millionaire
working a nine-to-five for somebody else? It’s pretty simple. Stop living under everybody
else’s impression of what to do. And look, this is not
a pitch to my course, this is telling you how
I got here, I invested. I invested my first $400. I seen the returns, I
seen it was promising. And I said, “You know what? “I’ma hire somebody. “I’ma get some more mentorships, “see how to do this a lot better.” And that’s what I did from there. And that’s the only reason
I was able to generate over a million dollars, in
the course of two years. And it’s still generating
hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month, at this point. So the ROI is incredible. And it doesn’t matter whether
it’s me, somebody else, just get the mentorship. I don’t care where you get
it from, just get mentorship. There’s people out there,
who’s willing to help you. Stop acting like everybody is either with you or against you. It’s not that black and white. I recommend everybody just find
something that you wanna be, you wanna be good at,
get really good at it, and then get a mentor to make
sure you’re the best at it. And that’s how you make
a million dollars fast. That’s how you become a millionaire. Focus on one thing. That’s another big thing,
I do wanna point out. ‘Cause I was at Grant Cardone’s
10X Conference in Las Vegas, and I met a student. He came up to me, he was like,
“Oh, you’re the eComm guy.” I’m like, “Yeah, what’s up man?” And we just chopped it
up for a few minutes. And he was like, “Look, my problem is that
there’s so many things “to do right now, that I
don’t know which one to pick.” And I’m just going through a stage where I’m trying to
decide, what’s my passion. The thing is, just pick one. The problem is not that
there’s not enough options. The problem is that
there’s too many options. And because of all the
confusion and all the options, you are in the state
of analysis paralysis, where you can’t even focus on one. Look, if you broke, you
have no time to be choosy. If you’re broke right now, you have not time to be picky with it. Pick one thing, get really good at it, and it’s gonna lead you to your passion. So I just wanted to drop
this video real quick for the Money Team out there. If you enjoyed this video, comment. Let me know your thoughts down below. Let me know, what is the one
thing you’re gonna do today, to make sure that you
become a millionaire, you become one step closer to reaching your goals financially? Comment that down below. I wanna hear what y’all have to say. Also, let me know what other videos you guys wanna see in the future. I’m gonna leave some videos right here for you guys to check out. But until then, make sure
you subscribe to the channel. I’m gonna be dropping some
more videos like this. Let me know what y’all want to see. It’s your man Mohamed Camara. Nice kicking it with you today. I’ll see y’all in the next one. Peace. (relaxing music)

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