March 29, 2020
How Has eCommerce Evolved Over Time? Is It Too Late In 2018 To Make Residual Income Online??

How Has eCommerce Evolved Over Time? Is It Too Late In 2018 To Make Residual Income Online??

what is ecommerce and how has it evolved
over time I’m gonna show you exactly how ecommerce has evolved over the last five
to ten years and how you can’t fit into the new e-commerce space with another
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new videos so today’s video it’s gonna be all about e-commerce and wanna be
telling you about how ecommerce has evolved over time and how you can fit
your niche inside of that new e-commerce space that there is so back in the day
the only place that you relative sell things was on like a eBay or an Amazon
you know a lot of us old-timers that have been marketing online for a long
time we’ve evolved with you know the time so selling on eBay is kind of a
thing of the past I still sell on ebay you can still do
drop shipping on ebay it’s super simple to get stuff I do have videos for how to
get started with selling on ebay so I’m not gonna spend too much time on that
I’m gonna put it up here and the cards don’t know what size it’s gonna be on
but I just want to make sure that you know that people do still several Emma’s
are on the eBay now Amazon is a different story because the way Amazon
has evolved is you can actually do fulfilling my Amazon I have a lot of
videos about fulfilling by Amazon I’ll put them up here as well but fulfill my
Amazon is kind of the newer wave because it takes off a lot of your day to day
activities one of the biggest problems that I had with e-commerce was I’ve
always had a full-time job and when you have a store Amazon store and it’s
popping you know you have a lot of time that you have to spend packaging items
sending them out you know processing orders and it takes a lot of time out of
your day and if you’re not doing it full-time
you can get behind and once you get behind it’s hard to catch up so that was
one of my biggest gripes with Amazon so that’s why I switched over to fulfilling
my Amazon Fulfillment Emma’s on you can actually send a bulk amount of items to
Amazon and they will sell them for you so it makes it easy because you can have
items that you want to sale and you can just send them to Amazon Amazon to
package them with Amazon Prime everybody’s gonna be on Prime for the
most part and they’re gonna want that free two-day shipping so when you send
it to Amazon you know they’re gonna get their items in two days and you’re never
gonna have a late shipment you you’re not going to deal with it they also deal
with the customer service of it all this can be a positive and a negative so my
experience with film by Amazon and the a-to-z guarantee is that Amazon is
always going to give a refund so what that means said if you have a lot of
items that are from Aliexpress of Alibaba or Chinese you know made things
they sometimes have a bad batch and you really don’t know unless you go through
and inspect each and every one of them before you send them to Amazon if it’s a
bad batch so if you get an item and you you know you buy 100 or more thousand of
them and it’s a bad bet you send it to Amazon and a lot of people will return
them m’s I’m just gonna return them and they’re gonna get them back and then
they’re gonna they’re gonna want you to get them sent back which mean you have
to pay for shipping to get them sent back to you or they will destroy them
for feet so they don’t even destroy them for free they actually charge you to
destroy the item so it you know it’s kind of hit or miss with it and you just
gotta make sure that you go through and do your quality control on your items
before you send them because Amazon like I said it will automatically if somebody
says there’s issue with the item they’re gonna automatically just tell them to
return it sometimes they won’t even tell them returns they’ll just let them keep
it and you just have to absorb the cost of it so you just really need to make
sure that you are leery about purchasing items in bulk unless you’ve
tested the quality of the items so moving forward with the evolution of it
all one of the bigger things that is like you know 2018-2019 it’s gonna be
influencer marketing now if you follow me you know that I talk a lot about
influencer marketing because that’s like the new way that’s the new thing and the
Philly uh influencer marketing is basically influencers that have a
following and use that following to make sales and there’s a different ways that
you can do this one of the ways that I do this is I have a personal page on
Instagram see they love lady you follow me on there and I don’t sell a lot of
stuff in my TJ Lovelady instagram page now what I have done is I’ve built
influencer pages so these pages are niche websites or nice niche pages that
will attract people in a certain area and then once you attract people in that
certain area they follow your page they’re like your content you know they
engage they comment like share it what people take people in the post look at
your stories reply to your stories different things like they’re they’re
more prone or more apt to purchase things within that niche so one of my
pages that I have is a pets page and so I made this piss Instagram page and I
started building it and I built it over time and I actually built it
autonomously I guess it’s the word I want to want to use so I excited a
program it’s called Jarvey and I will be doing a video about setting up Jarvey
and what it does if you want to see a video about how to build an Instagram
page just in the background and it builds and builds up over time and you
want to touch it or do anything to it just hit that subscribe button and put a
like on this video and I’m loving making that video in here in a few weeks but
what this Jarvis program does is run on my computer all day long and I’ve set up
certain parameters and what it will do is it’ll go ahead and purchase purchase
it’ll go ahead and like videos and pictures of people
and also auto follow people and once you follow people and you like the pictures
they see that you like the pitches they see that you followed them and they’re
more problem to come to your page so they’re like your content they’re gonna
follow you back they’re gonna engaging your page and it just builds and builds
and builds so once you get a page like that up to 10,000 20,000 followers which
doesn’t take as long as you probably would think it’s gonna take you can
actually sell products to these people of that like your page so with a niche
like pets it’s so easy to find pet products that you can sing you can
dropship to those those people or you can even create what I plan on doing
with my pets page is creating an actual line of pet products so it’s going to be
a branded pet products line based on that page that I made on Instagram so
this is one thing that I’m doing I’m experimenting with different other
niches within Instagram so I’ve got this program allows you to build ten pages at
one time and it’s like $19 a month so it’s completely awesome because you can
build pages and not necessarily use the pages for anything monetarily at the
moment but once it builds to a certain level and you get that trust with people
that I’ve actually purchased from you so that’s kind of how ecommerce has evolved
and if you are trying to get into e-commerce right now the easiest thing
for you to do is to probably start selling something so I recommend
starting on eBay and kind of get your feet wet with settlement stuff doing
drop shipping and I have a video about how to set up a drop shipping it’s not
hard but once you start selling things you’ll see how easy it is you’ll see the
process and then you can move over into these other areas such as through my
Amazon or influencer marketing so that’s really going to be it for today’s video
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side hustles making money building your influence so if you like
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