March 28, 2020
How GDPR Damaged Ecommerce

How GDPR Damaged Ecommerce

ever since the European Union’s general
data protection regulation came into force 14 months ago ecommerce websites
in Europe have recorded lower page views site visits and revenue the gdpr was
adopted on the 14th of April 2016 and became enforceable on 25th of May 2018
it’s a regulation on data protection and privacy designed to protect citizens of
the European Union but since the regulation came into force pageviews
fell by nine point seven percent while website visits decreased by nine point
nine percent for e-commerce websites in Europe the results are less damaging
recorded site visits fell 5.6 percent while recorded revenue decreased by
eight point three percent the researchers used data from Adobe
analytics to quantify the impact of gdpr on important economic outcomes for a
diverse set of firms according to them it’s one of the first of its kind to
study the GD P R whose scale and scope has caused many companies millions of
euros and compliance costs what are the possible reasons that ecommerce websites
in Europe have seen a decline in traffic and revenue it’s because the GDP are
increased the risk that comes with email and online display advertising the
higher cost of using personal information can affect personalized
marketing channels that drive online traffic the researchers right in the PDF
both email and online display advertising rely on personal data in the
form of cookies or the email lists as such the quality and quantity of
advertising through these channels may fall the researchers point to other
studies that suggest that email and display ads some proceed seven and three
percent respectively of visits to e-commerce websites and that the
previous EU privacy legislation reduced ad effectiveness by 65 percent the
academics also note that overall website traffic may change because users become
aware of how their information is used something to think about is that perhaps
overall website traffic have changed because users have become aware of how
their information is used GDP our enforcement brought you big Judas
privacy notices on web sites that serve EU users by increasing the salience of
privacy concerns this no may have changed user preferences for
how much time users spend online in which sites they frequents

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