April 6, 2020
How Facebook and Instagram Can Boost Ecommerce Success

How Facebook and Instagram Can Boost Ecommerce Success

(upbeat music) – Using pictures and
food is not a new thing, but it is a very important thing. You’ve got to show sexy pictures of food for people to get excited,
salivating, want more of it. Using Facebook ads allows us to target some of those pictures
to a specific demographic that will then translate
back to our website, and lead to sales, and
hopefully, ongoing sales, whether that’s, again,
gift boxes, or gift cards, depending on the time of the season. We also use Instagram now. We’re starting to see
different demographics falling in to different parts
of those two businesses, and so we really need to be
targeting them specifically for what we want the outcome to be. There’s certain things that
we do or press that we get, that we really wanna
broadcast across the country, and so, at that moment,
Facebook and Instagram allow us this really huge reach, that otherwise, we have no access to, because, we can actually push through our huge Facebook following that we have to help get the
advertisements into the right places at the right time. We only leverage it at
times for the right product. One of the challenges is making sure that you’re not over-investing in a market that you can’t quite capture, and so, at times there’s a really great value in getting the message out far and wide. What we’ve found over the
course of the last few years is actually our best ROI comes
from Facebook advertisements. It’s a low upfront cost,
it can be very targeted to say, a specific product
that we’re trying to showcase, or particular experience that
we’re trying to showcase, and instead of Google AdWords,
which has in many ways, been too broad for us, Facebook
advertising has allowed us to get the highest ROI
for our dollars spent. (upbeat music)

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