April 8, 2020
How does ARTICLE 13 affect YOUTUBERS? – VisualPolitik EN

How does ARTICLE 13 affect YOUTUBERS? – VisualPolitik EN

This is a special video. Today we are talking about a topic the heavily affects this channel and, in general, all of YouTube as a platform. Don’t worry though, nobody is going to shut
down this channel BUT, maybe those who watch us from the European Union will no longer
be able to watch some of our videos. Yes, dear viewer, today we’re talking about
ARTICLE 13. Something you might of heard of, especially
if you live in Europe because YouTube seems to have replaced all of my ads which before
were “Would you like a chocolate bar!!” to be “Have you heard about ARTICLE 13?!” Now let’s quickly make one thing clear. We’re biased. (Not a huge surpise though) In fact, we are a playing an active role in
this matter. One member of the VisualPolitik team was in
Brussels talking about Article 13 with policy makers who are currently negotiating it. That would be Fonseca (ALSO known as “drunk
Spanish guy doing the title voiceovers in some of our earlier episodes”). FUNNY HEAR TO ADD A CLIP. To this day, there is no association representing
European online creators. This is why a group of European YouTube channels
decided to take a bit of initiative and show our concerns to the relevant politicians. VisualPolitik were are one of them. So, for those who don’t know it, Article
13 is part of a EU directive to regulate copyright online. But the question now is… What exactly is article 13? Is it as terrible as many people say? And the most important question of all is:
what can we, the content creators, do about it? Today we are going to answer to all of these
questions but, before we do… let’s take a look back at history. For the last few years answering the “What
do you do for a living?” question got complicated for me. Some people, especially maybe the older set,
tend to think “well, that’s nice dear, but what about money?” Some of them I just gave up, and I’m pretty
sure my grandma thinks I’m a television presenter here in Prague. But the answer is that, yes, I make a living
doing this probably not suprising to all of you millenials watching… Now we Britsh we don’t like talking about
money. Indeed, fun fact, we’re seven times more
likely to tell someone we had an STD than we are to reveal our income. But, awkwardness aside, lets just take VisualPolitik,
both the English and the Spanish. Combined they get about 10 million views a
month. As you can imagine, this translates into something,
it’s a lot of people watching… Now, no, VisualPolitik doesn’t make us millionaires. But, along with the Patreon donations (thank
you!) and the ads, we can all draw a decent salary. And look… we are not the only ones! There are thousands of creators just like
us all across Europe: creators with enough audience to make an income and even, create
new jobs. And that’s just YouTube. It also happens on other platforms like Instagram,
Facebook, and Twitch. This means online creators have become an
INDUSTRY. Alright… so it’s not exactly the oil and
gas industry, but it does exist. It’s an industry that employs thousands
of people in Europe and creates value to society (most of the time…). Yes, YouTube might be an American company. But the World’s biggest YouTuber is PewDewPie
and he is Swedish. Is he still the biggest? HE IS. Still beating T-Series. Go PewDiePie go. Alright. so what’s the problem, then? Well, like I said, there is no association
that represents us creators in Europe. Media corporations or record labels have already
trade associations and even big lobbies in Brussels. We don’t. And why? Mainly because we started little by little. The story behind any YouTuber is: you start
small, make a few videos, hopefully see a bit of growth and then you say ‘OK, now
I can go full time on this’. As you can imagine, during this process, nobody
thinks about creating a trade association… Ya, know just in case, one day, the European
Union is like “hmm lets introduce a big old directive that really affects these people”. OK, at this point its probably important for
you to know how copyright actually works in Europe? Well, to this day, we are under the so called,
“Ecommerce Directive” and, also, the “Copyright directive”. Both were passed back in 2001. So how does this legislation work? OK, let’s imagine I upload to VisualPolitik
a videoclip from a band. For example, let’s say I upload a song by
TASMANIA (who often provide music for this channel). But let’s assume I upload their song without
permission. This means I’ve created something ILLEGAL. TASMANIA, or the record label who holds their
rights, they can sue ME… Bad news for me. They can request a big fine from me. So do they do it? Well… probably not, I’m a small creator
and my pockets are just not that deep. So, what can TASMANIA do? Well… they can go to YouTube and they ask
them to take down the video. Indeed, this process is often mostly automatic:
YouTube actually has a tool, a smart filter, called CONTENT ID. In this case, Tasmania would send all the
information about their song to YouTube. This way YouTube can scan the platform looking
for the song. Anytime they find it, they can take down the
offending video. This is the law works. All fine, but hold on just a second because
this is where the interesting part comes in! Now Tasmania comes in and they ask YouTube: ‘Hey YouTube, errrrr. How about instead of just taking this down
you slice me off a bit of that sweet ad revenue pie and send it my way?!” So, according to the letter of the law, YouTube
has to block the song if requested. But the law doesn’t say anything about paying
licences (which is essentially what Tasmania want). Nonetheless… since YouTube is pretty chill. they wanna do business with Tasmania! So they essentially say: “Alright then, look, we can negotiate a
licence… and we’ll give you a little slice. Sounds cool?” In other words: they negotiate a CONTRACT. And now you might wonder… well how big is
that slice of the ad revenue pie. Well… according to the record labels, it
is pretty low. Just look at what Paul McCartney has said: https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/sir-paul-mccartney-tells-european-parliament-vote-through-article-13-to-ensure-a-sustainable-future-for-music/
…today some User Upload Content platforms refuse to compensate artists and all music
creators fairly for their work, while they exploit it for their own profit. –Sir Paul McCartney The question now is… Is Paul McCartney right or wrong? YouTube states they give the majority of the
revenue to the record label. But we don’t really know because the labels
want to keep this information confidential. We also don’t know because we asked them. And nobody would tell us. There is only one thing we know. The European music associations like IFPY
or IMPALA want YouTube to pay more. They claim there is a so called VALUE GAP
between the revenue YouTube generates and what they pay to them. In other words… they wanna have a stronger
negotiation position. And how can they do that? Well, that would be with a new copyright law
that forces platforms like YouTube to pay a licence. This is why, in the year 2016, the European
Commission wrote the first draft for the… DIRECTIVE ON COPYRIGHT IN THE DIGITAL SINGLE
MARKET According to this law, YouTube and the rest
of the user generated content platforms must compensate fairly to creators. This means YouTube doesn’t give that ad
percentage because they’re cool with it but because they are legally compelled to. And this is a big deal. Because this means a better negotiating position
for the record labels. Alright, so far this doesn’t sound THAT
bad, right? Well… hold on a minute because now is when
things start getting more complicated… DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS As you might know, the European Commission
itself cannot pass a law. They have to send it first to the European
Parliament and to the European Council. These two institutions have to write their
own version of the law. And this is when the real issue with Article
13 comes up… “Online content sharing service providers
perform an act of Communication to the public” Article 13. Paragraph 1. EU Parliament version And now you might say… Alright, Simon, what’s up? Where exactly is the problem?? Well, let me translate it for you from EU
Parliament language. It basically means YouTube would have unlimited
liability on the content that stays on the platform. To illustrate the impact of this, let’s
go back to the TASMANIA band example. Now, they wouldn’t sue only me. Now they could sue me AND YouTube! And remember my mention of deep pockets. YouTube has those… Boy does it… In other words, according to this legislation,
YouTube would have to spend millions in lawsuits. Just think about it. Every single minute, over 300 hours of videos
are uploaded. Chances are many of those videos can have
some copyright violation… And you just need ONE video with a copyright
issue to give YouTube a multimillion dollar headache. So YouTube cant deal with that kinda legal
exposure, so how would they avoid all of it? Well… they would have to… build a wall. A very strict firewall in this case. Basically, any video with third party content
would have to be blocked. Of course, if you are in America, you could
still watch it because this law only affects the content watched or uploaded inside Europe. So, if this law gets passed, good luck trying
to watch videos inside of European Union. And yes, I’m talking about most videos… Because it’s really hard to work out what
is, and what is not, third party content. It’s almost impossible to identify it. Basically, everything beyond a dude talking
to a camera with a white background would have a risk of being blocked. And that includes this video. Because right now I’m gonna show you a quote
from Donald Trump on CNN. Yes, I know what you are going to say now. Come on, Simon, you haven’t done anything
illegal there – that’s gotta be fair use, right? Well yeah, you’re right. According to the law, I can use content like
this for satire or illustration. But guess what! That YouTube firewall it’s not a lawyer,
its an algorithm. And algorithms don’t understand context
or the law. So this brand new YouTube firewall would just
say ‘THIRD PARTY CONTENT! IT HAS TO BE BLOCKED!!!!’ And the same goes when I show you this clip
from TASMANIA: Is this illegal? Of course not! But good luck making a robot understand legal
caveats. And really, all my YouTube comrades watching
will attest to this, you already know how many problems we have with the filters YouTube
already have. So imagine how tough it will be with an even
more aggressive firewall. But HOLD ON just a minute because there is
an alternative! There is indeed a solution. A solution that makes everybody moderately
happy and that is pretty realistic…. WHAT CAN IT BE DONE ABOUT THIS? As I told you before, this copyright directive
has been voted on in the European Parliament. But this doesn’t mean the legislation has
been passed! In fact, we’re still in the middle of it
all. You see, the process to pass an EU directive
it goes as follows. First step, the Commission creates a first
draft. That’s how we got the first Article 13 draft. Second step, this draft goes to the EU Parliament,
they write another draft and vote on it. This is why we have another version of Article
13. But now there is a third step and a third
player coming in: at thats the European Council. The European Council is where all the member
states are represented. And, oh yes, they have approved ANOTHER version
of the Article 13. So yes, my dear viewers… we don’t have
just one Article 13. We have three different versions: from the
commission, parliament and council. European political institutions are so simple… Said no one. Ever. So what happens next? Well, now we are in the third step, which
is when the Commission, Parliament and Council get together and negotiate. In Brussels speak, we would call this the
TRIALOGUES. (Yes, sort of a DIALOGUE, but with three people… Like I said, never simple in Brussels, even
the damn words they use). So imagine a big room with a big round table. On one hand, we have the Commission representative
and her advisors. On the other, the representative of the Parliament…
and on the other, the one from the Council. Counting all the representatives and the advisors,
we have over 30 people negotiating. They meet almost every week. And yes, this is a loooooong process. Shocker. In this case, we have 3 different texts. And believe me, the one from the council is
very different. “In the absence of the authorisation (…) an
online content sharing provider shall not be liable for the act of the communication
to the public (…) when: it demonstrates that has made best efforts (…) and upon
notification by rightholders (…) it has acted expeditiously to remove or disable access
to these works” Article 13. Paragraph 4. OK, let me translate it to you again. This means that YouTube is liable for the
content on their platform. But this liability is mitigated. Alright, so what does this mean? OK, let’s go back to the TASMANIA example. With this law in hand, Youtube must report
to them the songs uploaded on the platform. And they have to ask them whether they want
to take them down or to get a licence from it. At this moment, Tasmania will have to add
their data and metadata into a form. This way, that filter YouTube already has,
the so called CONTENT ID system, already knows what to track. But not only that! According to this Article 13 version, if YouTube
shows they have done everything possible to protect the copyright, they cannot be sued. In other words, if YouTube plays by the rules,
they can avoid a lot of legal uncertainty. Yes, they would have to pay more money to
the record labels. But there is no existential risk anymore. And of course, we, the content creators, would
be happy too because we wouldn’t have to worry about all of our videos being blocked. And finally, the record labels are also happy
because they get what they need: better conditions for negotiating. So let me summarize it for you: what’s the
difference between the Parliament and the Council positions? The consequences of the Parliament’s version
is that European YouTube would become just another TV channel. Only the creators who already have a big audience
would survive. Why? Because they are the only ones who can pay
a lawyer to manage all the copyright issues so YouTube will let them upload videos. But there would be a big wall, pretty much
impossible to surpass, for the hundred of thousands of small creators. But there is a way to find a common ground
for all the players here. Of course, it is a compromise, but that’s
what politics are all about. So now, the big question is… what comes
after this third step? What’s the fourth step? Well, after this legislation has been negotiated
in the trialogues, they bring it back to the parliament. There they vote yes or no to the text. And then we go to the final step. This is just a EU directive. A EU directive is not an actual law but rather
a guideline. So after the directive gets passed, it has
to go to all the member states where they turn it into laws. And this is another moment were online creators
have to show up and speak to their national governments. And yes, if you’re a European YouTube creator
watching this, right now… that includes you. If there is something we have learned from
our trip to Brussels it’s that policy makers don’t even know we exist. And, if they don’t know us, as an industry,
if they don’t know that thousands of people live off of creating online content… they
will not understand how many people might go unemployed because of a bad regulation. So if you liked this video, rather than ask
you to subscribe today, I’d suggest you share it with a friend – a creator, a fan,
a European. Hopefully someone who will help make a difference. At some point in the future, we’ll probably
all need to act on this, and here at Visual Politik, we’ll keep you posted. Thanks for watching.

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  35. All of this is going to be very confusing for new creators, like me. I haven't even started my channel yet and already I'm crapping my pants over copyright and fair use.

  36. could you please post links on all the channels you’ve shown in this video? I know only The Great War, what are the others?

  37. Why don't you make a video about all the people making "Topic" channel videos which some algorithm selects to clog up our feeds with repetitive garbage we didn't subscribe to and which obviously steal content daily.

  38. Art. 13 violation if you critic any politician: If you tell which opinion you oppose and why you need the license from the politician you critic for presenting the opinion the politician uttered (created by talking into the mic of tv).Every political opposition can be shut down now. The politician only has to not agree to have his opinion published for critic. Example: I oppose the tax politic of Politician, who said " censored censored censored censored censored censored" because of.It started with the abolishment of Art. 4 of the Lisbon treaty in 2007 (equal rights for member countries under maintenance of each nations identity <=soon I can't say this without license)

  39. Thanks for trying, it didn't work. it was fun while it lasted. The internet is about to die as we know it.

  40. Politics never grants freedom but restricts freedom upon the people it attempts to enforce. Typical idiots creating an illusion of law and order bc the public is also a bunch of typical idiots that need a false sense of security and public order. The internet is like international waters…use at your own risk and it only has bits of data that are managed majorly by intellectuals and maybe some typical idiots. Still it is a platform of communication that should be free of political propaganda promoting their own agendas.

  41. Oh, and yes, you talk of the EU and the internet, well, a shiti company is not boss whereever it wants. The EU tries to protect his citizens ! That is good. Youtube can do whatever the fak they whant. We were here before youtube and will be here long after these sad companies die. So, avoid to put this pathetic companies in at the same level as a country or union. Youtube is important for you. I and many others can do without. Remember Yahoo or MySpace ? Those companies had the same impression, namely that they are above, well, above no more :)) The European Union is the most cool thing that happened to the whole Europe ! You talk of an EU army like is something bad (in another video of yours), well it will be the second good thing that will happen to the EU nations. We, the EU citizens, not you (or may be since you say you are a EU citizen – if you are not from UK), have been asked to vote on the "EU army". Do you know what the citizens of EU (including me) voted ? Let me tell you, a big YES. I, a simple guy, had this proposal yeas back. Evan I written a letter to the EU committee for an EU army. Do you know WHY? If I had this initiative, you could imagine that a lot of people written the same thing to them. "Logicly", as you say, the EU army existed from the very beginning. Once you are in a union of EU brotherhood, then you have the responsibility to protect other EU countries. The threat is there. Remember that the Russians won the WWII ALONE ! What you people put in your movies is pure misinformation and work to manipulate children only. 60 million russians died in the war and only 900 thoust US+the rest of the allies ! Can they do it again ? Yes, they are crazy enough! But … only if Russia was the real problem, but it is not. The EU is very well thank you, to bad you are not a part of history. Thank to your "smart" leaders and the software manipulation of the UK people (that brexit was a sad faking day and I felt betrayed by all of you). I hope that you are smart enough to understand that we are Christians and the evil is in other places.

  42. Article 13 was the cause of MemeGags being cancelled in European Union. That was because according to Article 13, memes count as copyright.

  43. I live in the European Union, Article 13 has been passed, therefore I can not watch this video! Sigh! Oh, wait, I can, because article 13 is A LIE

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