November 19, 2019
How Do You Know If Your Ecommerce Website Is Fast Enough?

How Do You Know If Your Ecommerce Website Is Fast Enough?

The next question, How do I know if my
website is fast enough? And I think this question is from Dave
because I know he is pretty much does like 60% is revenue through Black Friday Cyber Monday, and so he did. And on mobile Yeah mobile is big for him too. So what
would he, what would you say to him? Well, what happened? I mean that there’s
a lot of stats of that. We’ve pulled our talked about around the
the effect on conversion rate with speed. So two things, two things are
important to think about here. Google is now obsessed, well now obsessed. There’s been such a long time, but, they are increasingly obsessed with mobile
page speed and the tool that they use which is if you just Google, if you
Google Google page speed score test, put your domain in there and it gives you a
score for your desktop and your mobile site and you probably pretty shocked about
the results because it’s pretty brutal. So somebody like Gymshark, for example,
who is a massive massive player, has a Google speed score of 13 out of a hundred and
you know, these are these are big big e-commerce businesses, but
they their sites are too slow. That is not good enough. You need to be up there with the 60s 70s. But unless you’ve actually done any speed optimization work, doesn’t matter if you’re on Shopify, Magento. You will be shocked you
like holy holy moly. Well, I think that’s an opportunity as
well for the smaller guys because it takes such amount of investment for the big guys to get that score higher or as you can come and you know if Gymsharks doing that, you know, 13 up a hundred and you come along with 70-plus. Google is going to consider you for some
of the more, you know some of the more longtail searches because it knows the that
your site’s going to load a lot faster. Yeah, definitely. So I mean the other thing about speed is
is obviously looking Google analytics. I like to see speed in the Google
analytics. It’s it’s in Behavior and the page speed and if you see yourself under
you want to see yourself under four seconds, if you see anything higher than
that, then you know that people are going to Experience a bit of pain
around the page speed.

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