April 10, 2020
How do I optimize an e-commerce site without rich content?

How do I optimize an e-commerce site without rich content?

>>CUTTS: A difficult question from Paddy
Moogan in the UK: “Hi, Matt, what are your opinions on optimizing an Ecommerce website
where the main pages or products may not necessarily be rich in content?” That’s a tough question,
right? Essentially, you’re saying here’s a place where you can buy products and there’s
not a lot of content or maybe the content is duplicated from a bunch of places. So,
my short answer is, you know, put on your user hat. If you typed in a product and you
get a ton of places to buy things and there’s no real information on that page and there’s
no real value added and all you get is places to buy, then you get pretty annoyed. In fact,
whenever we ask our users, you know, what’s the top issue for you these days, it’s less
about true web spam like cloaking or hidden text or stuff like that and more about a search
quality issue of, “Oh, I don’t like how many commercial results I see,” or, you know, “I
get too many products,” or “Too many comparison shopping sites,” or things like that. So that’s
a sentiment that we heard a lot. And what you should be asking yourself is, you know,
“Do I want to take that step? Do I want to make the Ecommerce site if I don’t have a
lot of original content or value add or if I have a lot of duplicate content or if it’s
an affiliate feed, then there’s really not much else I’m adding to it. And so I’d–ask
yourself, do you really want to jump into that and start optimizing that, or do you
want to look for something a little more original or something more compelling, you know, some
other hook that you can get a lot of visitors for? And so my advice is, you know, if possible,
think about how you can move more towards that high value add, unique sort of site,
not just the site that somebody might view as cookie cutter or that they might get annoyed
by it if they land and find, you know, a page that looks just like 500 other pages that
they’ve just seen on the web. So those are sort of the things to think about.

10 thoughts on “How do I optimize an e-commerce site without rich content?

  1. Video boils down this.

    Q: How do I optimize an e-commerce site without rich content? A: You don't. So add rich content.

    Matt, please add richer content to your video answers.

  2. In that case I recommend you to block Googlebot indexing the single product pages, if the products are already listed in the categories pages. That way you will reduce the number of pages in the supplemental results, and will boost the most lucrative pages of your web site.

  3. Alternatively, Google should build a product where ecommerce advertisers can submit their site to and "rank". Something like Froogle, but more betterer.

  4. @fantasyperson2009 SILENCE Earthling The Google Gods have spoken! feel free to plead your case along with the rest of us who didnt get a "real answer"

  5. Rich content for e-commerce? Absurd!

    Online perfumery? Online drug store? Hundreds of products. Content can only be the producers' description of the product. Thus, same description found everywhere. No original content.

    Let's imagine each e-shop makes up its own poem for a product (original content). For the visitor, is it useful or confusing to see the same product having tens of different descriptions?

    Google asks for rich content, e-commerce owners can only make up content. False info.

  6. @parfumeria33ro Not really. You could provide a way to include content in the form of reviews (or allow your customers to explain their experience with that product). You can also link to related content (user guides, or videos). I agree that there's a lot of work to it but if the site is worth you could try

  7. This is a super easy answer, make up some great content for the user to read about your product(s). If you don't know how, hire a content writing service.

  8. Another way of optimizing your product page is through social media signals. Since it's now used as a rank factor plus social proof is a powerful influencer for people who wants to but online, it makes a lot of sense to use social media to help you with your SEO.

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