April 10, 2020
How district m helped ÉLIE Clinique Privée find their clients online

How district m helped ÉLIE Clinique Privée find their clients online

Hi, my name is Dr. Valerie
Brousseau. I’m an ear, nose and throat surgeon. I have a private
clinic outside of government here in Montreal. My business is
actually really particular in the sense that my clinic was the
first completely private surgical ear, nose and throat
clinic in Canada. Other aspects of the services are the type of
technology that we have. So we do a lot of endoscopy. We have
voice endoscopy, there’s only a few centers in the province that
offer the services and video endoscopy for the voice. And
that also means that we offer specific surgeries for the
transgender community in order to offer transgender voice
surgery. So one of the problems when you offer new types of
approaches and you have high-tech technology or a new
way of offering services is how do you reach the clientele that
actually need that. But the people who really want the
healthcare, the patients, if they can find you online, they
will come no matter how specific the services that you offer are.
So in terms of our marketing, when I opened the business about
a year and a half ago, we started doing our own marketing.
I was doing actually a lot of my Google Ads myself and I put
together my website after about, let’s say, 10 months or so. I
was getting pretty exhausted doing this on my own. And also I
could see that as the business started to grow that I, you
know, I was getting to be limited in terms of results I
was getting. Actually district m, I came and Alex came and
visited and we actually sat together. One of the first
things that I loved is that when Alex came in, I told him about
my business. He wasn’t just able to understand what were the
services I was trying to sell. He also got kind of like the
spirit of how I wanted to deliver my health care. What I
was paying for Google Ads when I was doing the them has been more
than cut in half with district m’s team, being able to actually
look at how best to market certain keywords and so on.
Great tools online in order to be able to follow how your
businesses growth on a day to day basis, very understandable.
The rates, I mean, for me, the monthly rate that they were
charging me is like, I need one more patient per month in order
to be able to afford district m. It’s been over a year now that
I’ve been doing business with district m and Alex and it’s
been a very personable, very friendly, very easy experience.
You know, I can just text him, send him an email and ask him a
few questions about how the marketing is going or
adjustments I’d like to do if I have a new event or a new
service that I’d like to market. Really, district m if you
haven’t thought about it, you should be doing it now.

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