April 9, 2020


hello everyone this is Amit Ray from the
YouTube channel 101 website today we are going to talk on how can you leverage
your online business to ensure you get maximum results so let’s get
started leverage is basically described as doing
more while working less. leverage goes with the principle of working smarter
instead of working hard. The key idea here is to focus more on how you do it
instead of what you do. For instance a website is a good example of leverage
why is it. Instead of being physically present and advertising your products
and services to your potential buyers you can instead set a sales page on your
website and this will advertise your products or services to the potential
visitors and you will also have a much larger audience. You can also send
promotional emails to your potential buyers through only one click. In this way you
can make money online while you sleep Sounds good yeah!! your website will
represent your idea and that’s a key point of leverage for your online business
leverage starts with replacing yourself in the system and the small
tasks that you do so that you can focus on much bigger priorities
you can also leverage tactics and strategies that will allow you to work
smarter another example of this is that you can
use tools and apps that will help to do the tasks in half the time that you were
actually taking you see nowadays we have many tools available online and also
many apps that you can download and set up to allow you to work more effectively
and this will help you to manage your work also saving much time if you are
not leveraging in your online business then you’re working too hard and earning
little money you will not fulfill your income
potential and achieve financial freedom in such a situation you must always be
asking yourself this question how can i automate the value that I deliver
to the marketplace if you answer this question then you are on your way to
make passive income through the power of leverage that is because you are able to
increase 10 times the value that you deliver to the marketplace and you can
also develop other products and services in the spare time that you have saved I
must say that leverage is a successful tactic and is being used by most
successful online entrepreneurs nowadays they are leveraging the content, services,
products, social media employees and all other things and
components in the online business You see that has made the difference for them How Tony Robbins used leverage to become a master speaker and entrepreneur Robbins the motivational speaker has
used the power of leverage to increase his influence and deliver his teachings
to the world. By his own account when he began his craft as a speaker he has 200
seminars in a year and yet he barely broke even. How is that? Then after much
reflection he started to tape his seminars and sell them as TV
infomercials that’s when he reached many people at the time and he skyrocketed to
success the TV infomercials have had many people change their lives as they
become more accessible to the general public and those who are in the path of
self-development This event where Tony Robbins l his
seminal tapes is a prime example of leveraging Course creation as Back End Sales you can start to create ebooks and
courses tp cater for the needs and wants of your customers also you can support
and deliver massive value to your customers by supplying to them
additional products and services these are called back end sales and this is
where most of the money is made to start with you need to attract visitors to
your blog or You Tube channel and ensure that they become repeated buyers coming
to your website regularly then you can sell to them the products and services
that will cater for their needs finally create a product or service that
will add 10 times the value you tell about the same this is where you make
money while you sleep using the power of leveraging using the power of affiliate marketing
to leverage the products and services of of other online entrepreneurs. Have you
heard of affiliate marketing? it’s a powerful concept and is used by almost
all other online entrepreneurs nowadays This type of marketing provides you the
opportunity for fast growth and make money with no additional cost incurred by you. You can associate yourself with other people’s brands in fact this
is a win-win solution for you and the other person that you’re promoting the
brand for. You will be paid based on the referrals you make and the audio seller
will also make money while entering your cost leveraging in this situation will
provide no additional cost incurred to you now we are going to talk on three
fundamental ways on how you can leverage your online business first is using
other people’s talents skills and resources you must have heard the
ceiling walk on your business not in your business in order to scale your
business you need to put people working in the system while removing yourself
for example you can hire a social media manager for your content strategy and
the content that you are posting he will manage the content strategy and just
free more time for you to focus on other companies for your online business in
this way you can devote more time to create useful content for your audience
one he manages the content posting and design second is managing your time
effectively effectiveness is managing the few vital activities that will get
you more customers and a new more money as a result you need to focus on a few
toes that will drive sales this is a minimum effective point this
goes with a 8020 principle developed by Pareto in history
Pareto observe that 80% of the wealth is owned by 20% of the Italian population
thus he concluded that 80% of your results can be actually with 20% of your
action as a toast that you have created third is continuous improvement and
hence your knowledge and condition your body for more stamina and energy energy
is important if you want to lead a successful life developing yourself and
learning new skills is a great way to leverage in this context you can
actually move while working less so many platform nowadays
where you can found cheap multiple courses such as redeeming and
scholarship you can check this site and learn new skills for your online
business so guys you have seen that level it is a
mindset this my sin separates us watching financial freedom quickly as
you build the mindset and habits of leverage you will see drastic
improvement in your online business and your personal life overall
in fact you’re working too hard bind off level regime thank you guys so how come
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