March 30, 2020

How Brummell Delivered on Holiday Sales With Ecommerce Fulfillment From ShipBob

I had about 15,000 pairs of socks delivered
in my apartment in downtown Chicago the day before Thanksgiving and was able to hire movers
to get to the strip out fulfillment center and then within two days they were already
ready to ship 15,000 pairs of socks as the orders came in. If we didn’t have our relationship
with ShipBob in place prior to our launch, not really sure what would have happened on
Black Friday that weekend. I think I probably would have had to recruit a lot of friends
to come over and pack socks into bags. Probably buy pizza for them or something. Thankfully
didn’t have to worry about that at all. Going into this last holiday season, wasn’t worried
at all with ShipBob. I was looking for someone that I trusted and was genuine. So from that
first 15-minute phone call I felt like I had a new director of logistics within ShipBob.
The Brummell customer experience is all due to ShipBob. One of the best things that was
given to me, an advice from my ShipBob representative, was that you can get white polybags with your
Brummell logo on it. So we’re able to have all of our products shipped in a white logo
bag. It doesn’t look like it’s coming from some fulfillment center somewhere else. This
is pure Brummell. This is our brand. This is us. The dashboard is awesome. Being able
to log on and fix any order I have or reach out to the support team and there’s always
a quick response. We do offer our products on a subscription basis or one-time purchase.
We do know inventory is going to be shipped out every three months or every six months.
Thankfully we don’t have to touch anything like that. ShipBob has been able to integrate
with my e-commerce site, which is run through Shopify without skipping a beat. Every morning
when I log on my computer, I’m usually logging onto ShipBob and Shopify. Those are the two
most important websites I have on my dashboard. A lot of our clients are mixed between the
East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast. So one of the fortunate things with ShipBob is that
we’ll be looking to expand into their other fulfillment centers. They’ll be able to cut
down on shipping time and cost. So having ShipBob growing even faster than our company.
An awesome tool to have and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

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