April 10, 2020

How Being RICH Saved My LIFE… (Where I’ve Been) Rich vs Poor #storytime

Yes hello hello everybody and today I have
a bit of a different video for you. Because instead of my usual business videos,
I’m going to instead talk about how being rich, Recently helped save my life. Now I can imagine my subscribers are probably
thinking Sarah this looks and sounds nothing like your other videos. Where are your Aliexpress products in the
background?! Well that’s because I usually get to film
with my nice camera setup back in my home city of Christchurch, New Zealand. With camera guy Paul making sure that the
lighting looks good and everything is in focus. But well unfortunately for the next few videos,
I won’t have access to any of that. Because I’m not in Christchurch. I am in a hotel in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I’m here because I am recovering from a
live-saving operation I had a few days ago where my inflamed appendix was removed. You see about 2 weeks ago now, I posted on
Instagram that I was flying to Canada for what so supposed to be a relaxing weekish
long vacation. First stop was to Edmonton to see close friends
that live there. And the second stop was the city of Calgary,
3 hours away from Edmonton. Now the reason why I came to Calgary isn’t
because I know anybody here, I actually don’t know anybody here. Instead I was here for a geeky boardgame event
and everyone I knew who was attending was flying in from out of town. Most people who came left Sunday night or
Monday. Thankfully I opted to stay an extra day to
explore the city of Calgary. And I am really glad I did that because if
I hadn’t, I would have had a medical emergency on a PLANE. Now luckily that didn’t happen. However my plan to explore the city of Calgary
was NOT meant to be. Now I want to preface this video with 3 things. One I was very happy with the healthcare that
I received in Canada. And I am extremely grateful to everyone who
pitched in to save my life. The Canadian healthcare system gets a big
thumbs up from me. Secondly, this story is entirely from my perspective
and these conversations are NOT word for word. And thirdly, this video is not a video about
my political opinions. It is merely me retelling my story. I just wanted to share this story to show
you how having access to money can drastically change your life. And you are welcome to make your own conclusions
about this video and talk about it in the comments section below. Alright so with that out of the way, It’s storytime. Here is how being rich helped save my life. I was enjoying my final day in Calgary before
my 14 hour flight home. On that fateful day I even grammed a picture
of me in the morning trying out the local award winning coffee joint. At 3pm I thought UGH, my stomach, it feels
gassy and weird. And at 5pm I thought UGH my stomach, it HURTS. At 7pm I started to feel this really sharp
pain around where my appendix once was. And by 8pm I was on my bed moaning in pain,
a pain I had never felt before and I thought you know I’ve got a flight that I am catching
tomorrow I need to see someone about this right now. By 8:30pm I was at the local emergency clinic
and I brought a friend with me for moral support. Her flight wasn’t due to go for several
hours yet. So what you do at the clinic is you line up
in a line, and you wait for a nurse to see you first. And you know, I usually try to be brave with
my pain. And in New Zealand, we’ve actually got a
saying. “She’ll be alright mate!” And that’s usually the attitude I try to
have towards pain but this pain was so overwhelming that while I was waiting I was literally on
the floor, clutching my stomach in tears. So finally I get to the front of the line
for my interview and the nurse sees me and he says to me – “Sarah, what would you say
your pain level is on a scale of 1 to 10?” “Well, there has to be worst pain in this
world, so I’m going to go with a 9.” And he looked CONCERNED. “Are you nauseous?” “Mmmhmm.” “Do you have pain in the lower right of
your stomach?” “Mmmhmm.” “Is that pain sharp?” “Mmmhmm.” As you can see these are the classic signs
of the life threatening condition of appendicitis that I was exhibiting, especially in-regards
to how the pain was spreading. And so he’s like, “Yes you should definitely
see a doctor but there’s just uh one snag. You see Sarah, you’re a foreigner. And your country, New Zealand, has no health
agreements with Canada.” And I’m like “Oh no it’s OK I’ve got
good health insurance. I’m all set!” And he’s like “Yeah, about that. That’s great that you’ve got great health
insurance Sarah. But, we’ve recently had people say that
they’ve got it, and then they don’t, and they run away without paying the bill. So we now require that you pay your emergency
fee upfront. Before you see a doctor. And then your insurance can just pay you back
later. Do you understand?” Now I’ll admit I didn’t understand. Medical bills are expensive. That’s why you have health insurance. A lot of people would not have the liquid
cash to pay for the bills upfront and to then be repaid by insurance later. And so I thought truly I didn’t understand
what he said, and so I’m like, “Sure, no problem.” Now 10 minutes later I get called by the receptionist
and she’s asking me y’know lots of details like who I am, where I live, what’s my birthdate,
things like that, but I’m deteriorating every single minute. The receptionist was very nice to me. She could tell that I was about to vomit and
got me a bowl. And almost immediately I lost all of my dignity
and threw up right in front of her. So she looks at sad Sarah and she’s like
“So, I don’t really think you’re in a position to talk to me are you?” And I’m like “Mmmm.” And so she ended up talking to my friend who
entirely took over that conversation. And it’s all going well until the receptionist
grabs the credit card machine and a piece of paper and she’s like, “So Sarah, there
is something that I need you to personally confirm with me. I know that you have health insurance. But we now require that everybody pay their
emergency fee upfront before they see a doctor. And that fee is $898. And you will also need to pay your doctors
hourly fees but we don’t know how long you’re going to be here yet for and it might be awhile. So you can pay that later. But for now, you just need to pay $898. And when you stop vomiting there I need you
to just sign this piece of paper stating that you understand and consent to this. Just sign that dotted line right there.” Now I’m going to be honest. I was deathly sick. So sick that I could barely use the credit
card machine. Luckily I did muster up the energy to do so. But, as I was doing it, I thought about this could be so very very
different if it was happening to younger Sarah right now. See here’s the thing. As my subscribers know I earn thousands of
dollars each day in passive income from my businesses. So I don’t even blink at an $898 fee. But it wasn’t always this way. In my early 20s like most people, I didn’t
have that sort of liquid cash lying around that I could have paid for all of these bills
in-advance. In my very early 20s, I went on a trip to
the USA with friends. I saved up $5,000 and by the end of my trip,
most of my money was gone. I had $1,000-$2,000 in a personal savings
account back home but that was it. If early 20s Sarah had been stuck by a $898
bill by the end of her trip she would not have had the liquid cash to pay for it. But, I’m not early 20s Sarah. So I pay it, and then head back into the waiting
room and 90 minutes later I am extremely relieved to hear a nurse call my name. They saw my condition and thankfully, I went
from a chair to a hospital bed. A very kind doctor came to see me he felt
my stomach and he’s like “Yeah I’m strongly suspecting an appendicitis to confirm. But uh, before we do that, There is something that you need to know first. Before I let you out of this clinic tonight,
I need you to know, You’ll need to pay my doctor fees before
you leave. You understand that right?” By now I really truly do understand that. And so I’m like “Mmmhmm” and then he
smiles, leaves, orders my tests and, mercifully orders my morphine and I went from sad Sarah
to happy Sarah in no time flat. Midnight hits and my friend gotta to leave
to catch her flight. So we bid each other farewell and then 5 minutes
later she is back in the door. “Aaaand now I’m back.” And I’m like “oh that’s great but wait… Why are you back? Don’t you have a flight that you need to
catch?” “I do have a flight that I need to catch…
but your doctor won’t let me leave.” “What? Why?!” “He said I can’t leave until you pay your
doctors fees.” “But… you’re not the patient!” “Yes… but I’m with you… and so he
won’t let me leave until it’s paid. And it’s going to cost $490. It turns out that she had actually tried to
pay it so that she could catch her flight and leave. But uh, funnily enough she didn’t have enough
money on her credit card since it was the end of her trip. I was actually too sick to get up out of bed
and pay the bill and so I just transferred the money to her card. She paid the bill and was allowed to leave. Right after she left the doctors ended up
switching shifts. I got a new doctor who was once again very
nice and very good. He made she I had my final test, a CT scan
at 2am in the morning. By 3am the results were in and he came bouncing
in to tell me my fate. Alright Sarah it’s official! You have an appendicitis. And do you know what i did? I burst into tears. I was so scared that my appendix was going
to burst right then and there. “Oh my goodness… oh my goodness… am
I going to die?! And he’s like “NO Sarah! It hasn’t ruptured yet! You came in quickly. You came in quickly! You’re fine! I’ve ordered you an embluence. They’ll take you straight to the hospital. In a few hours they’ll remove your appendix. It will be super easy. But uh, before that, just one thing, You see before you can get into the ambulance
and leave for your operation, My doctors fees are outstanding. I’ve done the calculations and it’s going
to be $490. I know you can’t get up to pay the bill
so I’ll bring the credit card machine to your bed.” And that’s what he did! And while high on both a mixture of morphine
and extreme anxiety I desperately tried to pay this new bill as fast as I could so that
I could get into that ambulance ASAP. So I did get into the ambulance and we arrived
safely at the hospital and they wheeled me in. I was settled on a comfy chair for a few hours
as they waited for my turn to go under the knife. At 7am I was being prepped for surgery. And on honestly I’ve had 4 operations on
my ears, and some of them were fairly serious. And I hated the experience of going under
with anesthesia each and every time. Because as you do, there is this really weird
sensation of your breathing slowing and stopping and I just hate it. So I was super nervous and jittery. So I climbed onto the operating table and
I got under the sheet, naked, super vulnerable, shaking with fear. One of the surgeons took pity on me and so
he tried to make small talk to calm me down. And it was actually working really well until
his face got really serious, and he’s like, “So, uh, Sarah, I’ve just got to ask you
something real quick, Now don’t worry uh, this won’t impact
your operation. You’re going to have the same care no matter
what you say here I swear I swear. But I just want to know, Do you have health insurance?” And I’m lying there stretched out like a
crucifix thinking what, really, now?! And I’m like, “Yes, I definitely have health insurance
and he’s like, are you sure? And I’m no really I definitely have health
insurance.” Shortly thereafter the mask got put on my
face and I was unconscious and y’know what? The operation went fantastically. I had great surgeons at a great hospital and
there was no complications at all. In fact I even recovered within a few hours
and so after showing them proof that yes indeed I did have health insurance this whole time,
I was allowed to leave the hospital. And as I was being wheeled out of the hospital
in a wheelchair I couldn’t help but think… What if early 20s Sarah had been the one to
have the emergency surgery overseas and couldn’t have paid for all of these bills upfront along
the way? What if I wasn’t rich like I am today? My experience would have been entirely different. Now I talked to some of my Canadian friends
later and they assured me that if I could not have paid my emergency bill yes that they
doctors would have indeed seen me. And I actually did confirm that they were
right. Here was my emergency fee bill. As you can see it says that they emergency
fee must be paid unless it can’t, in which case you have to negotiate with the financial
aid office something I was definitely not told. Early 20s Sarah would have wasted a lot of
time either trying to negotiate with the financial office throughout the night, or trying to
secure loans from family and friends back home. Now look I know that dying from an appendicitis
especially if you catch it early is extremely extremely unlikely thanks to modern medicine. But honestly, there are no guarantees. I know this because I kept asking everyone
that I could, doctors, nurses, surgeons, could my appendix rupture? Could I die? And their answer was always, “well y’know
Sarah you caught it extremely early so it’s extremely unlikely, but there are no guarantees. It hasn’t happened yet though so try to
not worry about it!” But honestly that’s just the start of how
money has made this situation entirely different. Because of my money I’m far less likely
to have postoperative complications. Because of my operation I can’t fly home. And so because of that I needed to get accommodation
in the meantime. Early 20s Sarah would have had to scrounge
up even more cash to book a cheap yet cheerful hotel for a few nights, hoping that insurance
money would come through ASAP. And I can tell you that has not happened. Whereas I was able to straight up book a nice
hotel with room service to reduce stress on my body. And something else early 20s Sarah would have
done was try to get home ASAP even at the cost of my health, because each day I had
off work was one less day that I was being paid. I would have rushed home and roughed it out
in economy with my surgery wounds because that’s all I could’ve afforded. Whereas now I can just wait until whenever
the doctor recommends I fly home and rest my body in business class. And so for me, this experience has done two
things. One, it’s made me reflect on how incredibly
lucky I am to be in such a financial position. And it’s given me a lot of gratitude. But it’s also been the single most enlightening
moment of my life, showing me how money truly creates options, and changes your life. So yes that’s my story! And yes, I’m going to be in Calgary for
a little while yet so I’m sorry that the visual and audio quality of my videos is going
to be different from normal. But if you like this one then please subscribe
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