April 9, 2020
How BAKblade Grew 291% in Under 3 Years By Partnering With ShipBob for Fulfillment [Case Study]

How BAKblade Grew 291% in Under 3 Years By Partnering With ShipBob for Fulfillment [Case Study]

In 2016, we had a crowdfunding campaign that
blew up because of a viral video and in such a very short time this crowdfunding campaign
was going to require us to ship out 20-30 thousand units of the BAKblade. After working with ShipBob and seeing an initial
20-30 thousand units go out the door, it certainly allowed me to sleep better at night, we weren’t
having to spend a lot of our time processing those orders. ShipBob is definitely adapted to our growth. ShipBob is absolutely cutting edge they’re
always looking for the next angle to make their business better while at the same time
keeping their brands happy. I think that ShipBob is going to continue
to get better and better at helping brands grow and expand at a ratio that most 3PL’s
might be a few years behind. One of the biggest things for us was live
inventory management, knowing exactly how many units we have in Texas vs Chicago vs
New York. It not only helps with our overall process
in managing and making certain that our inventory levels are balanced well, but also at the
end of the year with tax preparations ShipBob made that entire process very simplified and
easy for us and our accountants. One of the other benefits we’ve seen recently
too is a spike in conversions since applying ShipBob’s two-day express feature which
just continues to allow us to stay in front of a lot of the competition that our customers
are seeing online who may be offering our similar products. Our job is to drive traffic through our website
and two-day express certainly is an option that a lot of our customers take advantage
of and are very happy with. They also offer the option to customize our
packaging and allow us to tell a story through our products when shipping to our customers. Being that were now three years we’ve been
able to literally see the evolution and were excited to see where the next three years
are going to go.

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