April 5, 2020

How Ads Work on YouTube

Hi, my name is Sameera
and I’m a Product Specialist at YouTube. For many creators turning their passion into revenue is
an important aspect of the YouTube platform. I’m here to explain how ads work and debunk some of the myths
that are floating out there. There are 3 key players
when it comes to YouTube monetization the viewers,
the creators, and the advertisers.>From a viewer perspective we want YouTube to be the best place
to find and enjoy entertaining content.>From a creator perspective,
we want YouTube to be the optimal platform where you can
produce content your audience loves and for those who choose to
and qualify, a way to earn money too. And from an advertiser perspective,
we want to provide a safe environment for them to
reach their target audiences with precision. These 3 players work together. Creators build an audience,
advertisers buy ads to reach that audience and viewers
watch your videos with relevant ads. And then you get paid. Let’s dive into this a little deeper. After joining the YouTube Partner Program you can turn ads on
in YouTube Studio and earn money. We suggest you select
all ad formats as your upload default so that you can maximize
on the type of ads served. However, you’ll wanna be sure
you only select videos to serve ads that comply
with the Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines. Advertiser-friendly content
is appropriate for most audiences and does not feature sensitive topics like drugs, sexually suggestive content,
or hateful content. There are many more examples
of content that is not advertiser-friendly so check out our content guidelines linked in the description
for more information. Content that’s meant
for more mature audiences can still make money on YouTube
but you’ll likely see less revenue from ads. And as a reminder,
all videos uploaded to YouTube must comply with our
Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Once you’ve turned ads on they will be served
on all of your eligible videos and you’ll earn revenue from this. The ads displayed on your video are
automatically selected based on many factors including your audience, video metadata, and
whether the content is advertiser-friendly. Next, I’m going to show you
the different types of ads that might appear next to your videos. One type is display ads. These appear
to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list. Another type are overlay ads,
which are the semi-transparent ads that appear
on the lower 20% portion of your video. Then we have bumper ads. These are non-skippable ads that must be watched
before your video can be viewed and last 6 seconds or less. Other types of ads include
skippable and non-skippable video ads and sponsored cards, which display
content that may be relevant to your video. And there are also mid-roll ads, which
can be served during longer-form content. Ad revenue is a great source
of income for many creators. Think about how you can make videos that resonate with your audience
and are suitable for advertisers. If you’ve enabled a video for monetization
but don’t see ads on it try using
our video monetization troubleshooter. And check out
the Creator Academy to learn more. Bye for now!

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