March 29, 2020
How a Marketing Agency Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Business

How a Marketing Agency Can Help Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Why running a digital marketing agency
is way better than ecommerce. Hey tribe, Matt Laker here!
In today’s video you will find out the answer to the question why shall I run
marketing agency and you should give up your e-commerce project so let’s look at
the typical way that you might be going through when you’re trying to run your
e-commerce and it just doesn’t seem to work so you’re going through all these
ecommerce courses you’re trying to figure out how this works let’s say you
start here and in order to actually turn this into business let’s say you have to
be here at this level now you’re going through all the courses you’re trying to
figure this out so you’re spending money on different courses you’re spending
money on your website on your e-commerce website you’re spending money on
figuring out how this works maybe Instagram marketing etc etc and
you’re basically in vicious circle and catch-22 because what is happening is
that you need to spend so much money to pull this business off and you’re not
making this money yet so you have to reinvest all the money you make in this
business and also you have to reinvest the money you get from another source in
most of the cases so this business model is rather hard and extremely saturated
and you have to invest a lot of money just to make this work usually you know
you make your way up after spending you know multiple thousands of dollars maybe
10 maybe more and you might not even see any results there is no kind of
guarantees at all now what’s interesting when you run a digital marketing agency
is you can focus on marketing agencies for e-commerce stores so instead of
running your ecommerce store you can offer ecommerce marketing services as
your digital marketing agency so this can be your
product this can be your product or service now
why would you do that well there are a few reasons why let me explain you why
the first reason why you should do this is because as you are running this
marketing agency you are going to learn how all these funnels work you’re going
to learn this so you are going to learn this better on a real-life example of
ecommerce store that is already wealthy now that is generating enough profit to
actually pay you for your services so you’re actually going to learn from real
legitimate business and you’re gonna be hanging out talking everyday with people
who run the actual successful e-commerce stores so you’re gonna surround yourself
with community of people who are actually running proper ecommerce stores
the third reason is what’s gonna happen during this period when you have an
agency instead of running your own e-commerce store is you won’t have to
spend money to pay for all those things that you’re just trying to figure out
instead the e-commerce store that has already been established will pay off
will pay for everything so there is no investment on your end you basically
getting paid to learn so there is no investments on your end there for
Friesen why this makes perfect sense is because you’re actually getting paid for
this so you actually make money to reinvest in your own e-commerce store in
the future so you’re actually getting paid and you are capitalizing on this so
you’re raising budget and now a very interesting thing is happening as soon
as you start working with many e-commerce stores you’re gonna start
figuring out all this stuff really fast in real life and you’re gonna make money
you’re gonna have a lot of money and you’re gonna get a
lot of knowledge so what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna end up making more money
and you’re gonna end up having a lot of understanding and knowledge on how
specifically these funnels for the e-commerce stores work now what’s gonna
be amazing is that one day once you’re successful once you build your agency to
six figures which is by the way not much money around $8,000 a month once you
build your agency to this stage you are going to have enough money and knowledge
to reinvest in your own e-commerce store that will be a success and why it’s
gonna be a success because you’re gonna copy paste
you’re gonna copy paste exactly what you did before and you so is proving results
without paying for e-commerce courses without investing your own money without
all this unnecessary actions copy pasting is gonna be your secret tool
when you’re gonna be able to copy/paste everything you learn here and apply this
in your own business you’re gonna start with a decent budget and it’s gonna be
absolutely way better strategy for you then starting with an e-commerce store
totally by random now I made a quick crash course on how to start a digital
marketing agency and this is free for limited time so you can go and watch
this at Matt Laker comm for limited time I gonna reveal this business model of
running digital marketing agency on my website so make sure to go there and I
see you right there! It’s

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  1. great point dude!! why u never told me this haha … LEARN the ecommerce tips & hacks first by being an AGENCY for the ecommerce…. THEN maybe start your own product / store later after you've learned what works and what doesnt! cheers ima share this

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