March 31, 2020
How 5 Different Businesses Use Planio to Reach Their Goals

How 5 Different Businesses Use Planio to Reach Their Goals

We wanted to concentrate on video management,
our core business. That’s why we were looking for a software
as a service solution that we could quickly start using. I think I have tried about 10 different tools.
In the end, we we decided on Planio. Our biggest projects involve around 700 – 800
vehicles. We use Planio to manage these projects. We’ve been using Planio for 4 years now.
It’s a tool I definitely wouldn’t want to do without.
We use Planio internally within our own team but also with external freelancers. In our business it’s all about being organized
to the nth degree. What I observe is that everybody here has
become professionals at using Planio. We are systematically completing our tasks. At Planio, we want our product to be so good
that we really want to use it ourselves. My favorite feature in Planio is the team
chat. It’s well integrated with the issue tracker so it’s easy to discuss issues in
chat. Using Redmine at Planio means you don’t
have to worry about software updates, security patches, backups – about anything related
to maintenance. My favorite feature in Planio is the issue
tracker that’s tightly integrated with the helpdesk and CRM. That’s where we handle
all customer requests. The entire team does customer support. That’s
how we’re able to make Planio a little bit better every day. Transparency is very important to us. And
Planio has helped us be more transparent. We’ve dramatically reduced our internal
paperwork. Going one week without Planio? Wow. That would
be really hard.

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