April 7, 2020
Hot Platform Updates: Q3 Digest (2019)

Hot Platform Updates: Q3 Digest (2019)

Slava: – Hi everyone and welcome to the new
edition of the PropellerAds webinar. Today’s topic will be especially interesting for our
most loyal customers. Pёtr: – That’s right. Today, we’ll be
talking about the newest product updates, some of which we’ve delivered based on your
suggestions and requests. Slava: Lets walk through some technical moments,
well not. Let us introduce ourselves properly. My name is Slava Maiorko, I’m in charge
of Affiliate Education Program and you are Petr… Pёtr: – And I’m Pёtr Garmashov, Head of
the Self-Service Platform here at PropellerAds. Slava: – So, Pёtr, tell us a bit more about
the agenda of today’s webinar. What features have your team been working on and, more importantly,
what’s in it for our customers? Pёtr: – Absolutely. We’ve been working
hard and we have many cool updates to announce, so for your convenience, we’ve divided them
into groups. Slava: Structure, I like it! Pёtr: The first group are the updates to
the campaign settings. We’ve implemented some changes for those customers who work
with low-payout offers and the ones who target iOS users. The next group contains the updates for Statistics
and Dashboards. Here, we’ve added several smart features that will allow you to optimize
your campaigns even better. Next, we’ll talk about what’s new with
the Native ad format, we’ve made quite a few changes there, and then we’ll discuss
other platform updates. Slava: – So, Pёtr, tell us what’s new with
campaign settings? Pёtr: If you work with the onclick format,
you’ve noticed our special pricing model, CPA Goal 2.0. This model allows you to specify
the desired conversion price, after which we automatically optimize your campaign in
order to reach it. So, once we were thinking about the clients
that work with the low-price conversions, for example, ProPush.me users. We noticed
that in a lot of cases the payouts were lower, even significantly lower than our minimum
available CPA goal value. Slava: Isn’t this an exception? Pёtr: In fact, not at all. Let’s see it
on a screencast. Slava: wait a second, on Propushme? Pёtr: Yes, on propushme As you can see here, the majority of the countries
have payouts of less than 5 cents. So, we’ve lowered the minimum CPA goal from
5 to 1 cent, so now it’s possible to setup CPA Goal campaigns for such low payout offers. Slava: Was that something that our users were
asking for? Pёtr: Yes, we’ve received quite a few requests
to lower the minimum CPA goal, and here we are, delivering as you requested. Slava: By the way, Pёtr, can you remind our
viewers how to request a feature? I’ll help you. Pёtr: Of course. We are always open to feedback
from our users and we have many channels for you to request a feature or leave a proposal. First of all, you can use the feature request
form in our SSP platform. Slava: Wait, wait, wait. here? Pёtr: That’s it, special effects, thanks.
Next, you can write to our support team — the guys will label the messages with the feature
proposals tag, and send them to me, so nothing will be lost. Those are the guys from support
team. Slava: Shananda, Aleksey, Irina… Pёtr: Yeah. And finally, you can write to
our Telegram chat where I am an active member. So, someone already know me. Slava: Our moderators are posting links following
which you can join our Telegram chats. Now, shall we move on? Pёtr: Sure. Another issue that we’ve noticed
is that, when our users work with low payouts, sometimes the 1 cent increment in a rate is
too rough. Once again lets dive into propushme. Slava: Wait a second. Here. I have to find
Hungary Pёtr: Yes, Hungary is a good example. For
Hungary with payout as low as 1.9 cent, it would be wrong to set the goal to 2 cents,
as the CPA is gonna be higher, then the payout. And if we set it to 1 cent, then the margin
is gonna be over 45%, but you won’t get enough volume. So, as a solution, we’ve made the CPA Goal
value more precise: now you can add up to 3 digits after the decimal point. Slava: Looks like now it’s going to be more
convenient for our customers to use the CPA Goal feature. Is it popular among our users,
by the way? Pёtr: It’s quite popular, but it hasn’t
always been like that. Some time ago, our users had concerns about using this new algorithm.
People were worried, that the new model wasn’t bringing them as much conversion as they’d
expected. Slava: Can you tell us what was the reason
for it? And how did you fix it? Pёtr: Of course. Turns out, there was a vulnerability
in our algorithm and a bunch of “smart guys” tried to exploit it, which unfortunately affected
other people. We have zero tolerance for such behavior, so we went nuclear on them. We enhanced our ad rotation analytics which
allowed us to automatically ban cheaters. And we’ve updated the CPA Goal algorithm,
so that such issues don’t happen again. Due to this, since August, the performance
of the CPA Goal has gone through the roof. So, if you have had problems with how CPA
Goal worked, give it another try — it’s in its best shape now! Slava: Is that all with this group of updates
or do you have anything else to show us? Pёtr: There’s one more thing. This feature
was one of the most requested ones. It was specifically developed for our customers who
target mobile Apple devices. Turns out, people’s behavior on iPhones and iPads is different,
so we’ve added the ability to target them separately. Let’s show it in our interface,
Slava! Here it is basically campaign creation page and when you choose Platform – Mobile,
you choose OS – iOS, then the field device is going to be appear on the screen and you
can choose Iphone or Ipad. You can include it or exclude it. That’s simple Slava: Someone is asking: This is just for
push or all ad formats? Petr: Unfortunately is not supported. Push
notifications are not supported on iOS so no, os for all other formats. Slava: Ok. Something tells me that we had
this feature before. Pёtr: You’re absolutely right. Our most
loyal customers might remember that we had this feature in the past, but about a year
ago we hid it. Now, it’s back. Don’t ask why. Slava: Alright. Let’s move on to the next
group of updates. Pёtr: Sure. Affiliate marketing is all about
optimization. So, it’s crucial to understand the performance of your campaigns even on
the smallest slices. Our constant goal is to provide our customers with the most precise,
the most detailed information. And the accuracy of our Statistics plays a crucial role in
it. So, this group of updates is for Statistics
and Dashboard. Slava: Great. Tell us what’s new. Pёtr: These updates required a lot of “behind
the curtain” work. We’ve completely rewritten the campaigns list page, which gave us many
opportunities for growth and development. However, on the outside, the interface hasn’t
changed much, except for several features. So, the first thing that we’ve added is
the possibility to add and remove columns from your campaign list. you can see that we have new button columns
here there are bunch of columns and you can switch off some of them and it’s just disappear
so Slava: So, it’s customizable now? Pёtr: That’s right. You can customize the
view of your campaign list to focus on what’s important to you. Moreover, we’ll save your
customization settings and you’ll be able to see it across all devices, platforms and
browsers. As a next step, we’ve added new columns:
Conversion rate, CPA, CPC and CPM.
Some columns might not be useful for you, so you can switch them off. Slava: That sounds like a very useful feature,
indeed! Pёtr: Yes, and due to all the background
work we’ve been doing, there are many more to come. Slava: So lets move to the next feature Pёtr: The next update is about what you see
on the Dashboard. We know that, for many of our users, dashboard is the main instrument
for campaign analysis and optimisation. So, to give you more options, we’ve introduced
a new campaign report – User Activity. Slava: Ok Pёtr: Can you show it please? so in dashboard
now you can.. For example, this one I just launched this campaign today. Refresh the
page maybe something new has happened. no conversions yet. Well now we have new grouping
by user activity and we can see how does different user activities are performing. Unfortunately,
this one is targeted only to hide so we see all the statistics grouped only by high user
activity. Slava: What does it do? What’s so special
about it? Pёtr: With this report, you can also see
the performance of your onclick and push campaigns grouped by user activity. The user activity
targeting has three levels: high, medium, low. Now, to compare their performance, you don’t
need to create 3 separate campaigns. Instead, you can create just one with a broad targeting. Apart from that, we’ve added a “user activity”
token. That means that you can get the same report in your tracker. Slava: Awesome! What’s next? Pёtr: Another update should help you in a
similar manner. When you analyse the campaign performance, the most illustrative metrics
are Conversion Rate and Cost Per Action. You might have already noticed that we’ve added
those columns to each of our reports. Lets show them once again. so all the campaign’s
on this level, on level of campaigns and on the detailed level. Zoom it out, please. Yeah,
so we have conversion rate column and a CPA column and it’s especially useful on the group
on these zones grouping because now it’s super easy to find out which zone is converting
with which CPA and exclude those that they’re negative Slava: And how will our users benefit from
it? Pёtr: Well, for them, now it’s going to
be even easier to analyze and compare each zone and slice to find the most profitable
ones. By the way, if you have any questions about
statistics and dashboards, or any other topic that we’re discussing, don’t hesitate
to ask them in the chat and we’ll get back to it in the end of the webinar. Aaaaaaand
you can still win a hundred bucks for the best feature request. Slava: Ok, let’s move on. I heard that we
had some really cool updates for the Native ads this quarter. Tell us more about it. Pёtr: That’s true, Slava. As Native is
one of the youngest ad formats, it’s growing quite rapidly, both in technology and in terms
of traffic volume. So, we’re constantly working on it. Slava: Are native ads popular among our users? Pёtr: They’re not as popular as other formats,
but it’s growing really fast. Just like with the CPA Goal, Native has made a huge
leap in performance in the past 6 months, so give it a shot. And remember: the lower
the competition, the lower the CPM. Slava: So, what’s the first update? Pёtr: Here it is. As you know, for all our
ad formats, we have the Target CPA feature. It automatically optimizes your CPC campaigns
according to the target price per conversion. Now we have it for the Native format as well. Slava: Why is it useful? Pёtr: Of course. This feature spares you
A LOT of time. With it, you don’t need to analyze the endless sheets of data with zones
and their performance. The machine learning algorithm does it for you, analyzing the profitability
of each zone slice by slice. Slava: Just in case, let’s get on the same
page with what we consider a slice. Pёtr: Sure. A slice is a combination of a
zone, GEO and an Operation System and it would be extremely complicated to exclude manually.
Happily, you don’t need it with Target CPA. Based on the performance of your traffic,
Target CPA automatically excludes the least performing slices from your campaign. Slava: I show you it in our platform: GEO,
Platform and zone. What plans do you have for this feature? Pёtr: We have big plans for Target CPA. In
particular, we’re going to give more control to our customers and make the algorithm’s
work more transpErent. Slava: So, Pёtr, what else has changed? Pёtr: The next feature that we’ll talk
about is not new for the platform, but new to the Native ads. It’s a Smart Rotator.
This feature allows you to test your creatives and automatically optimize your campaign excluding
the ads that don’t perform so well. Slava: Tell us more about it. Pёtr: Smart Rotator allows you to test up
to 8 creatives per Native campaign. After the initial test, your ads will be receiving
traffic based on their CTR performance. That means, the more people click on your creative,
the more traffic it is going to receive further along. Slava: Shall we show it in our platform? Pёtr: No, because it works just the same
as push notifications. Alright, another exciting update that we wanna share is that we’ve
implemented the {cost} token for Native ads. We believe that it’s crucial to understand
the costs of your campaign to the cent, especially if you’re using a tracker. So, now, for
native CPC campaigns, we have a token that is going to transfer the price of the visit
to your tracker the same way it happens in On-click and Push. Slava: Tell us more about the benefits for
our users. Pёtr: The main benefit is that you can see
the exact cost of your traffic in the tracker. The value of the {cost} token is passed to
your tracker automatically, so there’s no need to organize it manually. And even if
you change the bid, you would still see the actual traffic costs. Slava: And what tracker should our customer
be using for that? Pёtr: Actually, we work with the majority
of known trackers, so it’s up to our users what to choose. Slava: And the last update in this group is
about the Interstitial ads. Tell me, Pёtr, why is it now a part of the Native format. Pёtr: To be honest, Native Ads and Interstitials
are very similar in a lot of ways. For example, the quality of traffic is equally high, due
to how seamlessly they fit into the publisher’s content. Also, both formats have similar setup
interface, so you don’t need to prepare separate creatives. Plus, the Native format
is much more advanced. There’s a big team working on it, it has a lot of potential,
so Interstitials benefit from being included. Slava: Alright, we’re almost there. As I
recall, the last group of updates doesn’t fall under any specific category. Pёtr: That’s true, but it doesn’t make
them any less important. Slava: Good, impress us! Pёtr: We’ve rebuilt the Tracking page from
the ground up and simplified two things: post-back link generation and testing of the conversion
chain. Let’s see it in out interface. so we have this tracking page. now we can choose
tracker that you are using, for example, volume and will generate the link with all the tokens
from the for the tracker. So you don’t need to change them you see that simple. Slava: So, now there’s no need to use the
Knowledge base? Pёtr: Absolutely true. Neither ours, nor
the one from your tracker. Slava: And the next one? The conversion testing
feature? Pёtr: Yeah, that’s quite useful too. So, to check that you conversion chain is
set up correctly, you can put your target URL to this field and press “Test conversion
tracking”. You’re gonna be sent to your landing page and when you make a conversion,
you’ll get a notification below the target URL field. Slava: As a matter of fact, I’ve tried setting
up the conversion tracking once and, frankly speaking, I failed, it was really-really complicated. Pёtr: Yeah, now it’s going to be much easier.
Try it out – first time is free. Slava: And finally, one last update before
we complete our webinar. The push notification examples. Tell us, Pёtr, why was this feature
so important to implement? Pёtr: Let’s start from the beginning. Push
notifications preview is not a completely new feature. Before, we had a native notification
preview. That means, to see a platform-specific notification, for example, the one for Android
or a Mac or Windows, you’d have to log in from that specific device. Now, you can see how your ad is going to look
on different platforms and different devices, as a stand-alone ad or in a stack, all in
one place, right at our platform. Slava: And why check the creatives on different
platforms in the first place? Pёtr: Thank you for your question, Slava!
I was just about to highlight this issue. On different types of mobile devices and operating
systems, especially Android, the snippet picture will be cropped differently. That means, that
if you have a broad targeting to all platforms, you must keep in mind that, for example: Windows pro won’t crop your image at all
Windows 10 will crop it a little bit And Android may bite off a huge chunk.
Lets show it on interface. So it will take some time to set up the campaign so we will
be able to see the push notification, but well we have time. alright so we have no set
URL. Just believe in me. Lets try for the push notifications, target URL, there are
some texts, one more text and an image, do you have some? Slava: I have cats Pёtr: Awesome, so now we can make a preview
I’ll just start with one. can you please help me? Awesome so yeah we have this preview now.
And here’s the preview with a big image Slava: Don’t ask why I have these images?in
my computer Pёtr: Alright, so as I said Windows Pro doesn’t
crop. Windows 10 drops it a little bit and Android here is the worst case scenario it
crops it hugely. Slava: So, what do you recommend? Pёtr: Well, the obvious recommendation would
be to check how your creatives will look on each device. That’s one. And two: place
the most important text and the key visual of the creative in the middle. Just like in
this image: check the safe area. Slava: Are you an Android or an Apple guy? Pёtr: Let’s not polarize our audience with
such questions. Slava: We don’t have any other ways on mobile… Pёtr: Android Slava: And that’s it for today. How are
your vocal chords, Pёtr? Pёtr: It’s alright, can’t complain. Thank

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