April 2, 2020
Honda & Acura Website & Internet Solutions in Canada

Honda & Acura Website & Internet Solutions in Canada

[music] Duncan: “Hey guys. My name’s Duncan Cochrane.
I work at Strathcom Media. Today I wantd to talk to you about all the great things we
can do for Honda and Acura dealers across Canada. If
you are unaware, we have been working with Honda and Acura for the past 7 years on the
Certified Used Vehicles program and sending your certified used inventory
to a number of different portals. I wanted to give you 7 other benefits that
Strathcom can offer you as a Honda or Acura dealer. First off, we can give you exclusive
pricing on all of our products. Whether it be our website services, our online
advertising services, dealer tools, data syndication, video filming, SEO. Whatever it is, we have
exclusive pricing for all Honda dn Acura dealers. Next to that,
you have free access to our Lot Capture Application. This is a Lot Capture Application that’s been
built on the IOS Platform, so take your Iphone, Ipad, Ipod. You can take pictures of your
inventory with your Iphone. You can write descriptions, set pricing right
there on your lot from your phone. Next to that, we can syndicate your data to
a number of places. Obviously to the CUV Portal, places like Kijiji. We’ll also send all your
used data to Used Cars Canada, and that network of portals. Right now it gets
about 750,000 visits a month and it could help you generate a few more additional free
leads. Past that, we also offer DMS automation, and we are Reynolds and Reynolds
certified provider. DMS automation, if that doesn’t sound familiar, basically we can take
the information out of your DMS and drive it right into the back end of Easy Loader
Market Platform where you can adjust pictures, pricing, and descriptions very easily.
Finally, we can give you an Online Advertising Review. You might have questions, concerns.
Not too sure what your strategy is from an online advertising perspective or
you’re not sure if your money is going to the right place, we’d be happy to audit your
campaign for you. Let you know what you can take advantage of, let you know it’s
working well. Maybe let you where the areas of opportunities are to improve.
Give us a shout. We’d be happy to sit down, give you a road map for 2014, awnser any questions
you might have, and give you an online strategy.” [music]

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