April 9, 2020
Holiday Tips For Small Business Owners: Employee & Customer Appreciation

Holiday Tips For Small Business Owners: Employee & Customer Appreciation

Welcome to today’s Maverick Minute… How to prepare YOUR business for the holiday cheer… Oy Vey! There’s no time left for kvetching during the holidays Mishegas! Hopefully YOU got organized before the holiday rush. Did you evaluate your cash flow? Have you created your holiday marketing strategy? And do you have the chutzpah to embrace the holiday spirit by spreading light and joy? Here are a few tips to bring warmth to YOUR business this season. Show your employees some holiday cheer. Being thankful to your team and showing them recognition is a great way to brighten spirits. Especially when you include all holiday celebrators and non-celebrators. For example, two years ago the Children’s Movement of Florida’s CEO gave everyone in his office a copy of “Freedom Summer” by Bruce Watson. He thought that for those of us trying to change the world, it’s an inspiring story of those who tried and did…. How about you? Let us know in the comments below what YOU’ll do for your employees. And you’ll see… they’ll tell you “Boss… we like the way you roll!” As a business owner, you may be extra stressed during this holiday season. But don’t forget to give thanks to your customers. Thank them with a card, an email or with coupons or discounts. They will be filled with gratitude and they will come back. Embrace the spirit of giving! Connect with your community and give a charitable contribution to an organization of your choice. Not only does it feel good. But your customers will also see that you care. Also, it doesn’t hurt that charitable contributions from businesses to nonprofits can qualify for tax deductions. And finally, make time for the holiday. Take time for you, spend meaningful moments with the people you love, Eat great food, laugh! And if you need some help try reading our articles on how to prepare for the holidays. The links are here below! And seriously, take a breather… in other words, Keep calm and eat latkes! Share your tips in the comments below on how YOU will embrace the holiday cheer. And don’t forget to come back next week for another Holiday Message. “Hanukkah Matata….” “Hanukkh matata…”

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  1. HI Aura, nice video and tips.
    I"m flying off to Australia but admit I'll be working a LOT. Actually as online entrepreneur, work goes on,but I love what I do and I love making video's.
    Fellow YouTube boss supporting you and subscribing. Hope to see you too.


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