April 7, 2020
Holiday Season Best Practices

Holiday Season Best Practices

– Kashif Zafar again,
here with Andrew Lorence. Andrew as we know, end of the summer, it’s been a beautiful
summer here in Seattle. We’re getting ready now
for the holiday season. What advice would you have for brands to be prepared for the holiday season when it comes to their Amazon business? Brands should be thinking about a couple main things, getting their inventory
fully stocked and so forth, getting their content ready and set, setting up any promotions in advance, and really setting that advertising. You want to get the
relevancy up and established before you hit the holiday season. If you start this in late
October, early November it’s gonna be too late. People are already gonna be
building up their relevancy of their products and so forth. So, really kind of getting on
top of those things right now, so you’re set in place
for the holiday season.

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