April 4, 2020
Highlights from the Destination Local Action Research in Audience Analytics training day

Highlights from the Destination Local Action Research in Audience Analytics training day

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today, we are kick-starting our
action research and audience analytics project with 10
hyper local media services, who have come from across
the country and from Scotland as well. And they are here to understand
how a better use of audience analytics will help them
improve their service and be more strategic with their
content that they’re publishing Our biggest challenge
is understanding who we’re talking
to and understanding what they want to hear,
and the sort of things that interest them, really. And that’s essentially what
we want to overcome today, is to create the best
possible service. I’ve never done anything
like this before. So it’s all new to me. It will be really interesting
sharing some of the findings with all of the followers and
all of the friends on Facebook, and seeing what comes out of it. The challenges are really
around sustainability. And I think a
project like this can help me look at where my
audience is coming from, how to grow that
audience, and perhaps how I’m tailor what I’m doing
more to those audiences. They’re two key messages that
I want to get across today. One is around consumer behaviour
and what people are doing online these days. The other one is around
the opportunities, the digital advertising
offers, hyper local businesses, which adds an extra revenue
streams to their organisations, which sustains
them going forward. There’s massive
potential for us to grow, not just in Portsmouth,
where we’ve got an audience of up to 200,000. But we’re picking up
international readers, from the USA, from
China, from Russia. We want to build on that. We want to understand why,
and we want to build on that. So the main [? thrust ?] of
what I’ve been talking about is how it’s important
to be slightly more systematic about how you
go about finding audiences and things slightly
more systematic about going about and
keeping those people as well. There are tried and tested
techniques that are out there. It’s about making
use of that tool kit. It’s going to take me out
of my usual environment and give me the space to
think about using new tools, and using new
analytics, and using all the wonderful new
technological advancements that there are out there. One thing that I want
to look at is trying to engage more with under 25s. And we’ve been
doing a lot of work with mobile, making the
website mobile friendly. And from the analytics
that we’ve looked at, we know that when you’re
active on social media, the mobile content is
absolutely imperative to get that working well. Mobile is the first place. It’s the first thing
we use in the morning. It’s where we’re doing
all our social media. Though a lot of these have some
kind of mobile optimised site, what they haven’t quite realised
is how important it is to start with mobile, and
then go from there. Today, I was sharing
research [INAUDIBLE] into the hyper local
section of the UK. And what was
interesting, really, was hearing everybody talk
about how their operations are kind of already a rich media
landscape we’ve got in the UK. And I think they know that
what they’ve got to do now is really kind of up their game,
get to know their audiences, and make a real impact
in their communities.

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