April 6, 2020
Highlight Innovation, mobile commerce and the future of digital retail

Highlight Innovation, mobile commerce and the future of digital retail

– Europe has a lot of
programmes in the digital market to support the change and today we had regulators, but also the e-commerce payment sector here with Mastercard. And you see that it fits together. Looking to United States, looking to developments
in Asia for instance, and what is technically
possible we have to speed up. – We think that the digital single market is a big part of the answer, though I will paraphrase
by first of all saying that completing the
single market is necessary also with the offline transactions and the offline world, making it more seamless for our companies including the start ups but
also the bigger companies to work across borders and work within our own member states. The digital single market, as
we said in the mid term review is looking at the roles of platforms. Also looking at the issues
of platform to business, is addressing the issue
of the free flow of data with the new regulatory proposal, completing a European data landscape including the free flow of personal data through the GDPR. As well as the free flow
of non personal data now with the regulatory proposal. And finally, with the
cyber security package, which should help our
commercial enterprises and others be secure both when working across borders, but also within our
own European countries. – Digitalization and new technologies offer great opportunities for SME retails to improve their businesses and explore new business models. However, there are still some challenges that prevent these SMEs by doing so, but a lot of SMEs are still hindered by either legal barriers
into the internal marketing, by lack of digital skills, by lack of help and how
transforming their business into a digital business and by lack of visibility
in the digital world also. – It’s not just about safety and security. It’s about keeping pace with what our consumers ultimately want. And that’s enable them to
shop across multiple channels. So the omni channel shopper is here. The challenge is there as well for all of our partners
to really embrace that and provide solutions that are gonna deliver against
what our consumers are after. So to enable cross border,
to enable a seamless position where our consumers are
really gonna get behind the innovation, the technology
that’s in front of them.

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