April 9, 2020
Here’s How to Generate Sales from Your Website

Here’s How to Generate Sales from Your Website

FAQ 10 – How Can I Generate Sales From My
Website? In this video we’re going to answer the
question, how can you generate sales from your website. Generating sales from your website is a very
open ended question that we can only touch on in this brief video but one that I think
is important to address. First, I’d like to define what “generating
sales from your website” means. When generating sales from your website that
can mean one of three things: One, actually selling things directly from
your website by having an ecommerce website with a shopping cart that takes orders and
credit card or PayPal payments. Two, using your website to drive sales to
your actual place of business, whether you’re a bike shop or a law firm. Three, earning commissions from selling other
people’s products commonly referred to as affiliate marketing. As I said, any one of those methods would
require a whole series of videos and tutorials themselves so what I want to focus on here
is what all three types of online selling have in common: getting search engine traffic. The greatest, most wonderful sites in the
world are meaningless without bringing in traffic from people who want what you have
to offer. And you don’t just want any kind of traffic,
you want targeted traffic. The hard reality is that your website is competing
with a gazillion other websites out there so using your website as a sales tool or store
front depends on being found. So here’s one golden piece of advice that
most people trying to sell on the Internet often don’t think about but you must in
order to succeed: you need to have a marketing budget. That’s right. Spending money on creating your website is
only a piece of the puzzle. You need to budget at least 20% of your estimated
yearly earnings to marketing your website on an ongoing basis. And when we say “marketing” we mean advertising,
email marketing, public relations, social media and SEO. And while using tools like social media can
be free, in and of itself, social media will more than likely NOT be enough to grow your
business let alone sustain it. Especially if you are starting out. So to generate sales from your website we
recommend using a combination of pay per click advertising to drive targeted, immediate search
engine traffic, and SEO, to attract more longer-term search engine traffic. You’ll also need: Email marketing to build your own lead list. Online public relations and press releases
to create inbound links and online awareness. Social media to amplify your message and build
your email marketing list and lastly, a commitment to ongoing content creation, which needs to
include a MIX of articles, blog posts, YouTube videos and press releases. As a business owner you need to commit to
either bringing in the internal resources needed to do this on a consistent basis, hiring
outside vendors to do it for you or, ideally, a combination of the two. Hope you found this useful. Thanks for watching

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