March 30, 2020
Healthcare Client Sees 400% Increase in Leads with ReachLocal | Reviews | ReachLocal

Healthcare Client Sees 400% Increase in Leads with ReachLocal | Reviews | ReachLocal

My name is Dr. Dean Mitchell. I’m a physician here in New York City. The name of my practice is Mitchell Medical
Group, and we focus on holistic medicine and immunological medicine. I started working with ReachLocal approximately
five years ago and was fortunate to work with a team that was really bringing important
needs to my practice to get new patients. My experience with ReachSEO is very interesting. A few years ago I was working with another
company that was doing my SEO and I saw over a period of several months that my standings
were going down. I was fortunate to be introduced to ReachLocal,
and with the new team, they quickly reorganized things to maximize my SEO standing, especially
in the key areas that I was interested in. The results that we’ve seen since working
with ReachSEO is a 500% increase in web traffic and a 400% increase in leads. ReachSocial Ads is a new avenue that I’ve
moved into because with over a billion users on Facebook, this is a vehicle that you cannot
afford to ignore. ReachEdge has made it easier for my staff
to identify how to prioritize calls for our practice. And with ReachEdge, we’re able to collect
that information, and then in a timely manner, give the patients the appropriate information
they need. Our business processes have changed since
working with ReachLocal because now we are able to analyze the incoming contacts and
calls with our patients. I would recommend ReachLocal for digital marketing
because they just cover all the bases. They can do your website, they can maximize
your SEO, and they also handle the digital marketing ads, which are all critical in the
overall plan. I’ve found ReachLocal to be the answer.

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