March 30, 2020
Hashing Ad Space Review | Earn bitcoin by watching ads | Best ptc site with high pay

Hashing Ad Space Review | Earn bitcoin by watching ads | Best ptc site with high pay

Hello Friends In this video we talk about a new emerging website named as Hashing Ad Space Friends in this website you can earn bitcoin by watching ads & by using this website you can earn daily upto 1 to 2$ value of bitcoins by working only 5 to 10 minutes This website allow users to earn money in many different ways & in this video i tell you all possible ways You’ll find link in the description of this video simply click on link and get registered in website Just like you use to register on other websites after that they sent you an email then open your email and click on activation link to activate your account then simply login to website when you first time login to this website you need to complete your profile first & also setup your six digit secondary pin too Now why i consider it as a best ptc or legit ptc site coz they have their own crypto token Named as Asimi Token which already trades on most exchanges That’s why chances of scam is minimal here Here you can earn & withdraw as much as you can & you can use this website anywhere in the world to earn money in other words it is available worldwide & after cashing out your asimi tokens you can convert them to bitcoin or real cash with ease There are three ways to earn here No.1 Once you come to your dashboard then simply click on view V2E tab Then you need to scroll down a little and they basically give users 50 ads daily to watch & earn & after watching these ads you guys’ll daily earn upto 20 to 25 Asimi tokens as soon as you finish watching your 50 ads then next day again they give you 50 ads to watch apart from that they also give daily bonuses to peoples who watches atleast 25 ads each day means as soon as you finish watching your ads you immediate enroll into daily asimi bonus system & if you are lucky & they pick your name then you can earn more upto 80,40,20,10 asimi on that day Now watching ads here is pretty straightforward just click on view ad tab and recaptcha pops up just solve it & submit it then again you need to click on view ad tab next you need to watch a 30sec ad then a funcaptcha pops up simply drag it’s slider to verify it once it becomes green then you simply need to click on close & complete V2E tab & just like that asimi tokens adds up in your account just like that watch all the remaining ads and asimi token respectively adds up in your account now this is one way to earn here now lets talk about the 2nd way simply come to dashboard & left click on asimi stake tab next you should see a tab saying Minter Stake Setup now what is this here you can earn more by staking your asimi tokens You can read their staking details here Simply if you stake x amont of asimi token here then according to your stake they give you free asimi tokens everyday After staking your tokens next you need to click on start minting ads tab each day and you get your proportion of asimi token in your account instantly Here you can also earn by depositing your asimi tokens and stake them Lets talk about 3rd way to make money here Once you register your account here then they give you free 2000 Banner Impressions Means at first you can also advertiste/promote any of your website, program for free For free advertising you first need to click on advertising tab then click on campaign setup & finally click on banner ad setup tab next simply type the title of your program select banner size enter URL’s and finally click on Add tab & after that your banner displays here & by using this method you get traffic for your website or get referrals or even you can sell your products you can also buy more advertisement here if you want to purchase more advertisements simply click on advertising products tab & then from there you can buy login ads, banner ads and many more So in this way you can advertise your business here & last but not the least you can also earn here by sharing your affiliate link with friends Now Lets talk about its token withdraw Your total account balance shows here To withdraw first you need to click on transactions tab then left click on wallet tab now from here you can deposit & withdraw your asimi tokens next simply ledt click on withdraw funds tab then enter amount of asimi tokens you wish to withdraw next enter your secondary pin solve captcha & finally left click on withdraw tab But before that you need to go to WAVES DEX exchange this is the wavedex exchange and i also trade my asimi tokens here next create your account here & after log in you need to scroll down a little & click on + sign then type in word “asimi” & asimi token symbol shows up next simply select it finally click on PIN tab & your asimi token wallet gets created next from here copy your asimi token wallet address go back to your hashing ad space account and save this address there after that whenever you withdraw your asimi tokens from hashing ad space you get your withdrawal in wavesdex & then from here you can exchange your earned asimi tokens to BTC, ETH or any other crypto with ease so friends these are the ways to earn money from hashing ad space So guys if you find this video helpful then don’t forget to like Thanks for watching, have a nice day, Good Bye

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