April 2, 2020

23 thoughts on “Hallmark Apologizes For Pulling Gay-Themed Wedding Ad Under Pressure | TODAY

  1. It’s so simple to see a man and a woman’s bodies are made for each other. Hallmark going in this direction means likely losing a lot of customers. It’s not about not being nice, it’s about standing up for values. Christians are told to love our neighbors, and our enemies- but it also is clearly against homosexuality. AIDS is also not talked about much in our society- which can come from homosexuality. Also, men should act like men, and women like women. It’s who they are, and no matter what is said or operation done- will always be.

  2. Maybe I don't want this forced on me. It's all part of an underlying scheme to introduce it slowly. So after a while, people accept it as normal.

  3. Hallmark didn't think this one through. All those Hallmark Channel viewers buy their cards at the dollar store. All those LGBT people and their friends? Oh yeah, they're the ones who actually have the money to buy a $5 greeting card.

    Sorry, Hallmark. Way too little, way too late.

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