March 30, 2020

Gwyneth Paltrow Hosts A Risqué Truth Or Dare Cocktail Party | Goop

– Dare: Remove one piece of clothing? (all cheering) – Take your top off! Take your top off! – Skin to win. – This is so unfair. – Wait, you literally
have to take your top off. (soft lounge music)
(all cheering) – [Seamus] Drinks, all right, cocktails. – What are the choices? – Okay, I have a rosé spritzer. We have a vodka soda. We have a mojito with mint and citrus and an old-fashioned. And what’s really cool about these, is these are all recyclable. Okay. – I want rosé. – You want rosé. – I want to watch how you do it though. – This is the Drinkworks Home Bar, and it’s really simple:
You just pop it in. Drop it down; it starts. – Oh, there it goes. That’s amazing. – Yeah, for you young lady. – Thank you sir. Oh man, this is so good. – Wow, look at that.
– For you sir. – Check it out. (clapping) – Can I taste it? – Oh my god, yum.
– So good. – Is it good? – Yeah, it’s like candy
– Yeah, very good. (chuckling) – Ooh. – But are you a mojito guy now? – I have just been converted. – I’m very into your home bar. – Cheers. – All right. – [All] Cheers. – GP, eyes. – Eyes, eyes.
– Eyes, cheers. (bell dinging) – Yum.
– Delish. – First up, celebrity impressions. – I’ll draw one. Oh my lord. Okay guys, I was married-
– Erin Foster. – …now I have, then I had a girlfriend. – Miley Cyrus. – Yes. (all cheering) – How? – Where you cheating? Did you see that? That’s crazy! – I just, I really like Miley Cyrus. – What?
– Oh my god. – Kelly.
– I’m going to lose miserably at this game, clearly.
– Jeez! – Okay. I hate my life. (chuckling) – God, you’re really good. – Gwyneth Paltrow? (all chuckling) – In 1997. – Everything makes me really sad. – Billie Eilish? – No! (chuckling) – Billy Cyrus. – I like to just sit in
the bath tub and just soak. – Margot Tenenbaum? – Yes! – Oh my god! – Did I do it better than you? – Yes! – I can’t do this. – These are really tough. – You just have to talk
like them while you do it. – Okay, oh I can’t talk like him. He’s like a twenty-one-year-old boy. – That’s cheating. – I’m dating Johnny Depp’s
daughter-is that a thing? – Timothée Chalamet? – Yes! – But this is not-
-did I do that wrong? – You’ve got to act it out. – You know what? We can do what we want. – Yeah. – I like your stance right now. – Thank you. – She’s in game stance. Crouching tiger. Celebrity impressions.
– Oh my god. – Oh, he’s standing up.
– Yep. He’s getting serious- here we go. – Does anybody have a cowboy hat for me? – Diplo. ♪ Well I got friends in low-♪ Oh, Garth Brooks! – Wooh! – Oh, nice! Wait, that was really good. – Okay. – Impress us with your impression. – All right, who is it? – I think I got this one. You know, sometimes life, it gets ya down and you got to pick
yourself up, sometimes. Ugh, come on.
– Christopher Walken.
– Christopher Walken. – Yes! Come one, oh my god.
– Sorry. – Come on! I thought you guys
would be able to get that one (bell dinging) – Okay game two: What’s our second game? Oh dare, truth or dare? Always truth, always truth. – Who wants to go first? – Seamus. – Okay I’ll go with truth.
– Knew it. – Describe your most awkward date. So I met this woman at the gym. We started chatting and I invited her out. She brought her dog, which
I thought was a little odd. – To the date?! She brought her dog? – Yeah.
– Red flag. – Yeah.
– Huge red flag. – But not as big a red flag as when I realized that
she’d also brought her mom. – Wow.
– Yeah. Who proceeded to get
wasted, the mom, yeah. – Wait, hold on– – Then I went home with the mom, yeah! – And now you’re dating the mom. – Yeah. – And now you’re engaged to the mom. – That’s a really cool story. – Okay, next. Thanks Seamus for this
weird incestual story. – That’s very awkward. Truth or dare? – I guess dare? – Yes!
– Yes! – Show us the last photo
on your camera roll. – Oh god.
– Oh. – Whoa.
– I’m so happy I didn’t get that card. – This could be bad.
This could be dangerous. – It could be really dangerous. – Really? What kind of pictures are you taking? – That’s my business. – You guys, **** pics are relatable. To the world. – Okay, first of all,
I’ve never sent a **** pic in my life. – Thank god, you’re a gentleman. – Like, no.
– We don’t need to see that. – No one wants to see that shit. This isn’t too bad. It’s
a little nerdy though. They’re recovery codes for an account. – Oh, don’t show them on TV. – That’s bad. That’s boring. – Okay, nerd central.
– I’m sorry. – We love you, though. – I’ll do a dare. (all cheering) – Let’s go. – Harvard’s doing a dare. – Post a portrait-mode
selfie to your social. – No! – Yes, yes.
(cheering) Please, please do it. – This hurts my soul- I can’t. – Please, please. – We’ll all get in it.
– We’ll all be in it. – Can you guys get in it? – Okay. – Everyone’s going to
be, like, wide angle. – But you’ve got to go, okay, yeah. – Oh sorry. – No, you’re good. – One, two, three. (camera clicks) Okay. – We looked amazing. – This makes me so nervous. – To be fair, I didn’t look at any of you- I just looked at myself. Post it. Don’t forget to tag all of us. We all need new followers. – I have, like, 50 followers, so
this is really going to be huge. – I’ll take her 50 followers. I want truth: ’cause I can’t
be doing weird shit today. Okay truth: biggest celebrity crush. – [Gwyneth] I know who this is. – Brad Falchuk. (all laughing) I don’t know why- it’s true. He has the best body.
He has such great style. He loves his wife so- I could keep going, should I keep going? – Thank you. He is considered a celebrity though? – Of course! He’s a huge writer, yes. I consider him a celebrity. – Let’s do truth or dare with you. – Okay.
– Dare. – And you’re going to have to pick dare. – Dare, dare.
– Dare, dare, dare. – All right, all right,
all right, all right. I hate doing dares, oh my gosh. – I hope it’s you doing
like a Tracy Anderson move or something.
(Seamus laughing) – Out of your mind. Dare: Remove one piece of clothing. (all cheering) – Take your top off! take your top off! – Skin to win! skin to win! – Don’t you wish you were
wearing shoes right now? – Yes, I never use shoes. This is so unfair. – Wait, you literally
have to take your top off, you have nothing-
(cheering) (laughing) – This is- can I put my clothes back on? – Yeah. (bell dinging) This is wild. (clapping) – Round three.
– For you, sir. – Okay, what’s next? – Are you going to keep your top on? You’re going to, ’cause I thought. – The top is staying on. – We loved it. – A dare is a dare. – I’m not even wearing
a good bra, you guys. What’s the next game? – All right, the next game
is confessions and lies. – What is confessions and lies? – You are going to get a card. It will either say confession or lie. And then you have to tell- – The story.
– Whatever it is on the card. And we have to guess whether
it’s a truth or a lie. – Okay. – I choose you. – What? Okay. You guys ready? I was in tenth grade, and
I got kicked out of school. I got suspended for six months. I’m not going to say what I did. Which then led me onto
sort of an interesting time in my life where I
traveled, I went to Europe, for six months, I went away, with my mom. – What countries did you go to? – Italy, Spain, Estonia,
Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland. – It feels too specific
for it to be a lie. – I mean, I remember where I went. – Tell me one meal you had with your mom when you were in Europe? – A meal? Pasta, I don’t- it depended where we were, like with schnitzel, you
know, in some places. – Where did you have schnitzel? – We did go, we went to Munich for- – For the schnitzel? – For the schnitzel. – Good schnitz’ – This is a lie. This story is a lie. – This is a lie. – I think it’s a lie. – This story’s totally a lie. I think it’s a lie. – You guys are so mean. It is a lie. (all laughing) You guys, it’s hard when get this -lies. Where do you come up with this shit? – You almost had me when you were like, there was an emotional time. – Guys, it’s really
hard being on the spot. You better think of your lie right now, or your truth. – So I worked on a ranch for
many summers in high school. – [Gwyneth] I believe that. – And I fell in love with a
guy named Colonel Sanders. And then I went back to college, we had like a little
summer tryst together, and then he called me and told me that he was driving to
move in with me in college. So I called my parents, and
I was like, “Mom and Dad, Colonel wants to move in with me, and I think it’s a good idea-
I think I love this guy,” and my parents were
like, “No, shut it down.” So mid drive, he had to turn around. – Did he spell his first name K-e-r-n-a-l? – No, C-o-l-o-n-e-l. – Was he a colonel? – That’s what his parents named him. – This has to be true. – He was not a real colonel? – If this is true, it’s crazy. – No but if it’s- – His name was Colonel-
that was just his name. He was just very strange. – What’s his last name? – Sanders. – She didn’t miss a beat. That’s true.
– she didn’t miss a beat. – I think this is true. – This is a lie. – it’S true! (cheering) (clapping) Oh, Colonel, I hope you’re watching. – Kelly, this is true? – Yes.
– That’s wild. – I loved Colonel. – Do you want to say something
to Colonel right now? – I love you. I’m married, but I love you. (laughing) – She’s married, but you’re
the one that got away. – So my first job out of
college was a bus driver. My second job was a tenure
track college professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and I didn’t have a college degree. – This is a lie- there’s no way. – What were you teaching? – Yeah, what were you teaching? – Spanish. – Say something in Spanish. (speaking in a foreign language) – Good accent. – I don’t think you can be
a tenure track professor without a college degree. – Okay so what is it? – It’s a lie. – Truth! (cheering) – How, what? – That’s crazy.
– Yep, I know. I was driving a bus, and I
had a guy that got on the bus and he said I work at this linguistics lab and we’re hiring people
that are bilingual. You want to come and
get a job? I said sure. So I start working
there, and a week later, there was a woman who
needed someone to cover one class for her, one
thing led to another, and eventually at the end of the semester, they published a list of all my classes, and people signed up for them
,and so I ended up teaching for two years. – That was a beautiful story.
Someone’s getting fired. – Yeah, exactly. – That’s amazing!
– That’s incredible. That’s a great story. – Okay, who’s up? – I am, okay. So I know how to fly planes. When I went up for my
first flight by myself without my instructor and
the engine starts to shutter. I immediately full power because- – Thrust is the word, thrust. – Yes, yes, full power and- – Yeah, yeah I just full- – And then I came in for a landing, and yeah, I was like
pretty hysterical, so. – How many hours do you
need in order to fly solo? – Great que- Harvard! (chuckling) – Yes, Harvard. – You need forty hours
minimum to get your license. – Okay, I have one question,
and then let’s, okay. If you are in a stall, do
you put the throttle down or up to get out of the stall. – It depends. Am I in a nose up stall or am I in a stall spin? – Whoa. – Okay, maybe it’s true. – I think this is true. – I think it’s true. – I shouldn’t have answered
like that, damn it. Yeah it’s true. (all cheering) – You’re a pilot- that’s hot Brad! I’m attracted to you. – I’m not kidding you-
First time I soloed, on my first pattern, the
engine started firing poorly ’cause you know I
throttled all the way back, try not to use big
words to like, you know. – Okay. GP, last one. – Uh. – For the grand finale. – Yeah, okay. When I was a senior in high school, I got a week of in-school suspension. The reason that I got it is because someone had carved something
obscene in the table of the library, like the wood table. I got blamed for it, it
was a girl named Bera. – Okay. – Who really had carved
this thing in the library but I took the fall for it,
and I did not turn her in. – Was it an obscene phrase or an image? – It was an obscene- – Phallic image? – Thank you. – A phallic image. And how did you know it was her? – ’cause I was there when she did it. – So you were aiding in criminal activity- you were an accomplice. – No, I was just- I just
took the blame for it because everyone thought
I was naughtier than Bera. – Okay, we need to vote. – Okay, lie. – Lie.
– I think it’s a lie. – Lie. – I think it’s true. – It’s true. – No!
– No! – No way! – It’s true, oh my god! – What? – You, like, work El Al Airlines reading body language
at the security line? – Okay, one more round of drinks, one more round of drinks,
and then I’m going home. – And no more cameras. Bye! We love you. – Later.
– But go home. – Bye.
– Bye-bye.

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